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March 24, 2012


Don't know if you've talked about this yet, but this video from a local affiliate shows a reporter speaking to one of the eye witnesses who called 911, a guy who says the one in the red shirt was face up on the ground with the guy with the dark hoodie on top of him. Witness calls 911, runs upstairs, looks out window and says then he saw the guy in the hoodie lying on the ground, presumably dead. The story contradicts what early MSM reports said and what the Rev. Al and the Rev. Jackson are putting out.


He doesnt look that muscular. He has low body fat which makes what muscle he does have more prominent. It also means that whatever weight he was, it was almost all muscle. So him having some seemingly low weight doesn't mean as much.

It does show that at least to some limited extent he adopted a ghetto oppositional culture that would lead him to react in all the wrong ways to Zimmerman.

An unimpressive physique. I doubt he could bench more than maybe 185, at most a rep or two at 225. Spend ten minutes at any gym and you'll see any number of guys who are a lot more muscular.

OK ,so 'Von was a gangsta wannabe. Now we know what happened. He felt himself indestrctible. If he got arrested, it just gave him cred with his friends. If he got beat, he could come back with a friend. I agree with the Prez. All black kids who don't go to Sidwell want to be thugs.


That's pretty clearly not the same Trayvon Martin. Not even close.

Halfsigma, your starting to sound like a typical insecure beta male, let me guess, did one of these guys take your girl off your hands in high school. Anyways even the authour of the "stand your ground" law is calling for the arrest of Zimmerman.

Yes he was stronger and more muscular than Zimmerman. Another HBD related crime just happened in St Paul. As iq tests show, Homong have much lower future time orientation than northeast asians. This means Homng crime rate is multiples of the northeast asian crime rate

You are obsessed. Nobody cares about this story.

Move along.


May or may not be Trayvon.

(Because, if we can't trust "Dictator" on the insidehoops.com forum (and his avatar of black Jesus), who can we trust?)

well, that is precisely what i believe ended up happening, but the pursuit of trayvon by zimmerman is ultimately what provoked the fight. it would seem, since the authors of florida's "stand your ground" have both publicly stated that "[zimmerman] was not protected by my law.", it would now seem that trayvon was the one acting in self-defense. one can't mistake a 6-3, 140 lber for being a hulking maniac while clothed, but as you point out, he was an athlete. zimmerman bit off more than he could chew and likely WAS getting his arse whupped. however, that doesn't mean he wasn't the aggressor...as the authors of the law misused to free him believe--unless there's evidence presented later that would change their minds.

Travyon may have been all muscle, but only 160 lbs of muscle. Zimmerman was 240 pounds of pure muscle, but he still got beat up because he's short, slow and stupid. What a loser, getting his a$$ kicked by a skinny kid.

Looks like it was a fake photo, which is why Auster took it down.

I'm skeptical of the media narrative (of course). But in this case, it seems the issue in question is: was Zimmerman chasing down Martin, as some interpretations of the 911 call indicate. If he was Martin was probably justified in starting a fight (I'd be scared and try to fight if I couldn't get away from some dude trying to run me down), and Zimmerman is probably guilty of manslaughter, at least. If Zimmerman wasn't chasing Martin, then he is probably justified in self defense.

"Zimmerman was actually on the ground when he pulled the trigger"

Which should already have been determined by the autopsy that has already happened...

[HS: Which is why Zimmerman was not arrested and prosecuted. But he will be soon despite the evidence of self-defense.]

I asked this in another posting but Trayvon (hate that name by the way) never should have been allowed to walk by himself in the first place. There is just too much that can happen (i.e. robberies, abductions, etc). I feel for his parents because no one deserves to bury their child, regardless of how bad or good the child really is. At the same time, Trayvon's parents should be held accountable here for letting this youngster walk alone at night no less.

David Frum weighs in now, wondering why Trayvon didn't have the right to attack his "deadly stalker": https://twitter.com/davidfrum/statuses/183680635490156545

The good news for Zimmerman here is that the media is starting to acknowledged he was attacked.

"Anyways even the authour of the "stand your ground" law is calling for the arrest of Zimmerman." - Ibis

Because like most "conservatives" he's a cowardly piece of shit.

"Zimmerman was 240 pounds of pure muscle". - Trr

LOL, no.

@ AllieKat

But Tray Tray was just out buying candy....in the middle of the night....while on suspension from school for reasons nobody will reveal. Evil white racism took away a potential noble laureate.

To all of Trayvon's homeboys; muscularity bears little relation to fighting prowess. However a fit guy will always triumph over a fatso. Not hard to grasp. Zimmerman will be exonerated as more details are revealed. Then you can all join Al Sharpton by holding hands in protest. That's before the negroes begin destroying stuff. Hopefully you won't bring your girlfriends.

Completely unrelated question to HS: If I go to a low rated UG, but graduate from a very prestigious law school, how will I be perceived in snobbish East Coast circles? Will I be viewed as prestigious or as an untouchable?

[HS: Where you graduate from law school is far more important for getting law jobs then where you went to ug. But in snobby social circles (which I'm not really a part of), I imagine that the ug pedigree can be more important.]

You're right, Florida's stand your ground law isn't going to matter, not that any judge was going to grant that pre-trial motion anyway. Assuming he's charged, it goes to trial, the jury is going to get the very defense favorable self-defense instructions. With that defense witness saying the boy was on top of Zimmerman, he's absolutely never going to be found guilty.

Of course, after that, he will be in great danger of vigilante justice. He really should move to the mid-west.

"[HS: Where you graduate from law school is far more important for getting law jobs then where you went to ug. But in snobby social circles (which I'm not really a part of), I imagine that the ug pedigree can be more important.]"

If that were true, then Obama would be looked down upon in snobby circles.

I did better than expected in the gym tonight thanks to this case.

It's like this: unless this witness is lying, which doesn't seem likely, Trayvon Martin really might have been able to overpower George Zimmerman and rain down punches while on top of him. The fact that some 16-year-old skinny ghetto loser might have been able to assert such physical superiority over a far bigger adult man is completely wrong on so many levels, essentially it violates every law of nature.

Where does my gym session come into this? I've been somewhat under the weather for the last few days, thankfully I'm able to work from home, and haven't been to the gym since last weekend. I wasn't going to go tonight, either. But then I though to myself, George Zimmerman may not have had the physical ability to fight off a much smaller and younger opponent, but *I'm not George Zimmerman and don't have to accept being such a weakling myself!* So I went to the gym with more determination than I've had in a long time, and despite still feeling quite weakened I managed to bench 225 for four sets of four, plus a single at 235. Had I not been so determined I probably wouldn't have gone at all, and certainly wouldn't even have attempted 225 at all.

"The impression I am getting is that Zimmerman was actually on the ground when he pulled the trigger, which means the new Florida law is irrelevant to this case. Zimmerman didn't have an opportunity to get away if he was lying on the ground. This would be considered self defense in any state, so long as Trayvon was the one who started the fight."

Well... no. Self-defense is limited to force sufficient to remove the threat.

Zimmerman could claim self-defense (to an assault charge) if he had thrown Martin off him. He also could have claimed self-defense if Martin had pulled a gun (or other deadly weapon) on him.

But shooting somebody who is punching you is not self-defense anywhere. And it's particularly not self-defense if Zimmerman instigated the fight.

[HS: It's generally stated as something like a reasonable belief in death or serious bodily harm to you or a third party unless you use deadly force, and there's no other option available such as running away or talking down the situation.

If it's reasonable to believe that Trayvon was going to beat the crap out of him, and there was no other way to avoid the beating, then deadly force would be justified.]

"he's absolutely never going to be found guilty"

Crazier things have happened. Like that hate crime conviction in NJ.

"shooting somebody who is punching you is not self-defense anywhere"

Wrong, nonsense.

"[HS: It's generally stated as something like a reasonable belief in death or serious bodily harm to you or a third party unless you use deadly force, and there's no other option available such as running away or talking down the situation."

That correct. The jury is going to get the instruction for justifiable use of deadly force, regardless of whether it was actually "justifiable."

This will likely be enough for them to hang their hat on and find him not guilty.

The area that this happened in is somewhat conservative (in relation to the rest of Florida). The jury panel is likely to be mostly white over 40. Probably just one or two black people. Not because this is the demographic of the area, but this is the demographic that mostly responds to jury summons.

@ Josh, don't forget that the eye witness may be not be willing to testify in support of Zimmerman

Here's what happens to Zimmermans who are NOT armed:


Nick Bierbrodt was a Major League pitcher who was shot for merely verbally confronting a "young male" who was harassing others with loud rap music at a fast-food joint. NO description of the perp's race. No evidence that the perp was arrested. (Searches for "Nick Bierbrodt" "trial" and "plea bargain" turn up nothing relevant.) Charleston S.C. where this happened is 45 percent black.

Nick Bierbrodt actually recovered well enough to pitch again and was in AA-AAA as recently as last year (unusual for someone in his early 30s), but seems to be out of baseball now.

Trayvon made a 911 emergency call before he was killed, this is officially confirmed. What do you think about this part of the story?

[HS: As far as I know, Travyon was talking to his GIRLFRIEND on the phone and not 911. If you have a link to something different, please post it.]

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