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March 27, 2012


This story is gift that just keeps on giving. LOL!

I noticed in the same article you have that Zimmerman was also denied medical attention. Would this ultimately help George's case as well? Thanks in advance!

Hmmm, can't decide if this bolsters my open question that this is a semi-planned attack on "Stand Your Ground" legislation.

george should have faked chest pains at the scene. the cops would have had to take him to the hospital. there he could have gotten pictures taken of his injuries and gotten a medical report. he could also have time to "improve" his recollection, contact family and a lawyer to help him out. always pretend to have a heart attack if you are ever in this situation. also carry a small, clean knife to drop next to the body of the thug you just shot in case he doesn't have one of his own.

Nancy says: "I noticed in the same article you have that Zimmerman was also denied medical attention. Would this ultimately help George's case as well? Thanks in advance!"

I know it doesn't look good for the Sanford PD. I didn't know they refused to give him med. treatment. I thought Chief Lee said that George refused medical treatment.

In the words of Scooby Doo, "rut roh!"

"This story is gift that just keeps on giving. LOL!"

good one

He had a head injury and a broken nose. The head injury alone should have been enough for the police to get this guy checked out by a hospital. This is not good :(

"the state attorney's office headed by Norman Wolfinger determined there wasn't enough evidence to lead to a conviction, the sources told ABC News."

Surely you don't think someone named "Norman Wolfinger" will dissuade the angry mob from thinking they've been "disrespected"?

Actually, this just underscores the racist police because they hate Hispanics too.
A dead black and an imprisoned latino? Isn't that a racist two-fer?

Evidence or no evidence, I would guess Zimmerman will be indicted and convicted for something. Sanford and Seminole County now won't be able to let Zimmerman get away, even if they have to plant the evidence. The international reaction to a decision to either not charge Zimmerman or an acquittal would be... quite a riot.


Appears that Trayvon my have been shot by an Obama supporter:


This just keeps getting funnier by the minute.

I think it's too messy, and they won't arrest him. They aren't going to risk the myth of Treyvon the Saint. Too much would come out in a trial.

Univision's report this evening mainly focused on Zimmerman's side of the story. They didn't identify him with a racial category.

Hope you watch this. It's great--Cl Bryant taking down Roland Martin on his very network, CNN.
He gets at the root of how black leaders and press ignore the real story of race and crime while trying to tie Whitey to stuff like the Trayvon incident.


I just got through watching MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell pretty much take down Joe Oliver. I felt kinda bad for the guy but just the highlights of it: He doesn't know George that well. He quit his job as a local reporter to defend George. Probably the most uncomfortable yet entertaining interview I've seen in a while. I think for the sake of things, Joe needs to lay low, just as Frank Taaffe has had to. These "friends" are just doing more harm than good at this point because it appears now neither guy knows George as well as they claim to.

If he must "defend" himself, he needs to get one person to do one exclusive interview rather than make all these media round the way Frank and Joe has. And this time around, find a woman (wife, mother, sister).

My first reaction was to assume that this was yet another case of some black guy who had an attitude problem. When the audio tapes were released though, it really wasn't clear at all who was yelling for help so it looked as if this could have been a case of murderous viligantism.
I think that's why you had so many people even on the right swallowing the MSM version of this story. A lot of self-defense advocates got scared too. This was a masterful job on the part of the MSM.

Oh god, that CNN clip was horrible. Went from a legit point about black-on-black violence to a pissing match between egos in no time. Are these clowns actually considered leaders by the black community?

Will Hispanics allow their brother to be lynched?

Three suspnsions in one year??? He's got tattoos, gold grill and actually refers to himself as an N word, a No-Limit Nword no less?? And yet I'm sppose to believe that this person would never hurt a fly? For Pete's sake, he had pics of guns on his facebook page. He idolized rappers like Lil Wayne, C-Murder (who's in prison by the way, Jay-Z). This boy was living that thug life and black people need to open thei eyes. I'm African-American myself and something told me that this kid was not the squeaky clean person his parents and the like have made him out to be. I also work with kids like Trayvon. They idolize these thug rappers and try to be about that "that life." Do I think Trayvon attacked first? Hell yeah I do, probably having to prove that he wasn't "no punk". When I see kids like him, I give a serious side eye to his parents. Obviously he didn't get the message with suspension #1. Whil this kid was being truant or in essence skipping school, where were his parents? Did his parents not see his Facebook and Twitter? If my kid had half the crap Trayvon had on his page, I would have smacked him upside the head and forbid him from ever using a computer. I have two sons by the way, one of which who is Trayvon's age. I'm all in his business wich is why he can't afford to screw up. I'm not saying he's a perfect kid but he won't be a thug!

I'm sure you've read or heard, but they're airing Zimmerman's dirty laundry (run ins with the law, domestic abuse incidents, etc) and emphasizing on that now.

The media still wants to preserve the (likely false) scenario of an innocent, wholesome boy eating skittles and drinking ice tea, unfairly targeted for the color of his skin, when a demonic Zimmerman came along, shot him, no questions asked, whilst he laughed maniacally and shouted "die, nigger, die!"

There's a rapper that calls himself C-Murder? Holy crap, I am so not with the times. I don't even wanna know why he's in prison! But Ebony, the parents knew what Trayvon had on his page. Do you think if they had put forth the image of Trayvon with tattoes, gold teeth and flipping the bird would have "sold" to the MSM? Of course not! They had to put out pictures from 5 years ago when Trayvon was still a "squeaky clean kid". I honestly don't think any of this is going to go on too much longer. They can't afford to have all of Trayvon's skeletons fall out of the closet.

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