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March 29, 2012


> That sounds more likely than walking 2 miles in the rain just to get some candy.

Somebody identified a 7-11 on MapQuest or another site that's 0.7 miles from Trayvon's dad's fiancee's house, cf. the one 2 miles away that Google spots.

Also, at some point family attorney Crump claimed that the Skittles were for Trayvon's 13-year-old stepbrother.

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I was just thinking this the other day! I have a couple of friends that are still potheads and they come up with the stupidest excuses to disappear and go smoke...

I live ~1 mi from a 7-11. It's not a big deal to walk there unless it's a downpour.

I thought the whole reason he was staying with the dad was because he was on the 10 day suspension for grafitti. Why was he allowed out in the first place? He should have been grounded but then again, he wasn't my kid.

Slightly off topic has anyone ever tasted Arizona Iced tea? That stuff tastes terrible...like cat piss in a can!!

[HS: It's extremely sweet, not much actual tea flavor. Exactly the kind of stuff that low class people like to drink (when they aren't drinking malt liquor) as well as kids.]


How much bearing will this case have....
Dude chased a thief....
Fight ensued...
Chaser stabbed thief...
Thief later died...


[HS: Zimmerman wasn't chasing Trayvon. He only tailed him from his car for a while, and then Trayvon disappeared. Then Zimmerman got out of his car to look. Trayvon accosted Zimmerman while Zimmerman was walking back to his car.]

Daily Caller has another T. Martin pic that you don't see the networks showing:


LOL @ cat piss in a can!!! Yeah, it's not good. To even call it "tea" is laughable! You do raise a good point though. He was suspended for 10 days for having marijuana on him. This is the suspension he was under when he died. I think the spray painting was a different suspension. If my son were caught with pot, there is no way he would be allowed to walk anywhere by himself. I would love to know what the toxicology report on Trayvon reveals as well. Has it been released yet?

Yep. I've also suspected drugs. The left is just digging deeper by defending Martin. Not that reality matters to them but it's understandable. As whiskey says the left has fallen into the trap that many militaries do as well; fighting the last war. To them everything is segregation and Bull Conor. However 2012 is not is 1968. Much like in the 60's nobody cared about WW2 anymore likewise the past is something nobody dwells on now either because things change. However the left is as rigid and ideological as ever. Like Hitler who met his undoing at Stalingrad the veil on race will be lifted for all to see now.


Why couldn't you be holding an ice tea and skittles while scoping out houses to burglarize?

Someone asked where the Hispanic advocacy groups have been? Well, they don't want to claim GZ as one of their won. Why am I not surprised? Let this be a lesson to the Mestizo pop. of American--don't let La Raza have your money.



The more I think about the case the more certain I am of two things.

One, "Stand Your Ground" is a bad law. Since the homeowner in the Miami story had a knife, if the robber had killed him, the robber could've tossed/hidden the stolen radios, then claimed self-defense and gotten away with killing the home-owner! In the Martin case a "feeling" from Martin justified him punching out Zimmerman*...But then Zimmerman's "feeling"/confirmation (the punch) that Martin's a bad-guy then allows Zimmerman to kill Martin (at least according to the DA and some cops). WTF?!

Two, the average person is too dumb/inexperienced/untrained (especially in stressful situations when cognition drops) to decide when deadly force is appropriate. Contrast this case with the Henry Louis Gates Jr case. A trained experienced cop *didn't* shoot. Hell, he didn't even break-out the night-stick, or pepper-spray, or Taser when he could've.

I now fully support taking away most people's guns unless the guns are registered, and the owner goes through an extensive background/psychological test. And there should be strict-liability in civil court if your registered gun is used in a crime. Bigger penalties if the gun's unregistered.

*Why aren't (non-Sailer) alt-right blogs mentioning this part? Martin lives in the Miami area. There are a lot of Latino criminals there. A guy like Martin would recognize a guy like Zimmerman as Latino.

[HS: I strongly doubt that Trayvon thought Zimmerman was a Hispanic criminal, but if he did the correct thing to do was use his own cell phone to call 911 and not start beating up Zimmerman based on his racist profiling.]

@theakinet, there was a downpour. Did you read the linked articles?

The lawyer is also the source of the the girlfriend on the phone story and the phone records that supposedly back it up. The girl claims the police still haven't contacted her. If the police arent a bunch of incompetents, maybe its because that story is made up too?

By the way, if you've seen the lawyer speak, he's pretty low rent and stupid sounding.

Smead jolly nailed it.


What jury can they expect to get if this goes to trial?

The toxicology report....how relevant is it?

[HS: The toxicology report could support Zimmerman's story, because he did say on the phone call that Trayvon looked like he was on drugs. And furthermore, if he was on drugs, it means he illegally smoked them in the neighborhood, which is exactly the kind of illegal activity a neighborhood watch volunteer would be on the lookout for. And it's also evidence in favor or the assumption that Trayvon ran because he was guilty of something.]

What kind of lawyers take on clients like these (both Trayvon and Zimmerman) -- proles who find themselves on the wrong side of the law/suing each other, etc. I imagine these types of lawyers have offices in strip malls, ads in the phonebook, and on the sides of buses, right? Can some of them do decently?

The autopsy will also show the firing angle and distance, two very big pieces of evidence.

stand your ground does sound stupid for exactly this reason. which one was standing their ground? is it possible that they both were? how about "you don't have any ground to stand on because Apple, Google, Target, Walmart, Shell, or BP already bought or destroyed it"

and smoking some pot is a f*in' death sentence in miami? i thought arkansas was tough on drugs cuz they'll send you to prison (in louisiana, because AR prisons are full, i think) for up to a year for possession of marijuana paraphernalia (which would explain how their prisons got so full ;)

Even if Trayvon had ice tea and skittles on him, he might have brought them from the place his dad shares with his fiance to have an alibi for his father and also if he was stopped casing out the joint in the rain.

Of course he could have both gone to score weed or whatever AND been casing out the neighborhood for easy burglary targets.

I really wish you'd do after the fact comment approving rather than before the fact. Slows down convos here. I'd comment more if you went to that.

Trayvon's lawyer is getting tons of publicity in both the black and leftist community. He'll make money from other cases. Besides their may be a good lot of money coming into their legal fund that they've set up.

Perhaps not all of you are familiar with a common behavior of people high on marijuana: they get "the munchies," then seek out and consume snacks. Even if Martin was carrying candy and a sugary drink that would not be inconsistent with him having gone out to get high.

OTOH, marijuana rarely makes people aggressive (though it may in some cases). I wonder if Martin smoked a sherm (pcp-laced marijuana), consumed some pcp or methamphetamine, or perhaps just tried a little cocaine.

Weed plus pcp caused some serious berserker attacks back in the Eighties.

"I really wish you'd do after the fact comment approving rather than before the fact. Slows down convos here. I'd comment more if you went to that."

good point, doug1

Wouldn't the 7-11 have a surveillance video? By now it might be erased though.


"Since the homeowner in the Miami story had a knife, if the robber had killed him, the robber could've tossed/hidden the stolen radios, then claimed self-defense and gotten away with killing the home-owner!"

The legal bar for using lethal force in defense of ones home tends to be far lower than that of being in public and even if that wasn't the case in Florida, chapter 776.041 would more or less remove any protections that the robber would have: http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0700-0799/0776/Sections/0776.041.html

You know, before this story hit the national scene, I do believe the ballistics and most of the autopsy reports should have already come back. The only thing possibly not in would be toxicology results on TM and those, no matter how they turn out, should not implicate Zimmerman.

That leads me to believe that all the reports that had come back had not changed the minds of the police or the DA as to evidence implicating GZ in the commission of a crime.

Thus, when there was no arrest, the family decided to get race hustlers involved. You can imagine how a family feels, an unarmed kid killed because some over eager beaver was carrying a gun looking out for his neighborhood. They believe that while there was a sequence of events that took place that resulted in their son's death, that if GZ had never followed their kid to begin with, he'd still be alive. True enough, but that's not enough to accuse Z if their son attacked him from behind as he walked back to the SUV. What one expects parents to believe in their grief one doesn't expect other citizens and strangers to accept, however.

I've been thinking about the toxicology report. If it does show marijuana in Martin's system, the parents and the lawyer are going to claim conspiracy, that the feds are making this up. A riot would probably erupt. They'll do the tests again, and might even get the same results.
Right now, I'd rather the tests came up negative.

>>""Stand Your Ground" is a bad law. Since the homeowner in the Miami story had a knife, if the robber had killed him, the robber could've tossed/hidden the stolen radios, then claimed self-defense and gotten away with killing the home-owner! In the Martin case a "feeling" from Martin justified him punching out Zimmerman*...But then Zimmerman's "feeling"/confirmation (the punch) that Martin's a bad-guy then allows Zimmerman to kill Martin (at least according to the DA and some cops). WTF?!"

You have a vivid imagination. Here is the text of the law:

"A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in ANY OTHER PLACE where he or she has a right to be has NO DUTY TO RETREAT and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.”

You are not allowed to use force based on a "feeling". You can only use force if force is used against you.

Reading the Miami case, I suspect that Judge Beth Bloom is a lefty opponent of the Stand Your Ground law and is "interpreting" it stupidly because she wants to see it scrapped.

@ theakinet

Your gun control reasoning is suspect. Suppose Zimmerman, as your "average person," were not permitted to own a gun. Also suppose that Zimmerman's account of the situation is true. What we would have is most likely a dead Zimmerman and Trayvon with his first (?) murder under his belt.

Gun control benefits violent, criminal NAMS, since law abiding people are the only ones who are affected by laws prohibiting firearms. Take a look at the crime statistics for cities that ban handguns, such as Chicago, NYC, and DC. The empirical data shows a strong correlation between "shall issue" concealed carry laws and a decrease in violent crime.

Why do you think Zimmerman has been tried in the media and already convicted in their eyes? Because this is the springboard for gun control. My local Florida newspaper already ran a full-page editorial wanting major restrictions on Floridians' right to carry firearms. That was run over a week ago, based on the lies and half-truths advanced by the MSM about sweet, innocent Trayvon.

The more info that comes out on this the more obvious it is that the radicals picked a real dud to make an issue of. But it sounded like slam dunk before the facts came out.

If no crimimal charges are filed what would the chances of civil suit being pursued against GZ? Who presses those charges the parents?

[HS: GZ has no assets. Crumps is going to sue the HOA. But it's a much easier case to win if GZ is found guilty at a criminal trial.]

"I'd love to find out what's in the toxicology report."

There's no way to tell with THC whether the use was a little bit, recently, or a lot a longer time ago. A pos tox for marijuana won't add anything because we already know he was suspended for marijuana possession.

And hell, Martin could just as easily have been smoking a cigarette as marijuana. It leads to the same behavior -- you have to go outside and kind of lurk around, especially if you're a kid because cigarettes are illegal unxder 18 and at least in my state (which is not Florida)cops will actually ticket a kid for having them.

Much better info and more intelligent speculation than anywhere mainstream. Piers Morgan last night crumbled under pressure and became another liberal patsy, and he was one of the better repoters. The new lawyer seems much better than the old one and when Morgan -- unbelievably -- claimed there eas a LAW against neighborhood waches being armed (some association wants this), he shot him down completely. Almost all the comments I've read here have been intelligent, best info I've come across. Places like the NY Times, The New Yorker, and other liberal rags have been awful. MSNBC should be sued after this is over and Zimmerman has to stay in hiding forever. The only comparable case is Rushdie and Iran, though Casey Anthony was a non- political dry run who showed Nancy Grace could get huge ratings.

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