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June 27, 2012


I've done this before, but not right at the Columbus Circle subway entrance. In my case we were under scaffolding, kind of in the dark, on 4th Avenue.

that is a great picture

PDA is generally pretty beta, unless it's the hand on ass variety.
verdict: ALPHA

Careful NYC!

Half Sigma is armed with a camera and a blog.

Now THIS is creepy picture taking.

beta is easy to define, now what is alpha? dumb proles no need to tell.

Was this in times sq? It was indeed racy back then. This is tame.

"Now THIS is creepy picture taking."

only if he had one hand on the camera.

For a second I thought that was a staged professional photo.


Livin' the dream, NYC style!

I'm sure that once they unlock lips and start talking, they're both intolerable.

That guy doesn't look hot at all.

Good pic. Their contracted tendons on the back of their hands show severe hungering for each other. Poor sex starved New Yorkers.

I like the moral symbolism of the dark descent that awaits the oblivious lovers on the flashy surface: 21st century Manhattan meets late 19th century Scandinavia or Britain. Also, it's a temptress in a little black dress sucking face with a bespectacled, backpack-wearing geek. This is quite a catch.

So HS, when are you going to comment on this week's Wall Street Journal article about how few of the recent law school grads are actually lawyers? The latest stats vindicate your contention that it's Big 14 or bust.


"Public" in PDA implies doing it in front of people from your own circle of acquaintances. That's beta. Doing it by the subway entrance (without anyone caring) is not PDA, at least not for my standards.

The man´s a herb, in roissyspeak.

Almost a sweet old fashioned picture.

Its the grown man carrying a back pack that makes it pathetic.

[HS: The backpack thing is pretty common in NYC. I personally prefer man-purses.]

But I thought that white women hate, hate, hated white men?

In a world of tubby tards, schlock and degeneracy, I'm fine with that image. Grab that ass buddy!

Nice photo HS.

lol I love this. Half Sigma is the new Diane Arbus!

Anyway, are these tourists? When someone is not fat or dressed like they just grabbed whatever was on the clearance rack at Wal Mart, are there tell-tale physical signs to separate the clueless rube from the hard-bitten , street-savvy native?

And I that looks like the newer type of graffiti-resistant metal coating on the walls. That stuff is extremely expensive.

How would you all react if the man featured in the photo was black? That would be a lot more interesting for a discussion.

""they chose to do this in front of the main entrance to the seventh-busiest subway station in New York City."""

Shocking, how SATS really ruined it for you Noo Yawkas.

Five years cancelled, yet still, influential.
Do those Magnificent Subways
still smell like

I don't care if people think it's alpha, beta, or gamma. They seem to be a nice looking couple.

It's a good photo, I would have been embarrassed taking it.

Should the couple be embarrassed? I've got this small town mentality that in big cities people see things stranger and more interesting than you every day - so do what you want, because nobody will pay too much notice.

[HS: I've seen stranger stuff than a normal-looking heterosexual couple making out.]

"Their contracted tendons on the back of their hands show severe hungering for each other."

or age.

Did they notice you taking it? Have you ever been confronted for taking street photographs? Do you see other people taking street photographs?

"Should the couple be embarrassed? "

I've framed it as guy is leaving on an extended trip (hence the bloated backpack). In that context its perfectly fine for her to cling to him before he descends into the bowels of the earth to be whisked away from her for the next 6 months.

Its Casablanca-esque...

Weird thing is, I recently briefly witnessed a homeless guy getting fellated on by another homless lady right in public in full view. Both parties looked mentally unstable and possible drug addicts. I just walked passed and minded my business while patrons from a nearby restaurant gawked and cheered. I think proles and low iq folks have a tendency to allow their curiosity to get the best of them. They tend to stick around crime scenes and gawk and created their own mini scenes. I mind my business and get the hell away.

A low IQ and/or prole would likely ruin the moment by saying, "Ohhhhhhhh!" loudly in front of the kissing 'couple'. or make some other stupid offhand comment. they always be gettin' in other peeps biz when they shouldn't, but don't get in other peeps biz when they should (ie. no snitchin)

The 7th busiest subway entrance in the city and no one else around?

I DO think this was a staged photo--maybe for an ad in GQ or Vogue.

I want to learn Herbgame. Seems like a more natural evolution from omegatude than trying to act alpha.

Note that even Roissy doesn't understand how Herbgame works: "Oddly enough, a nontrivial number of herbs manage to score cute girlfriends. Scientists are baffled."


"So HS, when are you going to comment on this week's Wall Street Journal article about how few of the recent law school grads are actually lawyers?"

Yes, and when are you getting back to the college scam in general, not just lawschool?

Obama can be voted out, but the colleges (specifically the libart departments) are free to wreak regulatory terror on the country without having to face the voters like Obama does. Something needs to be done to defund the universities.

Again, please post about:

1) British style 60 credit bachelor degrees with gened free course paths.

2) Requiring liberal arts classes be taught online.

"The man´s a herb, in roissyspeak.

Posted by: sigmatist | June 28, 2012 at 07:49 AM"


Very CREEPY... I LIKE IT! Nice shot.

"Requiring liberal arts classes be taught online".

Just grab a few history, literature and philosophy books from the library and you're ripe for a self taught liberal arts education that is priceless. No professors needed. Better yet, go to Barnes & Noble and grab a latte while you're at it.

Liberal arts education is a waste of money. Law school treads the same path. Becoming a lawyer is easy, becoming a good attorney is another thing altogether. This being said, we don't need more lawyers.

Now that our finances are in shambles, there are a lot of things in life which you can DIY (do it yourself) if you want to save money.

Nice picture, seems you blog a lot about other people's personal relationships, wonder if you'll ever write your own personal experiences with that here.

This is a professional level picture HS.

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