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April 02, 2012


In addition to this info, there was a Matt Gutman report on ABC News which had enhanced video of Zimmerman's arrest video. The report said that the enhanced video clearly showed an injury on the back of Zimmerman's head.

There was a bunch of reporting about Zimmerman's weight being much less than previously reported. Even the NYT seems to have reported today that Zimmerman is around 170 pounds, not the 240 or so that everyone under the sun has been claiming.

halfsigma + wagist = the real story about blacks being violent aggressors in america

msm = the fake story about blacks being innocent victims in america


Obama has raised $1.7 million from three zip codes along the Hudson River, 10024, 10023 and 10011; Romney brought in $1.5 million from zip codes 10021, 10128 and 10065 along the East River. The president raised more money in total from New Yorkers than Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, $9.9 million compared with $8.2 million, according to the center.


Well it helps that the MSM audience are idiots.

Chuck Rudd (Gucci Little Piggy) adds on his Twitter he's "been in contact with the head of a voice biometrics company who says that screaming wrecks havoc on ability to analyze".

The Sentinel's audio experts do seem pretty convinced, though. Here's a video interview with the one who says he'd put his reputation on Zimmerman's not being the screamer: http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/alexis_wiley/forensic-expert-examines-trayvon-martin-9-1-1-call-20120401-rs

Incidentally, Mr. Primeau has a plan to save Detroit: http://edprimeau.com/abandoned-homes-in-detroit-a-solution-for-the-problem-of-urban-plight/

Yet all morning all I heard on major news sources is that the police garage photos of Zimmerman don't show a man whose been in a fight (although one source, don't recall which one said that medics had cleanup GZ at the scene) AND they were in a frenzy with news that Mr. Owens said that his voice analysis shows it's "a low probability" that the voice on the tapes is GZ.

I've yet to see one photo of a TM from his fb page that shows him posing in a negative light, yet to see one post that shows him speaking of violence, and certainly didn't see the fight stuff on the "playground".

BTW, the one really blood-curdling scream almost sounds like a shout one emits after pain is inflicted, as in a guy getting his testicles squeezed or kneed. Maybe not, though. Since it occurs right before the shot, it might have been the last ditch yell as they fought for possession of the gun, and frankly, using common sense, I'd expect that the guy on the bottom in the fight would have been the one making one last-ditch shout for someone to hear him.

It's also unlikely from a physiological point of view to think the guy on top would let out that scream as one has to have a voice that would project up and out. The guy on top in a struggle would likely be looking down at the guy under him and not have his lungs in a position to exhale with the force that scream required.

Mass media caters to women in contemporary America. Just look at how many programs feature a butt kicking white woman with her sexy chocolate partner busting white men for crimes. I wonder if their biased coverage here is influenced by the audience demographics? The alpha Trayvon being gunned down by the fat beta Zimmerman. I wish Whiskey would explore this.

Matt Gutman understands the truth now.


The footage ABC uses now is an excellent showing of Zimmerman's head injury. To me this is a full-blown reversal, since Gutman was at the center of this.

"The never-before-seen evidence of an injury to Zimmerman, in this case a gash or mark to his head, would appear to back his claim that he shot Martin in self defense after he was attacked by Martin on the night of Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla "

I wonder how much credit Gucci Little Piggy got on this, considering he corresponded with Gutman.

Gutman is clearly in personal damage control mode, now. He's got his own reputation and career to save. He has the good sense to get ahead of things before HS and Chuck Rudd and many others cook him.

Reading up on some the credentials of this "audio expert"

There's a lot of questions raised.

HOw can that asshole Gutman claim he and ABC are "first" in showing that there are indeed gashes on Zimmerman's head when the Daily Caller blew up the photos several days ago and used arrows to point to the wounds?


Gutman's reversal is probably an attempt to cover up that the higher-resolution video being shown is the original.
So where did the lower resolution video come from? That level of quality degradation is not natural for copying a video, not even old school VHS video. So somehow we went from rather high quality recording to blurry mess, but without the video having passed through many hands (otherwise it would've leaked sooner).

IMO that tells me the lower resolution video was intentionally doctored to be damaging to Zimmerman.

[HS: Videos are stored as digital files these days. All the video cameras in the police station are probably hooked up to a computer with a big hard drive that records everything.

The video first shown by ABC looks like it was converted to a lower resolution with a very high amount of compression.

Probably Ben Crump did it, or had an employee at his law firm do it. And I say Ben Crump because he seems to be the main conduit to Matt Gutman getting exclusive scoops, as well as the main source of misinformation (photo of Trayvon as a little kid, Skittles story, weighs only 140 lbs, etc.) which the media then regurgitates as the Gospel truth.]

"I think that if two guys get into a fight, and you find out that one guy runs a fight club while the other guy is a married homeowner with a white-collar job, who do you think is the one who most likely started the fight?"

The one who stalks teenagers in the rain, got arrested for hitting a cop, and got fired for anger management problems.

Even if Martin did throw the first punch, Zimmerman started in by stalking a skinny teenager at night in the rain. Who does that?

Occam's razor suggests Zimmerman is just a racist thug on a mission to keep blacks out of his neighborhood. He duped a lot of people here into thinking he suffered serious injuries but he can't fool me. I know his type.

[HS: "stalking" is not an accurate explanation--he got out of his car to look around is what I'd call it. Trayvon was skinny but tall and muscular. Zimmerman did NOT get arrested for "hitting" a cop, he got arrested for "assault" which a cop can interpret as someone just putting their hands up defensively, which is probably what happened. Read Dale Carson's book about how to not get arrested.]

" At least 60% is necessary to feel confident that two samples are from the same source,"

If 60% = confident the two samples are from the same source, it's really hard to believe that 48% = confident that the two samples are NOT from the same source.

The first rule of Fight Club is you don't talk about Trayvon in the Fight Club.

I agree, "stalk" is hardly what the guy did as he was talking to the dispatcher and giving directions as to where he was in the subdivision and asking the dispatcher to have the cop car that was on the way to his subdivision call his cell for his PRECISE LOCATION.

Not stalking. If that's stalking then I can't so much as follow any person in my neighborhood that I find suspicious.

Get real.

"Why would Martin be the one screaming and then the one shot? If Zimmerman was getting the best of Martin in some sort of fight, why would he also shoot Martin? It could be that Zimmerman is just that deranged, but, again, a man who wants to murder someone doesn’t call the cops beforehand to bring them to the scene. The only logical explanation here is that Martin was getting the best of Zimmerman in some sort of fight causing Zimmerman to scream for help and then to shoot his aggressor, Trayvon Martin."

That seems like the most plausible scenario to me. Nicely put GLP.

When I heard the tape it definitely sounded to me like the person screaming was in desperate fear.

"Even if Martin did throw the first punch, Zimmerman started in by stalking a skinny teenager at night in the rain. Who does that?"
All Trayvon had to do was keep walking, which is what most people would have done. Also, keep in mind, the Trayvon camp originally was making it out like he was hustling away from Zimmerman and got jumped by him. Kind of a different scenario. Who threw the first punch matters.

Posted by: Crop | April 02, 2012 at 04:49 PM


If his life was in danger why did he have so much time to scream. What are you screaming for? You have a gun...you approached this kid only because you had a gun. You had no intentions on fighting. He thought he was going to bully this kid and hold him at gunpoint until the police arrived but Trayvon looked at it as though it was his life in danger and he probably attacked Zimmerman trying to disarm him...he probably was truly fighting for his life.

"What are you screaming for? You have a gun...you approached this kid only because you had a gun."

He was screaming for help so as to avoid having to shoot his attacker. Am I to infer that if you were being beaten, and had a gun, you would have shot your attacker immediately without remorse? If so, that just goes to show that Zimmerman is a better man than you.

have you seen this yet? apparently trying to get both sides of the story is considered "obfuscation".



"Even if Martin did throw the first punch, Zimmerman started in by stalking a skinny teenager at night in the rain. Who does that?"

"Stalking" does not mean anything. Streets are public and Zimmerman had as much right to be on the streets as Martin.

The techs saying it wasn't Zman's voice is a far cry from saying it was Tray's. That may sound odd but the voice being analyzed was recorded over the telephone from someone yelling in the yard outside. So the samples being compared are less than ideal. It could well be Zman but the quality just too poor to match.

By the way, a 48% match doesn't mean it's a 50/50 chance of being Zman's. That voice sample could be a 48% match for lots of people.

The "not Zimmerman" audio nonsense will be the next to "bite the dust."

Most likely, there are multiple voices that were combined to produce a "48% match" (which means that it is equally likely to have been Zimmerman than not).

Also, listen closely to one of the tapes where one yell is clearly much closer than other yells ... it could have been a youngster in the room (or nearby) mimicking what he was hearing (kids do that). Mixed voices will never "match" Zimmerman. Also, some of the yells could well have been "attack" yells.

Wait for autopsy and gun forensics and don't pay much attention to the so called "audio experts" who don't have all the facts and are just promoting themselves for free publicity.

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