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May 17, 2012


"MMA style punching"

Probably doesn't refer to anything unusual about the actual punching, just punching while holding the target down on the ground (as opposed to punching in boxing where the target is standing up).

I assume MMA punching means he had full mount on Zimmerman

Full mount meaning Trayvon was straddling Zimmerman's upper body and Zimmerman's arms were trapped under Trayvon's legs.

Christ almighty, if George had even the most minimal fighting skills none of this would have happened.

I'm guessing that Zimmerman was covering the top of his head and Martin was mounted punching the side of his face.

Could be a number of things from a mount to hammerfist strikes.


Do people agree that if Fight Club gets in the the case is won?
And if the girl friend testifies I think Fight Club gets introduced to impeach her.

Think of how much better the outcome would have been had George been like the small guy in this video:

Peter, you forget that he was dealing with a nigga who had NO limit. None. What good would "minimal fighting skills" do against such a force?

Well he wasn't high but was definately a regular smoker. That was something I was wondering about.

levels in his blood were 1.5ng per ml of THC

and 7.3/ml of THC derivatives

Oh, and peter. Trayvon struck first, possibly from behind. If a 160lb male hits you on the chin or in the back of the head when you are not expecting it you're doing good if you are still concious. In fact I am kinda impressed by GZs chin, he took some punishment and evidently was not that phased.

The amateur fight club stuff I saw that was attributed to Martin was boxing only. Every fight for pecking order I've heard of or seen between two blacks (as compared to the five on one head kickins we've all seen of some Korean in the wrong neighborhood) was boxing, no takedowns, no "dirty" elements. Too bad Zimmerman didn't know the "upa" because it's pretty easy to get right against someone who's not a skilled ground fighter.

Note: don't learn how to fight. You'll get injured while training and you'll never get to use the shit because the other guy will have weapons/friends.

From skimming through the evidence, I've come to the conclusion that Benjamin Crump is complete vermin. He completely lied about how the Sanford police handled the investigation. They actually did take the time to collect Zimmerman's clothes. It looks like they did start out with a pretty thorough investigation.

What's telling is the information about Martin's cell phone. Benjamin Crump made a huge fuss about how the police didn't even bother to use Martin's cell phone to contact his parents. It turns out that the police were trying to figure out how to bypass Martin's password so that they could get into his phone from day one. Interestingly, when they finally contacted Mr. Martin and asked for the pin, Mr. Martin said that he needed to contact his attorney first before giving them the pin. That's a bit suspicious that the first thing he would think to do is call his lawyers rather than help the police investigate the death of his son.

How long is the media going to let Crump continue to lie and make things up on TV? He's not even a part of this case anymore. All major networks should stop interviewing this clown.

MMA, for the uninitiated, means Mixed Martial Arts, so you can assume that he was punching like a Muay Thai kick boxer would (check some Youtube videos to see what this is), which is the fighting style that comes most quickly to mind when someone says the acronym 'MMA' to me, at least .
That is, Trayvon would have been delivering hook like punches to Zimmerman's head while he was on the ground trying to protect himself, probably by placing his arms up in front of his head.

This is the sort of thing you would expect from a kid who's fighting experience mostly comprised of play fighting with other School mates during lunchtime.

From what I can see, this Zimmerman guy was a good guy who was trying to protect his community. It is outrageous how black people get so enraged at a citizen protecting a neighborhood, yet ignore thousands dying from gang warfare.

This attitude seems confined to blacks. I don't see Mestizos, Whites or Asians being so protective of their thugs.


This what I've said all along. Crump is a total joke. I think the biggest mistake made in this whole thing was turning into a racial media circus. It has backfired big time bcause we all now see this young man was not the sweet and innocent he was portrayed to be. We now see that George is not the aggressive racist he was portrayed to be.

The things people will do for money, which is what this case was all about from the word "go". I say the parents of Tray need to accept whatever plea deal George is given so what's left of Tray's memory and reputation can remian intact. If this makes it to trial, more skeletons will keep coming out of the closet.

I am pretty sure by MMA style he meant ground and pound, an MMA tactic.

The NYT is reporting that Travons father told police that it was not his son's voice screaming.

I think Zimmerman will be found not guilty. Even so, all security guards should be extra careful. This is a case in which the trial is the punishment.

I think it is interesting that the height and weight of Martin and Zimmerman have been all over the map. Martin's parents supposedly told the police that he was 6'3'' and at most 150 lbs. The police estimate the night of the shooting was 6'0'' and 160 lbs. The autopsy has Martin at 5'11'' 158 lbs. How could the parents possibly have thought that Martin was four inches taller than he actually was? An inch here or there may make sense, but four inches is ridiculously off. And it isn't as though the parents had an incentive to make it seem that he was taller than he actually was. Quite to the contrary, the shorter he was, the more innocent Martin would seem.

Zimmerman has generally been described as being around 5'8'' or 5'9'', but his weight has been all over the map, from 180 lbs to 250lbs. His booking report lists him at 185 lbs, which is probably a good estimate. He does look to have lost a few lbs since the shooting, however.

I guess in an era when the average person is ridiculously fat, we have lost our ability to estimate height and weight accurately.

ComradeV, you don't punch people while they are on the ground in Muay Thai

Whitey Whiteman III, you're right of course, but most MMA gyms have a very strong grounding in it when teaching strike moves.
It's probably the sort of style (of fighting) that an apparently up and coming bruiser like Trayvon Martin would have associated with (I have no proof for this, though.)
For most of the proles in the area where I live, Muay thai is generally the style that they train in.

There is an interesting point about Trayvon Martin's assault on George Zimmerman that has been overlooked. A witness stated that he saw Martin hitting Zimmerman with Mixed Martial Arts style punches. This statement is important because Mixed Martial Arts style punches involve hitting with the heel of the palm or the side of the hand, rather than the knuckles of the fist.

Such striking techniques would explain the lack of extensive bruising of Trayvon's fists, although there was some bruising on his fists. But more to the point, it is much easier to slam someone's head against the sidewalk using an alternate repeated pushing and striking motion of right and left hands while striking with the heel of the palms against Zimmerman's face. This would look like a rapid, alternate pushing motion of the right and left arms as they strike Zimmerman and slam his face into the concrete. This action would be much faster, easier and more powerful than striking with the fists. No wonder Zimmerman feared for his life.

Now the question is where did an innocent, poor, little dear darling boy like Trayvon learn to street fight like that?

Theme of first Obama term: Hope and Change; theme for second: This Is For Trayvon.

Tee-shirt design for Prez Campaign 2012: Headshot of Trayvon next to headshot of Obama, each under a hoodie. Caption below: Father & Son.

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