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June 18, 2012


Romney will not reverse this order, so who cares?

If blacks weren't such fucking children, they'd turn against Obama for this. He could have done something to help them, like decriminalizing weed, but instead he helps millions of mexican immigrants who are in direct competition with blacks for welfare money and manual labor jobs.

The US constitution (Article 2, Section 3) says that the president shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. What does this mean in practice? Not much, really. Presidents have been ignoring laws and court decisions back to the time of Lincoln and Jackson. Nowadays, presidents do pretty much whatever they want. Who's going to stop them?

i'm for heavy enforcement against illegal immigration and reducing the quota for the legal variety. and yet... the moral case for someone who's only known this country is compelling. add to that the pragmatic case of having invested in those young people's education (however unwittingly and due to their parents' fraud), should we be so complacent with deporting this human capital?

to be sure, the ideal policy would be politically impossible: judging on a case-by-case basis. deport the low IQ dregs, keep the more promising.

this won't happen though. tragically, it'll be all or none. the promising will be sacrificed or we'll have to take the bad with the good. here i'm ambivalent.

but can we at least agree that military veterans be off-limits to ICE deportation? jesus...

The hispanics (and all coloreds) will eventually outbreed your old parents, you, me and all your readers.

Their 500 cousins here, will be grateful for ANOTHER freebie from a socialist liberal Democrat pres - and will vote accordingly.

So, Maobama cares NOT for what we think, are or do.

The Democrats view Hispanics as the Great Mocca Hope. Dems can almost taste Texas' 38 electoral votes as the explosive growth of Texas' Hispanic population approaches a tilting point that will turn the reddest state blue. In the meantime, Democrats must continue to coddle and flatter their future meal ticket: "They are Americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper." "It’s the right thing to do."

By "on paper," Obama meant "according to the law," an ignorable technicality.


Obama's not giving them American citizenship, or even putting them on a path to citizenship, he's just continuing the policy of deporting a certain subset illegal aliens who were brought here as children and for whom deportation would mean being sent to a country foreign to them.

This concept is monumentally different than deporting a person who illegally crossed the border last year.

If Romney had the same attitude he had in the primaries, he could have easily capitalized on this issue.

According to a memorandum from the Department of Homeland Security, immigrants may apply for a two-year renewable grant of “deferred action” if they entered the United States before age 16; are 30 or younger; have lived continuously in the United States for at least five years; have not been convicted of a felony or significant misdemeanor; and are currently in school, have graduated from high school or earned a GED, or served in the military. Although not granted lawful immigration status, recipients will be able to obtain work permits under existing regulations.

Now Obama and the Dept of Injustice have to make sure that the illegals do not need to show photo ID to vote. Also deploy the Balck Panthers to intimidate potential voters (like your old white parents). This administration despises ALL forms of ID. He is still disturbed that his daddy was deported.

"and they are the kind of people who were traditionally Democrats but who will vote for Romney in November."

Except that they're also afraid Romney's going to cut their medicare benefits.

If any of you 'think' Obomeny is gonna do any different - or ANY swpl pol in the next 30 years - you're dreaming.

Simply dreaming...

I think the tougher Romeny is on illegal immigration, and even legal immigration what with the sky high unemployment we have, the better his chances in the election. He’ll win over a lot more white Reagan blue collar democrats than he’ll lose more Hispanics. Not all legal Hispanics are for winking at illegal immigration either. It’s often more direct competition for them for jobs, and depresses their wages.

It’s called the Sailer Strategy.

To those arguing that its somehow unacceptably inhumane to send these young adults back to Mexico/Central America since they grew up in the US and thus are culturally American and Mex/CentAmer is foreign to them: their g-d parents by choice left their cultural homelands at roughly the same age so it can't be that damn difficult a transition.

If Romney wins the election and doesn't remove executive order, will you give me a cookie?

And If Romney Wins the election and increases the number of executive orders he makes relative to Obama, will you give me two cookies?

I don't understand how any of these dream act kids can actually qualify. How in the world can an illegal alien enlist in the military? Either fraudulent or stolen ID. Same for any of these kids who've held a legit job. They had to have a social security number, so if they worked they've used a stolen one.

So everyone of them has committed at least one crime to stay here and work. Imagine how the political culture of our country will change as an entire generation thinks the law is something to be gotten around, rather than respected.

Non-white Hispanics are too genetically stupid to assimilate.

They're going to be a another permanent underclass that's racially hostile to more productive white Americans.

Again, low IQ legal immigrants (40% of adult legal immigrants don't have high school diplomas) are failed human capital assets and they ought to be offered citizenship buyouts of $100,000 per family member to "pull a Saverin" and leave the US for good.

There may be some immigration myths in effect. I don't have links here, but look into actual immigration patterns vs. presidents. You will see that illegal immigration goes down under Democratic presidents and up under Republicans. Recently I read the flux of people between the US and Mexico reached zero. Meaning there are just as many people moving to Mexico from the US as there are from Mexico to the US.

Many Republicans (farm, construction, factory owners) want the cheap labor. Democrats and unions want better wages for workers. Politicians play a game of saying one thing and doing another. Thanks to David Brin for bringing this situation to my attention.

Oh contraire, I think Romney would/will reverse Obama's immigration amnesty for failed DREAM Act category ex children.

Even though I don't liked unskilled immigration, and I think illegal immigration should be stopped cold, I would support a stringent version of the DREAM Act.

My main problem is that all the DREAM Act advocates act like it would just legalize people with say, an IQ of at least 1 SD above the mean, high conscientiousness, and based on the pro-DREAM Act commercials, mostly pretty good looks.

But my guess is that for every "Leticia" (see link for pro-DREAM Act ad below, in first 20 sec) there will be at least 10 burger-flippers, leaf blowers, lettuce pickers, etc.

In any case, I have a hard time supporting the current version(s) of the DREAM Act, even though I would support a version that actually would do what its advocates say it would.


I'm not sure why all these hopes for Romney: he refused to state that he'll remove this executive order if elected. He basically, hedged via prolonged bullshit about how he'll put in place an extended, long-term solution. But, remember, there is no problem (only a need to enforce laws). Anyone who keeps babbling about "solving problems" where there aren't any problems, is up to no good. GOP is full of it in their own way, and that is what makes these elections so unpredictable.

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