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April 10, 2012


This strategy would require me to give a shit about art and to give a shit about what women think about art. Too hard!

Single women don't go to museums unless the museum has some kind of special event. I think a museum is a good place to take a lady on a date. If the lady is intelligent, she will enjoy the exhibits. If the lady is a bit dim, she will be impressed by her intellectually superior man.

Also - museums are free, or nearly free.

I dealt with "where to go to pick up women?" problem by getting married. But I agree, museums are great places to take dates (or your SO), not so good for meeting women in the first place. Most of the ones there seem to be already on dates.

My experience with art museums is somewhat limited, but it's my impression that modern art is the most popular type among younger chix.

Haha. Thanks for the quote. Well, I didn't want to extrapolate my personal experience into a general trend. I managed to talk to some single women in museums, but they were tourists. I guess single local American women would be harder to find and talk to. But yes, museums are good places to take women out on a date.


The vast majority of young, single, and reasonably attractive women I have seen in museums are tourists with their families or significant others.

I've got season passes to both the local orchestra as well as the top theater in my metropolitan area. My mother took my sister and I to both as children (we're now in our mid-to-late twenties respectively).

There are hardly any single women at either, not that we see many folks our age in general, but the audience for both mainly consists of older baby boomers with a few younger heterosexual couples and gay men to fill out the remaining seats.

My guess is art museums would be more of the same. I don't know if it's fair to say single women specifically aren't all that cultured because my generation as a whole seems to have abandoned the arts (or at least what comprised the arts a couple generations ago). All the same, I'd never go to an orchestra hall, theater or museum to meet single women in my age range. I use my season passes as opportunities to catch up with my younger sister twice a month or so. We talked about this specifically and the same holds true with regards to what she's noticed about the lack of any single heterosexual men under thirty-five in attendance.

"They are probably too busy shopping for clothes": but who the hell wants a woman like that?

Meeting women at museums is the beta male reproductive strategy where "common ground" and being "smart" matter. It's of course all an illusion. Similarity in hobbies is grossly overrated when it comes to dating. Couples mostly just have sex, attend parties together, and that's it. How important is liking the same stuff? Not very much, imo. Attractive women are rarely single anyways and hot middle class girls that might like art mostly have alpha prole boyfriends. Life basically sucks for most men.

Avant-garde performance art shows might be the best option for meeting young women.

The truth is that the best place to meet chick is EVERYWHERE. Whether you meet them at the museum, the mall, or at the car wash, it really doesn't matter. You just have man-up and go after them when you see them:

Another good article/blog I found that show guys step-by-step how to meet women at places like department stores, etc. is here:


This guy did a whole show about how to hook up with women just by going about your day-to-day stuff.

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