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April 11, 2012


"Helping good people through difficult times." Certainly applies here :)

I note he made the Dean's List and speaks spanish.


Get one latino on the jury and he's set for a hung jury. Same with one black person in the opposite direction. I have yet to find a black person who doesn't think Zimmerman walked up and shot him in the back of the head.

That's what I predict. So far everything has happened exactly as I said it would. O'Mara is a fine attorney, but it isn't going to take a great attorney to get him off this one. Look at Casey Anthony.

Alan Dershowitz on the 2 former lawyers--seems he agrees they are bozos:


Casey Anthony's attorney comments:

“It’s political prostitution,” Mason said. “Now I don’t have all the facts – no one does – but you look at what we know of the case and it looks like the prosecutor bowed to other pressures.

“The fact is there is lots of racial bigotry in this case,” Mason said. “And a lot of it is coming from the side of Trayvon Martin’s family. I can understand why his family is upset. They lost a child. But they weren’t at the crime scene. None of us was.”..

“The only evidence we have now is what Zimmerman says and what an eyewitness says – that Trayvon was beating him,” Mason said. “Well, if that’s the case, this shouldn’t reach a jury. There’s just no evidence showing he acted with a depraved min. If Zimmerman was being beaten, it’s clearly a homicide. He had a right to carry his weapon. He had a right to confront a person who was walking around in a hoodie in the rain around dark when there had been crimes in the neighborhood.”

One-time federal prosecutor, former U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey, suggested Corey might not stick with the second-degree murder charge through trial.

"This is an aggressive charge," he said. "And there are times when an aggressive charge gives more incentive for the defendant to seek a plea. The vast majority of cases don't go to trial and end in a plea."



"I have yet to find a black person who doesn't think Zimmerman walked up and shot him in the back of the head."

ha. i call that the toure theory.

I don't see why this is news. Let Zimmerman's own people (who call themselves "The Race"—La Raza) stand by him.

Interesting that you and Lawrence Auster think just oppositely about the change in attorneys.


Image the advantage the prosecutor is going to have when the judge issues a gag order. the prosecutor and defense attorneys will be told to shut up while Ben Crump and Al Sharpton will be free to say whatever they want.


I was going to say the exact thing you did. This whole case gained a LOT of momentum through the media because Ben Crump and TM's parents were able to spin this in TM's favor. You could say the media has been their biggest ally. He should totally get a gag order and we'll see just how quick this case starts to crumble.

How can he possibly get a fair trial anywhere in this country? Who has NOT heard of this case? Who has NOT heard the President basically say "Zimmerman killed my son"?

This is going to come off as really bitchy but I don't care. I'm sick of Trayvon's parents. Once again, they are on tv playing the sympathy card. It's gotten old and honestly if their son wasn't such a little punk, he'd still be with them right now.

Who's going to be trying this case for the prosecution: Ben Crump or Angela Corey?


I just saw Trayvon's mom on tv and she said that initially, she thought the shooting was an accident. You should have seen the look on old Bennie's face. He looked like he took a massive dump on his pants!!

Can that be used against them?

OT: Two Chinese USC students killed in probable attempted carjacking. Perps unknown, but anyone want to take bets on their race once they are caught?

If they're black, it won't be called a hate crime, but simply a "carjacking gone wrong". Funny how that seems to happen so often...


@Camelcaserob: Auster has his strong points but legal analysis isn't one of them. He consistently predicts things about legal cases with zero legal knowledge. He's highly emotional and spouts off on things about which he has no knowledge. This is one of them. He's very good on other things, though. As HS has said, 'he's an enigma.'

@superdestroyer: this doesn't worry me. You really can't fool all the people all the time.

Things HAVE changed. Blacks will riot but this time they will face a much different country. Slowly the white population is becoming racially aware. When they rioted after Rodney King, there was a residual sympathy - wasn't that poor black man beaten by those awful cops? Not this time. This time most whites will be saying: shoot the bastards. Addiction by subtraction.

Trayvon's mom now says she thinks the shooting was an accident. Why stir up all this hate crime talk and demand justice for an "accident"????? Ben Crump had this "oh shit" look on his face right after she says it.

I'm convinced this woman is delusional. I've always felt she was one of those type parents who believes their kid can do no wrong even when the contrary is blatantly obvious. She reminds of the kind of mother who would blame any and everyone else for her kid's shortcomings and bad behavior. Just listening to her this morning made me cringe and dry heave.

Just curious though, could George Zimmerman have grounds to sue the New Black Panthers for that $10000 bounty they put on his head that played a large part in him going into hiding prior to his arrest?

The MSM embraces HDB? Check out this Guradian article:

"Cipolla wrote out the laws in plain language. They are akin to laws of nature – a seemingly basic characteristic of the universe. Here they are:

1. Always and inevitably, everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

2. The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.

3. A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons, while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

4. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular, non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.

Cipolla's essay gives an X-ray view of what distinguishes countries on the rise from those that are falling.

Countries moving uphill have an inevitable percentage of stupid people, yes. But they enjoy "an unusually high fraction of intelligent people" who collectively overcompensate for the dumbos.

Declining nations have, instead, an "alarming proliferation" of non-stupid people whose behaviour "inevitably strengthens the destructive power" of their persistently stupid fellow citizens. There are two distinct, unhelpful groups:
"bandits" who take positions of power which they use for their own gain; and people out of power who sigh through life as if they are helpless."

My prediction is that there will be even more residual sympathy.

Rodney King was a grown man. Trayvon Martin was a teenager (not a little kid of course, but still a legal minor). That will affect public perception of the case: people are more likely to put aside presumption of innocence and grab the pitchforks if an alleged crime victim is a minor. Rodney King led cops on a dangerous high profile chase through LA. Even if Trayvon Martin attacked Zimmerman first (and I do think this is likely) there are only a small amount of witnesses to the incident. Since Rodney King's reckless behavior was obvious and not in dispute, whereas it's not undeniably clear who started the physical altercation between Martin and Zimmerman, then that's another reason Martin will come across as more of an innocent victim.

Trayvon Martin will be easier to portray as an innocent victim than Rodney King was. It's working very well already. Plenty of people still only get their news from the mainstream media.

"I'm convinced this woman is delusional. I've always felt she was one of those type parents who believes their kid can do no wrong even when the contrary is blatantly obvious. "

In other words, she's the typical black baby mama who ends up crying on the local TV news when little Tray-Tray gets shot due to his own bad behavior...

Blacks ain't gonna riot. If anything they now feel duped by the mom's comments this morning. I just went over to a few of the "black blogs" and they're steamed that she's "sympathizing with a racist".

I personally love it. They fed into all this race talk. They bought all this merchandise that this "grieving" mother trademarked to supprt "the cause". No doubt this lady made much money off this whole thing off gullible racewar hungry blacks.

If Benny "the crip" Crump is prosecuting this thing they might as well release Mr. Zimmerman now. As to when Angela Corey said "we do not bring charges because of social pressure"...WHAT??? Why do you think you are there honey? Is it standard procedure to second guess every AG's decision not to prosecute? Only when he is black, black panthers are involved and Eric Holder is in charge of the Department of "Social" Justice.

"only a small amount of witnesses to the incident"

And to date, every one of them says they saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, raining down blows.

The only thing that could make this more of a circus made for a movie moment is>>>>
Have it run on TV for 1 year then find him not guilty. Yes, we will be able to watch this on TV since FL allows cameras in the court room. MAYBE OJ in reverse.

"And to date, every one of them says they saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, raining down blows."

Well, there's that one witness who said he didn't know who was on top but figured it must have been Zimmerman. I have no idea why such dumb "testimony" was even reported, but it was, and people believed it. By the time that witness ends up in court, he will have revised his memories so that he definitely saw Zimmerman on top while Martin screamed for help.

I don't blame the mother of the 13-year-old witness for yanking her kid out of this mess. Kudos to the kid for wanting to help, but definite Mama Points for protecting him from his own courage when he's not old enough to understand the consequences. If only the kid hadn't given his name . . . many states allow minor witnesses to testify anonymously. But he did give his name, and his mother quickly retracted almost all of what he said, and that's that.

As for "John," the first witness and the only verified witness (because he called 911) -- well, we'll just have to wait and see. I hope he stands up and does what's right, but I couldn't blame him if he were afraid of becoming the next target of "this is for Trayvon." Aside from his own safety, he may have his own family to protect. If I were "John" and I had kids, I'd be worried that they'd be targeted for revenge.

Zimmerman's freedom hinges on "John," on the physical evidence, and *possibly* on reasonable doubt if the jury can be detached enough to grasp that.

Zimmerman's probably screwed.

"Blacks ain't gonna riot. If anything they now feel duped by the mom's comments this morning. I just went over to a few of the "black blogs" and they're steamed that she's "sympathizing with a racist".

I agree. All morning here in the office, black people have been saying that the rallies have all been a waste of time. They're saying how they did all they did because they thought Trayvon was shot in cold blood, not by accident. Ben crump has to be the dumbest attorney alive! I knew that by constantly letting Trayvon's parents speak to the media they would eventually put their foot in their mouths. Boy, was I right! Maybe now, the likes of Ben, Al, and Jesse will shut the hell up!!

If Crump has sense, he'll spin that into "Trayvon was such a sweet and innocent boy that his mother couldn't even imagine he'd been in some kind of altercation."

My gym shows MSNBC on the big TV in the cardio area, so unfortunately they have me as a captive audience member for 30-45 min a few days a week. Their programming at this point (or at least at the times I am watching) seems to be all Trayvon all the time.

Last night they offered a piece of information I hadn't heard before, which was interesting. However, their interpretation of it was bizarre. They were claiming that the mortician who prepared Trayvon's body for his funeral had said that there was no sign of a physical altercation - only a gunshot wound. According to them, this proved that Zimmerman just shot him in cold blood. Clearly there was a fight, since Zimmerman was all banged up and there are witnesses to it. Of course, if two people get in a fight and only one looks like it, then you can bet the one who was all beaten up was the loser. If anything, this seems like it would strengthen Zimmerman's case (assuming the medical examiner describes the same thing - I assume that's what actually is admissible as testimony)

The mom, Sybrina Fulton, released a statement where she attempts to "clarify" her comments this morning. She states:

"Earlier today, I made a comment to the media that was later mischaracterized.
When I referenced the word 'accident' today with regard to Trayvon's death, in NO way did I mean the shooting was an accident. We believe that George Zimmerman stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood. The 'accident' I was referring to was the fact that George Zimmerman and my son ever crossed paths. It was an accidental encounter. If George Zimmerman
hadn't gotten out of his vehicle, this entire incident would have been avoided. My son was profiled, followed and murdered by George Zimmerman, and there was
nothing accidental about that."

Nice try, lady but I saw the show and that was not she meant. I think all we have to do is sit back and continue to let Trayvon's parents and Ben Crump do their own case in.

Trayvon's baby mama isn't delusional. She's just got an average black IQ of 85. She's not too quick on the draw.

@Anna, you're entitled to your opinion, but I beg to differ. I have always been conservative but I had some sympathy, not for Rodney King, but for the anger that it aroused in blacks at the time. At the time, because I didn't know the facts, I thought the anger was justified.

Well, no longer. I don't give a sh8t what blacks think. I know that a race war is coming and my 'tude is 'bring it on.'

And I KNOW I'm not alone in thinking this.

There is NO sympathy for blacks amongst whites now.

My two cents.

I know everyone already knows this...but there is no way to get out of this box without it being racist. First, like dealing with a three year old having a fit, the blacks demanded an arrest immediately. Ignore the fact that you can not hold someone if you do not have enough evidence at the time to press charges. It is a liitle thing called ongoing investigation to gather enough evidence to press charges. Second, when Mr. Zimmerman is proven innocent the jury, the judge, etc...are racist. The arguement will be the jury was all white or there was only three blacks. Third, now the blacks will feel like they have been played like sucka's by the justice system...blah blah blah. When was the last time a racist, profiling, stalking murderer called 911 before commiting the murder? Its election season so I propose Mr. Zimmerman for President.

Well, at 3:00 PM Central time radio station KCRW (Natl. Public Radio) just reported that "Travon Martin's mother believes his death was an accident that occurred after things got out of hand".

"I'm convinced this woman is delusional."

I don't think so. If anything, she's grieving and vulnerable. She said what she felt and may have been feeling all along. I think she and the father have been coached by Ben Crump and Al Sharpton to say the opposite. Al Sharpton makes his living fanning the flame of racial discord. Ben Crump is a civil attorney. An "accident" means no civil case which means he ain't getting paid!

Black America, you've been "had". Ben saw these grief stricken parents and saw this dead black boy killed by a nonblack and saw "$$$". What better way to start a movement of sorts than to say it was a racial killing of a squeaky clean unarmed black kid. Heck, we'll even put some outdated pictures of the kid to drive it home. If that's not enough, let's put his grieving parents on every talk show and press junket we can think of demanding justice for their "martyr" son. While the rest of Black America blindly follows, Ben and company can bask in the glory of bringing a big bad racist to justice and fantasize about the inevitable payout once they file the civil suit against the city.

Bottom line, Ben Crump gets paid. Al Sharpton gets extra press and ratings for his MSNBC show. Trayvon's parents get revenge on the man who shot their son and whatever cash is left over from the sold merchandise and settlement. The rest of Black America gets nothing.

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