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June 19, 2012


That's good news. I just learned today that Rubio has a published memoir. The last thing we need is to put another pol in the White House who published a memoir before accomplishing enough to warrant writing one.

Good news.

Rand Paul should be Romney's pick for optimal election results. Half Sigma and other Paul haters will be voting for Romney anyway, and the only way to get the libertarian vote is to put someone from the Paul family on the ticket.

Now, that white candidates are 3rd Class citizens compared to the Great Black
or Hilary

The search for Ethnic Bingo Winners on the ticket will continue unabated.

Must pander to coloreds: they're the MAJORITY now, right?

I thought the libertarians all lashed out at Ron Paul for endorsing Romney? Would they vote for Rand on Romney's ticket?

Good riddance to Rubio. I like Rob Portman (he used to be my congressman in Ohio), but he gets an F- on immigration from Numbers USA.

Rob Portman is a dull and uncharismatic fiscal conservative, just like Mitt Romney. But Portman comes from the crucial swing state of Ohio, and his political operation is credited by some for putting Romney over the top in that state’s hard-fought Super Tuesday primary against Rick Santorum. In other words he will not bring a lot of attention or create, most importantly, unwanted attention like VP Bitme. Romney should wait as long as possible to see if Obama actually stays with Biden or dumps him for Hilary.

As the entire West Virgina Democrat edges further away from the Obama/Pelosi Democratic Party, I think we are getting closer and closer to a Joe Manchin as VP scenario.

Manchin is planning on not attending the convention in North Carolina, which is maybe 2 hours away.


I think we are very close to a Zell Miller moment.

It does NOT matter what "VP" candidate is chosen.

They are powerless figureheads since the changing of the Constitution.

For a while, the VP was groomed to be the next Party Presidential nominee - no more.

Cheney and Biden aren't.
Nor was Bushie and Obamao a VP first before being President.

Strictly chinmusic for pundits.

Rubio is not the pick because Chris Christie is:



"I previously wrote ... Romney has listened"

LOL. Your shtick is becoming tiresome.

I just heard Rubio speak for the first time last night. Wow, he's got the nimblest tongue this side of Jon Stewart. No wonder Romney won't pick him.

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