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May 15, 2012


Good take on Adam. Been saying he's a beta reading Roissy for some time, but you elaborate more.

Charlie's friend seems like a way more interesting character then Charlie. He seems like a nice enough guy that already figured out girls are retarded.

Great review half.

" and the scene with Adam is based on humiliation fetish porn. "

And you know this, how? [HS: Google.]

It isn't so much that Marnie wants what she can't have, it's that she wants to be treated poorly. Charlies break up rage and subsequent coldness to her turned her on. Once she realized that Charlie was going to stay the same old nice guy he's always been she goes back to being revolted.

You are dead on about Adam. He is beta to the core. Look how rattled he was by Hannah saying she almost slept with her boss. He is just a beta who reads Roissy and is using PUA tactics to emotionally manipulate a very vulnerable young woman.

If anybody wants to see me try to talk to some libtards/feminists about "Girls", you can see that here:


I start on comment 17 as "Robocop". The thread was supposed to be about the TV show "Mad Men" so you will need to scroll past some boring analysis of that show.

You are right about the scenes with Hannah and Rich the old lawyer being unrealistic and there mainly for comic relief. These scenes also show how Hannah is pretty much incapable of functioning in a real-life workplace.

I have a pretty good hunch that Charlie and Ray will be around for quite a bit longer. Along with Adam, they are more interesting and complex characters than any of the actual girls. Lena Dunham seems to write male characters better than female ones despite her own gender. Weird, isn't it?

Lastly, I was quite depressed after watching the episode* because I was thinking that if in real life a super-hott woman like Marnie dumped an average guy like Charlie, she'd have her choice of suitors while the man would never find another woman of remotely equivalent quality. I know realize that this mindset may be an outgrowth of my now almost entirely suburban existence. What happened is that today I was in Manhattan for a relatively brief time, one of my very few visits there in two years, and something dawned on me: hott women, yes even those as hott as Marnie, are a dime a dozen in the city.

* a few shots of 101-proof Wild Turkey brightened my mood considerably. Anyone who says that drowning one's sorrows doesn't work is sorely mistaken.

"The Adam scene confirms my suspicion that Lena Dunham has been getting her ideas from surfing the internet. She has read PUA sites like Roissy,"

Other themes from the show (unpaid internships, overt hipster anti-Asian racism, helicopter parents, etc) seem to have been pulled from you.

If there's an episode dealing with applications to BIGLAW you'll have grounds to sue Lena Dunham for copyright violations. Your lawsuit will go nowhere because she will use her vast social and media connections to smear you. Then you'll drop the case in humiliation and complain about your loss on your blog. And we will all laugh at you. Again.

HBO is airing a repeat of the episode in about 20 minutes. I'm going to watch it and see if I pick up on any nuances I missed the first time.

[HS: Don't you have a DVR?]

"She has read PUA sites like Roissy, and she has also come across fetish porn, and the scene with Adam is based on humiliation fetish porn."

Is this some kind of disorder?

Half Sigma I HIGHLY recommend this review of Girls by a far left publication, The Exiled. I know liberals=bad, but its good once and a while to read other perspectives, not just racist ones.


Ewww. I would have preferred not knowing this.

Is this seriously what all the popular people are watching on TV these days? Are unmarried, urban SWPLs really that self-loathing and demented that this is a show they can relate with?

I think its funny that Adam and Charlie are both carpenters, but Charlie actually makes cool stuff.

I'm not sold that Adam has a humiliation fetish. I think it's a combination of he's fucking with Hannah and he's constantly needing to push the envelope to get off.

Also it's worth pointing out that Dunham could have actually crossed paths with Roissy IRL.

Also, I think Adam hates himself a little bit for fucking a girl as frumpy as Hannah.

"...but either the actor who plays Charlie has a no-nudity clause, or HBO thinks the world isn’t ready for naked penises)."

"(and once again, no shot of the penis)."

Maybe I'm mistaken HS, but I thought you were a White, Jewish, lawyer with neo-con, anti-liberal/SWPL views. I assumed you were not gay, not exactly a ladies man but not gay.

What's the deal? Are you "out"?

I know American media has a heavy female/gay bias, especially a show like "Girls" and I don't see why a heterosexual man would watch this stuff.

Isn't NOT seeing penis in a TV show actually a plus?

"I start on comment 17 as "Robocop". The thread was supposed to be about the TV show "Mad Men" so you will need to scroll past some boring analysis of that show.

Posted by: Otis the Sweaty"

That was actually a funny thread, you really gave it to them. I'm not even sure what you were talking about because I don't watch Girls or MadMen but your comments were amusing.

They don't like you.

I wouldn't be caught dead watching this, so I have no idea whether Adam is an alpha, but I can tell you from personal experience, that powerful men sometimes enjoy being humiliated by women in private. I had to turn down some quality relationships with fascinating, accomplished men back in the day, because I wasn't comfortable with the the extreme abuse they told me they wanted.

Also, there is plenty of sexual harassment in the workplace. I'm no longer in the right age group, but when I was younger, it was the rule, not the exception. Maybe you don't know this because you're not a woman, or the people you've worked with have been nicer than average. And if the women writing this show think sexual harassment is funny, that only goes to show how out of touch they are with real women.

BTW, the entertainment industry is one of the most horrendously toxic environments for women, including underage girls (and boys), so even if the viewers think this is all funny, I'd guess that everyone on this show, from the writers to the actors to the technical people, has had to either be personally involved in sexual abuse, or keep quiet about what they know. I think one problem with the general public is, they don't read the really good gay gossip sites. If they did, they would know how much most people in entertainment have paid to be where they are.

Evidently, John Travolta had to pay so much for fame in Hollywood that it turned him bisexual.

"Also, there is plenty of sexual harassment in the workplace."

My mom, who certainly was not a looker even in her heydey, told me that sexual harrassment was the rule, not the exception when she was starting out in the early/mid 70's. And this was in the government, not the corporate world.

These days I doubt you see any real sexual harrassment in the corporate or gov world but I don't have a hard time believing it exists is small offices like the one on the show. This is doubly true if the victims are prole women like the other two office girls were.

"I wouldn't be caught dead watching this"

You wouldn't be caught dead watching the best show on TV? Doesn't make much sense.

"that powerful men sometimes enjoy being humiliated by women in private."

Which is fucking weird. I never understood the appeal of that. And Adam's bizarre fantasies have nothing to do with him being alpha, they are about him being a both a beta and a weirdo.

"They don't like you."

Indeed. I have been banned from there over 20 times.

This show is pretty boring, too NYC-centric and Jewish. Same thing with Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm (set in LA, but still had the same neurotic Jewish humor).

Now, a slight digression:

There are two strains of humor in American entertainment (for educated white people -- blacks have their own shows, entertainers, as do Hispanics and prole whites):

Jewish humor: Look how dumb (dysfunctional, anarchic -- but not mentally dim) I am, and the crazy situations I get in! Rodney Dangerfield, Woody Allen, Larry David, Lena Dunham...

Anglo humor: Look how dumb you are! Spy Magazine, National Lampoon (back when it was actually funny), PJ O'Rourke...

The first is now dominant, especially among the bien pensant commentariat. Take a look at the whole alternative comedy scene -- SWPLs with BAs in anthropology, working as hipster carpenters or artisan bakers, bashfully re-telling how they lost their virginity after a drunken, late night discussion of Zizek's ontology in the freshman dorm at Swarthmore, to an audience of the same. It's endearingly quirky, awkward...but not terribly funny.

The same attitude is seen in other media -- over the past twenty five years, over-educated, etiolated, neurotics have come to dominate American letters.

It's an instantly recognizable, studied pose, struck by writers Jonathan Safran Foer, Jonathan Franzen, Jeffrey Eugenides and critics like William Deresiewicz. It results in a torrent of books and essays by urban Ivy League neurotics for urban Ivy League neurotics about urban Ivy League neurotics, who are painfully aware of their existence as urban Ivy League neurotics.

At its best, it is a clever, fitting response to current realities, while as its worst (and it often is at its worst) it is sentimentalism and maudlin navel-gazing masquerading as profundity and depth.

The New England Transcendentalists had their communes and German metaphysics, the Lost Generation their Parisian bistros and jazz, the Southern agrarians their moonlight, magnolias, and antebellum nostalgia.

The hysterical realists have their Macbooks, Gawker media, and 700-level courses in critical theory, I suppose.
It's depressing and inescapable. I try not to write like them, and I end up writing like them. Being an educated millenial is fucking depressing (the hysterical realists are Baby Boomers and Gen Xers writing for Gen Xers and millenials).

The show isn't supposed to be Jewish, it is supposed to be SWPL. Jews are heavily involved in the SWPL subculture but there is a lot more (or a lot less) to SWPLism than just some neurotic Jews.

Of the 4 Girls, only the main one is really neurotic. 1 is just a typical airhead and the other two are just boring SWPLs.

If you think the characters are boring, that's the point. They are female SWPLs, in their early 20s, living in Brooklyn: probably the lowest form of human life.

God reading the comments on sigma's blog there are days I feel like men have traited their balls for a vagina. I guess conservatives are more girlscoutish after all.

I hope they aren't trying to humanize Adam or their relationship. I like the character vibe from the beginning of the show when Marnie says "she is having disgusting sex with that animal".

The humiliation sex is a disappointing departure from that but at least he didnt bark at her "that's not what this is about" and give a cocksure "shake my hand". I think you are right in your analysis that this is another example of Hannah putting up with things in her life.

I hope they keep the comedic possibilities of dominate, oblivious Adam around. From first Episode,
Adam: (while rutting)"Dont you even touch yourself without calling me for approval"
Hannah: (hopefully) "you want me to call you?"


BTW, the IMDB page has a listing for
Myra 'Dakota' Bown .... stunt double: Lena Dunham (unknown episodes)

Is she a nudity double or will there be an actual stunt coming?

After rewatching the episode (I have Tivo, but didn't record it the first time), I've come to the conclusion that the very short scene between Ray and Marnie in the coffee shop was among the most meaningful ones despite its brevity. It showed how friendships among men can be deeper and more durable than those among women even though the conventional wisdom has us thinking the opposite. Ray's protectiveness of and loyalty toward Charlie leads him to be angry and even hateful toward Marnie. Again, that flies 100% in the face of conventional wisdom, Marnie's hottness gets her nowhere. She definitely does not get a P*ssy Pass.

From what I've read in _The Happy Hooker_ and elsewhere, bigshot executive and professional types are the sort of men most likely to be into humiliation fetishes. It makes sense. If you spend your days ordering others around and enjoying complete freedom of action, you might be curious about what it would like to be under someone else's boot (literally). Being dominated and humiliated wouldn't seem nearly as appealing to an Adam type with no steady income and dependent on Grandma for financial support.

"BTW, the IMDB page has a listing for
Myra 'Dakota' Bown .... stunt double: Lena Dunham (unknown episodes)
Is she a nudity double or will there be an actual stunt coming?"

As far as I know, body doubles in nude scenes never get screen credits or even official acknowledgement. Movie and television producers want you to think that it's the famous actress who is showing her naughty bits even when it's actually some unknown woman. In any event, there's no doubt that the hooters we saw at the start of episode 4 were Dunham's very own ones.

Still, it's hard to picture what sort of scene in this show would require use of a stunt double. Maybe it's actually a stunt driver? Hannah's driving skills are likely as bad as her work skills, and the filming of any scene involving bad driving almost always requires a professional stunt driver.

Am I the only one who notices Adam's annoying accent? I truly hope that is a manner of speech he is affecting for the role and not his usual way of talking. I don't know why Hannah isn't annoyed by it.

I was also surprised by Jessa's date with her ex-boyfriend. I thought she had her hair up and was wearing the silk bathrobe in front of the bathroom mirror because she was applying makeup and primping. But no, that is how she walked out the door.

The extreme hipsterness of Jessa's ex-boyfriend almost made me fall off my couch. The hat, vest, and facial hair were the perfect storm.

I am fascinated by the fact that so many of Half Sigma's readers watch the show.

Do any ladies comment on this blog? I want a female perspective! I know I could find a female perspective on "Girls" on other websites, but I want to read a review of the show from the type of female who enjoys blogs like this.

I still haven't seen the show, but I enjoy reading comments by white people who watch shows about white people behaving white.

"Do any ladies comment on this blog? I want a female perspective! "

LOL. If you want a female perspective read Salon or Slate- the gals there are inchoate with rage. Its amusing to read HBO's comment board- they cant wrap their head around the fact that something would be broadcast on television that doesn't reenforce their world view.

The jokes are too spot on for the feminists to ignore. Like the discussion from the "Laddies" book.

"Its amusing to read HBO's comment board- they cant wrap their head around the fact that something would be broadcast on television that doesn't reenforce their world view."

It's so true, it is like the universe has been turned on it's head. Durnham is only 24 so I think this is a hopeful sign that the future will belong to more anti feminist/racist writers.

The bad news is that Durnham has been struck by criticism of how racist the show is, and promised to put more worthless NAMs in the next season. Hopefully Arfin will keep her from going too overboard, though.

Matt in RTP: This show is pretty boring, too NYC-centric and Jewish.

Yet you read HalfSigma? Its motto is: New York and Jewish.

One of the funnier things in the show is that the book Hannah is writing is a memoir. As if a 24-year-old who graduated college two years ago has any memoirs worth writing about.


Marnie is not a super hot womyn. Your standards are too low, a sad reflection of the incredibly high cost of obtaining sex for American men.

She has a somewhat attractive face but there is an undeniable masculinity to her appearance and attitude. Her shoulders are broad and manly. And her physique is pudgy, with no muscle tone, as can be said about all the girls on the show. In a year or two she will become jiggly, and following that, just plain fat. With her big boned frame it's inevitable. Girls who don't workout hardly ever stay thin for long. Certainly not in America.

Step foot inside any high school and within 5 minutes you will find 5 girls more attractive than Marnie.

While idiot men spend piles of cash chasing after high maintenance girls in their 20's like Marnie, young, cash-strapped 17 year old boys are taking advantage of gorgeous, fit, thin, hard-bodied, tight, easily-impressed teenage girls.

The funny thing is that girls almost universally become more high maintenance as they age (especially in their 20's and 30's) yet most reach the peak of their attractiveness well before 20.

There's an opportunity here for smart gentlemen.

To Allerious: People like you are... sad.

Those "gorgeous, fit, thin, hard-bodied, tight, easily-impressed teenage girls" think you are a creep. Unless you have money and good-looks, being past 30 is death for a man when it comes to young, attractive, educated girls (I don't know what the white-trash, ghetto-hood types do). I think ephebophiles like you sometimes forget the intense socialization young girls undergo to be repulsed by the likes of you and date their peers only.

I know this because I am a 19 year old girl with lots and lots of 17-22 year old SWPL women friends whose brunch get-togethers consist of making fun of "old creepers" like you.

To half-sigma: I am an Ivy-League college student in NYC who is trying to reconcile my innermost HBD-friendly thoughts (which I have had since long before I found your blog a couple of months ago) with the SWPL beliefs I genuinely believe in and tout in front of my Columbia classmates. I don't see myself giving up my liberalism and my feminism but I do like reading perspectives I am suspicious I always have had.

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