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April 10, 2012


Lack of money? I guess there is a defense fund but I don't hear much about it.

Guess there's no glamor or prestige in taking up his cause pro bono right now.

Sickening thought. I was watching one of gthe news programs where Jose Baez was interviewed about this case. He raised some excellent points but he was all but advertising for George to hire him as his lawyer. I really hope he doesn't go this route.

I hope Sean Hannity used some of is connections to get George better lawyers and some better people to speak on his behalf!

I know they were working the case pro bono but the publicity alone I thought would have been payment within itself.

Also, they keep making reference to George being under great stress, having PTSD and suffering from depression. Given all of that and assuming he's to be charged, will he even be competent enough to stand trial? I know he was competent when he bought the gun but a lot has occurred between that time and now. The media scrutinity, the bounty and threats on his life, etc has to play a factor. Then again, I don't know what goes into someone being declared mentally unfit to stand trial???

The worst thing he could do would be an interview. If it is Fox, the critics will castigate him for going safe. If he goes CNN, he'll be given leading questions. If he goes MSNBC, he'll be railroaded.
It is a no-win situation.
If he wants to push the police to release his statement to them, that's fine. His lawyer should have a copy. But he should NEVER talk to a reporter. That's worse than talking to the police.

He talked to Sean Hannity. I have to give Mr. Hannity credit because at least as of yet he hasn't made any of what was said between the two of them public.

Half sigma has a law degree. Maybe he should offer his services. He's certainly passionate about the case.

All he has to do is go on TV and speak Spanish and this case is over since it will be proved that he's not white.

Corey has got a face like a bull dog.

"The media scrutinity, the bounty and threats on his life, etc has to play a factor. Then again, I don't know what goes into someone being declared mentally unfit to stand trial???"

I don't know much about it either. Mind you, we only have his now former attorneys and his friends saying that he has PTSD and is suffering depression. Unless a psych evaluates him and concludes that, I doubt whoever defends him will go that route.

Hopefully he's somewhere trying to regroup. I hated that news conference. It looked like they just threw the guy further under the bus.

Camlost: "All he has to do is go on TV and speak Spanish"

Exactly!!! He doesn't need to talk about any of the details, just go on Univision IN SPANISH and with a lawyer but talking about how OBAMA is willing to sacrifice a loyal Hispanic Democrat for political reasons.

THAT will send the political and media race harpies elbowing each other for the exit.


Angela Corey was described as tough. What does 'tough' mean when applied to a prosecutor? I think it means the prosecutor is female or a minority being described by some fawning liberal reporter. Boxers and cage fighters are tough, not prosecutors, who can talk tough all they want without fear of reprisal from the people they prosecute.

"I'm not sure if she's a person with normal human emotions who would have any sympathy for him. "

Yeah. My impression is that prosecutors are a fairly political and competitive position. I doubt she got where she is and lasted this long without cutting a few throats along the way.

BTW, talking to Angela Corey is a VERY, VERY bad idea.

This dude needs a real attorney fast.


"First of all, Zimmerman’s attorneys can’t withdraw from the case, because as of the present, there is no case. Zimmerman has not yet been charged with anything."

Well, but obviously, they were representing him. They can stop representing him even if no charges have been filed.

Why won't comments work on the About Museum post? It's driving me nuts.

Zimmerman might be smarter than you think. If she talked to him when he was represented it could be a problem for the prosecution.

It's this bad--even Fox News' O'reilly refers to the case with blown-up photos of the very young Trayvon Martin. Even on tonight's show, with Laura Ingraham as his guest host, the same photos were shown. O'Reilly's staff has done a poor job on this one; either that, or Big Blusterer Bill is with Obama on this one because as the election nears, he so desperately wants a one-on-one interview with The One.

He should complain about discrimination from "native" Americans - both Blacks and Whites, and lament the fact that it's OK to be marginalized and scapegoated just because of the place where you (or one your parents) were born.

In other words, Zimmerman should just point out the Media's "privilegio geográfico"

Here is a site purportedly put up by Zimmerman his self appealing for donations:


I'm not sure how to verify the legitimacy of the site but I'd be willing to donate if I was certain the money was actually going to Zimmerman.

I agree, he should do an interview on Unavision in Spanish. Because in reality, he is not being accused of murder -- he is being accused of racism.

[HS: Zimmerman doesn't speak Spanish.]

"HS: Zimmerman doesn't speak Spanish."


Zimmerman's own father described him as a "Spanish-speaking minority" in his early statement to the press.

[HS: Well I was under the impression that he didn't speak Spanish, but I'm not sure how I got that impression. There's so much misinformation being tossed around.]

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