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April 09, 2012


Lots of Native Americans in Oklahoma. The state was "Indian Territory" until 1907. Black/NA relations in Oklahoma aren't always good, unlike in most other places.

Will they play down the fact that the shooting was revenge for his father being murdered by a black burglar? One thing that many liberals fail to realize is that a large percentage of today's feelings towards blacks by any type of non-black stem from crimes committed against the non-black or his or her friends or family by a black. A good friend of mine from college was jumped by three young black males in Center City Philadelphia, robbed, and sent to the hospital a few years back, and his opinion on blacks went a complete 180. Before the attack he was the type who would go off on a less tolerant white for any negative remark real or imagined about blacks and after the attack he became the one regularly making those remarks. His little liberal bubble had been burst.

Even better than all of this is that the case has a Trayvon Martin-like angle to it. The Native American/White perpetrator is thought to have been avenging the death of his father at the hands of a black man two years earlier to the day of the shooting spree. The perpetrator's father was shot and killed during a struggle with the black man, who was sent to prison for four years for brandishing a firearm. It is not yet clear why the killer of the perpetrator's father did not receive more time, but this seems to have angered our mentally unstable spree shooter.

"The future race war could be between blacks and non-black NAMs."

I've been saying this for years. The blacks and hispanic communities don't like each other very much and I am sure the Zimmerman/Martin fiasco has done nothing to help.

The age old "Rich mans' war, Poor man's fight" is just as true today as it was 150 years ago.

Half Sigma, what changed? You always used to say "there won't be a race-war."

[HS: I guess it's more fun to write about the race war that isn't likely to happen.]

Here's the story of England's father:

"On April 5, 2010, Carl England, 47, showed up at the apartment complex where his daughter lived with her boyfriend. The boyfriend had gotten into a fight [with] Pernell Jefferson, 40, and had hit him with a baseball bat, the Tulsa World reported at the time.

Jefferson, who had been in prison on drug and weapons charges, then tried to break into the couple's apartment but left, saying he planned to 'settle the dispute.'

England and his daughter's boyfriend went looking for Jefferson at the apartment complex. When the found him, England hit him with a stick and knocked him to the ground.

Jefferson pulled out a gun and shot England in the chest, the World reported, killing him.

Jefferson, who is black, was arrested the next day when he showed up at a hospital. He was convicted of pointing a firearm. He is serving a six year prison sentence in the shooting."

Based on the HBD/Race-Realist pro-Zimmerman because he acted in self-defense position should I expect a spirited defense of Jackson? Remember, England attacked Jackson....

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2126532/Tulsa-shootings-Gunman-shot-5-black-victims-Good-Friday-rampage.html#ixzz1rZIleOYk

[HS: They seem like a bunch of low-class stupid people. England and Watts are certainly not the kind of people I'd want to live next to. What they did, go around and shoot random people, is indefensible. Zimmerman, on the other hand, seems like he'd be an OK guy to have as a neighbor.]

"The future race war could be between blacks and non-black NAMs."

I think it is already on-going in the ghettos and prisons. But since there are no national organizations likely to ever support this, the race war violence will likely remain disorganized and local.

National level hatemongering all seems to be directed toward whites, the evil ones.

So black guy Jefferson was 'sentenced' to 6 yrs. in 2010, but was released after less than 2 yrs? Sounds like that racist "system" working against the black man again.

Oh shit, here we go! It's on! Race War! Race War! Race War!

Whites win!

The ugly truth is that the damage will never be inflicted on gated communities and exclusive suburbs, so the majority of the power elite won't care.

Wait before you call these race-based. And who knows if they are spree murders? Perhaps he picked them out carefully. We should reserve judgement. That's the big lesson of the Trayvon case, isn't it?

[HS: Actually, what I learned from Trayvon is that MY first instincts are usually correct.]

"Black/NA relations in Oklahoma aren't always good, unlike in most other places."

Like where, Sanford, FL?

Well, how about that. With Trayvon Martin replaced by more media-friendly victims, Zimmerman may actually get his chance at justice (that is, being left alone).

These killers are rotten people. One doesn't avenge oneself on randoms who had nothing to do with the original incident. If he had killed the person who actually killed his father -- well, that's still not how we're supposed to do things in a civilized society, but it would at least be *sane* and he'd have a chance with the unofficial "he needed killing" defense. This is not sane, not right, and just generally a bad thing.

Jay does have a point about reserving judgment, though. I originally thought that Zimmerman was questionable at best, until the truth began to come out.

I wonder how much we'll see of this case? Full media saturation? Perhaps the intention is to divert us from Martin/Zimmerman, which has embarrassed two huge media outlets and many smaller ones.

"By the way, just kidding about the race war. There probably will be increased disorganized raced-based violence between low class people in the future, but this is not going to rise to the level of the type of "war" where you will need to defend your house in a decent neighborhood with a semi-automatic rifle."

There won't be a war because NAMs are too stupid to fight in an organized fashion like Europeans can.

Low level violence and wider spread criminality is more likely, though NAMs can only get away with their disorderly conduct until white people start cracking the whip.

"The younger one has a low-prole haircut, however he looks like he might be part Hispanic or part Native American or something like that."

Most American Indians (even those who claim to be pure Indian) have significant European DNA input.

In the 2000 Census, the second most common type of mixed race person was Native American/white.

That's very hillbillyish. Don't call the police, friends and relatives help "settle the dispute." Violently. Straight out of the Clans of Scotland, or the border area, or backwoods Eastern Tennessee, or ... this place.

The problem is that people can drop into that culture when social upward mobility ends, you get no hope of advancement, living becomes subsistence and male status is judged not by economic advancement (as that no longer is possible) but by loyalty and strength in kin-network fights.

Economic stagnation, the end of the post-War advancement into the middle class, and indeed backwards movement, makes the sort of low-level stuff quite likely on an ever larger scale.

Will this spread to "gated communities?" My answer is YES because the gated communities will end up being nothing more than Hillbilly cantons basically, with the upper class retreating into its far different culture (basically Puritan/Progressive) found in the Upper East Side, Malibu, Santa Monica's tony districts, etc.

'There won't be a war because NAMs are too stupid to fight in an organized fashion like Europeans can.'

Do Africans not organize groups that fight?

"Do Africans not organize groups that fight?"

African organized fighting forces are much, much more primitive in terms of organization and planning compared to Europeans. They're even disorganized when put up against less capable third world militaries such as those of the Muslim states.

African can certainly conduct large scale rioting, but well organized military violence is well beyond their mental capabilities.

Let me put it this way, how many non-African countries have African nations ever conquered?

None that I'm aware of. Africans couldn't so much as invade weak non-African nations such as Algeria. Even Arabic Nomadic raiders were able to attack Africans at will and take them back to Arabia as slaves.

[HS: What about Shaka Zulu?]

"Do Africans not organize groups that fight?"

Do Africans ever accomplish anything (on their own) that requires organization?

Blackness is synonymous with disorganization.

[HS: What about Shaka Zulu?]

Shaka Zulu (I remember the TV drama about him of the '80) was an exception of the rule and, in the end, was killed by other components of his family.

He moved the Zulu warriors to the level of Roman legionaries. The problem he didn't was able to build a social and political system able to survive him. Like Alexander.

He was the best leader of all times in Africa. But a single Alexander will never be able to compensate for the limits of the people he rule.

The safety of gated communities is a myth.

The story of Shaka Zulu is a myth.

Most of what you know, is a myth.

"The safety of gated communities is a myth."

Sadly, this is true! It's no good to have one if the riff raff is living in there with you. My last home was in a gated community and for the most part, it was predominantly white. If this sounds racist, I apologize because I'm far from it. When more blacks started moving (management "relaxed" some of the applicant requirements) in, that's when the burglaries, loitering, and loud music began. Some of us tried to band together and bitch to management but it fell on deaf ears. My home was robbed by one of my black "neighbors" and nothing was done. Police had no proof other than my word and another lady who saw him. After that I left. I say, Bravo to Mr. Zimmerman. He did what I and many others wished we could have done.

Cody Jones,

Your apologizing ("I'm not a racist") despite your experience is disgusting, and a primary symptom that allows other people, other than you, to be victimized.

Black people commit crime at higher rates, as a group. Period. Don't make others suffer because you won't finger the bad guys.

The lack of effective conservatism in black society is the primary reason behind their debased family culture, their lack of political power, and their lack of ability to form true communities. Hence, your black "neighbor" felt okay about robbing you. It's the blacks, stupid. Stop being so apologetic, especially as a victim.

"Shaka Zulu (I remember the TV drama about him of the '80) was an exception of the rule and, in the end, was killed by other components of his family.

He moved the Zulu warriors to the level of Roman legionaries."

Shaka Zulu only fought OTHER Africans, not Europeans.

When the Zulus fought Europeans after Shaka's death, the Zulus were wiped out even when they outnumbered the Europeans by better than 10 to 1.

At the Battle of Blood River, 600 Dutch proto-Afrikaaners inflicted over 3,000 deaths on a Zulu force of 10-20,000 while the Dutch suffered only 3 people wounded.

At Rourke's Drift (which was immortalized by the movie Zulu), a British force of of 200-600 men defeated a force of 3-4000 Zulu warriors. Despite being encircled, Britain only lost 17 men in the conflict.

And remember these European vs Zulu battles were fought in African homelands where Africans had homefield advantage.

As I said before, there's no evidence an African nation has ever been able to succesfully invade a country NON-African country, not even a weak enemy like a North African state.

There have been a few defensive wars where Africans were able to repel an invader, such as when this blog's favorite dictator, Muammar Gadhaffi (may he rest in baby Jesus' arms), failed to invade Chad.

I believe the Chadian-Libyan conflict was covered by WarNerd.




First off, I am a lot of things and stupid ain't one of them. Refrain from the name calling, my friend. Surely you can make a point without an insult.

Next, I did not "allow" myself to be a victim. When the "crimes" started, we went to the proper channels, so I thought. I complained to management. Hell, me and the rest who were fed up even banded together and started our on neighborhood watch of sorts. Short of getting a gun, I just left. By that point, "they" had pretty much taken over. I also did "finger" the bad guys. The problem was the police and the fact that blacks tend to stick together even when one of them has done wrong. What do you do then? You get to the point where you have to essentially do what George Zimmrman did. If you read my post, you'd notice that I gave kudos to him.

Lastly, I'm only 26. This gated community was my in essence my first home on my own. I made the commment that I wasn't racist because up to that point I never had a problem with blacks. Then again, I never lived near them up to that point. So I suppose the whole experience was an eye opener of sorts.

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