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May 21, 2012


Well, okay. I hope the defense can get it into evidence.

On a different and hopefully less contentious note, the essential problem with Hannah's hooters is not that they are relatively small. Indeed, while they're not my taste (taste, heh), smaller hooters can be quite attractive. You often see that with Asian women.

Hannah's hooters are unattractive because they are oddly shaped. As is best seen when she's lying down, each hooter had a strange conical shape that is not at all pleasing to the eye.

In contrast, Hannah's mom - played by an actress who is 59 years old - has the classic "teardrop" shape.

I think the relevance is that if the lighter gets admitted (and how could it not) the idea that TM was some innocent little kid is exploded. If there were planning on using innocent little jello pudding commercial black kid vs hulking vigilante in the closing argument that's out the window.

The lighter isn't sufficient evidence that Martin was smoking a joint that night. The THC might be, but from my understanding, the science isn't that good on measuring THC levels in the blood, and time since last used.

This case is shaping up like Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, Jena 6, etc. Another failed attempt by the MSM to fit the Narrative square peg into the Fact round hole. But the MSM are like the Bourbons - they learn nothing and they forget nothing.

Actually, the homeowners and their association have more to fear from marijuana users on their grounds than you wrote: someone like TM might give the Florida police justification to seize and confiscate ("civilly forfeit") the homeowners' individual or collective property.

The police might say that one or more homeowners aided or abetted marijuana possession by permitting a marijuana user on their property, or if some marijuana user dropped a seed while rolling a joint or packing a pipe, and that seen sprouted and the seedling were to be spotted by the police, all the assets of the property owner might be seized, or if a marijuana user (say, while scared or stoned and careless) dropped any amount of marijuana or drugs, no matter how tiny in a boat (even on a trailer) or car (e.g., pickup-truck bed) the vessel might be seized and forfeited.

Eh, marijuana should be legalized, even though I never smoked it much and last did decades ago.

The only relevance is that Zimmerman wasn't bsing when he said Trayvon looked like he was on drugs as a reason to suspect him. If on coke or crack that could well lead to disinhibition to commit burglary.

Amazing. This case is so clear-cut, there's just no room for any quibbling (it could be different, of course, but thankfully it isn't).

When this is over, how will they explain even charging Zimmerman? They've caused and continue to cause this guy an awful lot of trouble, and over what? It was clear from the very beginning there's nothing there. So, it's OK to basically destroy an obviously innocent guy in order to placate the goddamn n-words? Is that it? If Dershovitz says charges should be dropped, and never brought up to begin with, and Dersh is a liberal to the back teeth, how will this prosecutor explain her actions?

"the idea that TM was some innocent little kid is exploded."

IMHO that's exactly what is not relevant, except to the Narrative. But it looks like we're trying to show a reasonable suspicion on Zimmerman's part, when he's not a cop and it wasn't an arrest.

"Eh, marijuana should be legalized,"

No way. It is an easy to prove crime that gets stupid criminals off the streets while they are young, and most dangerous.

not too late is correct. You have to be a blithering idiot to risk going to jail for an intoxicant, when there are perfectly legal intoxicants that are ubiquitous and cheaper (i.e. alcohol). Hell, if people use their intoxicants at their own home, like most white potheads, they're usually fine. Marijuana provides a safety switch as well as population control.

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