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April 06, 2012


Bob Dylan's real name is Robert Zimmerman...

It's best not to be rude to cops with guns. Most of us learn that early. Natural selection weed out those of us who don't.

Holy crap! Talk about irony, GMR!!

lying to the police!


again, HS, the TM case is a simple case of a black person with a ghetto mentality deciding that he had to "keep it real". and sometimes, keeping it real goes wrong.

look up the chapelle show skit and you will know what i am talking about.

TM is dead cause he was a thug jackass up to no good.

he didn't deserve to die for that, but he would have ended up in jail or dead anyway at some point.

Hmmm, might want to make that last sentence read

"Unlike Tyler Perry or Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Bob Dylan didn’t act like an asshole with the cops..."

There's a thirties music video on YouTube where Edgar Pangborn doubts that Bing Crosby really is Bing Crosby. To prove it Crosby sings "When the Blue of the Night".

Imagine if the cops had said, "You claim to be a rich and famous singer, even though you look like a decrepit old bum. Sing something".

A little from the golden pipes of Mr. Zimmerman and they might have shot him.

"Unlike Tyler Perry, Bob Dylan didn’t act like an asshole with the cops, and he didn’t make a big stink afterwards about being racially profiled." - Half Sigma

Racist cracka thinking he knows about the struggle. Nigga plz.

I had this happen to me. I was walking around SE DC near the baseball stadium for about 15 minutes before a Toyota Camry with tinted windows rolled up and a guy said, "hey dude come here" out of a small crack at the top of the window. I was in a complete panic. I couldn't see any scenario in which this ended well. I would be like George Zimmerman, on my back and crying for help, but no one would come. And then, to my overwhelming relief, four DEA officers dressed in flack jackets got out of the car, pulled their guns and ordered me to freeze. I've never been more glad to have four guns pointed at my head.

Perry seemed more miffed that he was not recognized as the highest paid person in show business, a Black superstar, by White cops, than anything else. For once, he got treated like a normal, non-celebrity person and did not like it. No fawning deference, no scraping and bowing.

From what Perry himself posted, he should have got a ticket, any ordinary person would have: making a left turn from the extreme right hand lane, tinted windows. Both are illegal. Misdemeanor violations of the traffic code. He should have been ticketed. But being a celebrity got away. [Cue: Amanda Bynes, speeding away from a ticket, picking ticket up later at the station house, arrested finally for DUI last night.]

That's a classic CLASS marker right there. An aristocracy exempt from the rules. Black celebrities as well as White ones are exempt. Perry should be cited, he ought to get treated like everyone else. Nothing more or less.

I wonder if Dylan had some skittles in his possession once he was searched?

There is a huge influx of antifa trolls in the comments section for Derb's article on blacks:

Maybe Derb's chemo is not going well and he's trying to perform a major public service before he leaves us.

Whiskey, Perry is not the highest paid PERSON in show business, he's the highest paid MAN in show business:


I believe the highest paid PERSON in show business is still Oprah. She's dominated the industry for so long, they had to create a separate list, just for the men. This would have been unimaginable 30 years ago.

In Perry's defense, the cops were likely less aggressive towards Dylan. Plus Dylan probably is seldom randomly approached by cops. I'd imagine if I were black, I too would be vigilant and paranoid around cops because it would be likely that cops randomly approached me at a higher rate than the general population. This does create a feedback loop: Cops become overly vigilant around the overly vigilant black who becomes overly vigilant around the overly vigilant cops.

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