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June 13, 2012


Patrick has refused to reconsider his position on the case despite evidence to the contrary. For whatever reason maybe ideology, ego, or emotional investment, he (like others) has disregarded anything that casts doubt on the official party line. He's committed to seeing Zimmerman destroyed. It's sickening.

The "Zimmerman is the worst person in the world" line you keep sarcastically pushing is a big time strawman.

And then the out-of-left-field Bill Clinton perjury tie-in?

*shakes head*

You really don't have to get this random in your defense of Zimmerman.

I think Zimmerman is guilty of something below 2nd degree murder and should spend a few years in jail, but I do acknowledge that he has a decent chance of beating this because the evidence is not open and shut against him.

But strawmanning this case is not the way for you to win hearts and minds of your readers(which is what I think you're trying to do, since you're not on the jury or defense team, adn you'll have zero effect on the broader public opinion of this case, unlike a mainstream commentator *could*).

Your efforts would be much stronger if you stopped trying to vilify the people who support the Martin family here and focus your attention on the case itself.

Sigma, your first line is incorrect in a couple ways. I'm not a defender of Zimmerman, nor am I necessarily defending Trayvon Martin in my critique of your Zimmerman hagiography, as I believe you probably meant to say.

Most definitely the State is putting the screws to this hapless family. The State likes a target that cannot fights back . Here in Florida, Bank lawyers file false affidavits every day of the week in every case. There are cases before the Supreme Court because the Banks do not want to "verify" swear to the truthfulness of their documents. In return for their lies they get to get judgments for homes. Not one single prosecution has been brought. Not one single bar disciplinary action has occurred. But thousands upon thousands of false affidavit clutter our court files.
If you got money, the law won't touch you.

Scipio Africanus,

Unless you have proof that Zimmerman initiated the fight with Trayvon, then Zimmerman is only guilty of defending himself. And I'd hate to see that criminalized.

I am not convinced of perjury. Where is the lie? The AP story said, "Shellie Zimmerman was asked about the website at the hearing, but she said she didn't know how much money had been raised."

The prosecutor knew about the web site, and the fund raising. If she thought that was relevant, then she should have asked exactly how much was raised.

Also, Alan Dershowitz says that the prosecutor lied.

In case none of you notice - we REALLY DO LIVE in a dictatorship where BLACK criminals are coddled.

ALL blacks are.
If they break into your house in the dark and stub their toe

Eric Holder WILL sue you for creating a Hostile Work Environment.

It's not funny any more. Not one f'ing bit.
nor, are the captchas...

"But strawmanning this case is not the way for you to win hearts and minds of your readers...and you'll have zero effect on the broader public opinion of this case, unlike a mainstream commentator *could*)." - Scipio Africanus

On the contrary bloggers have revealed more about this case than the MSM. Like adorable little Trayvon in reality being NO LIMIT NIGGA.

"Your efforts would be much stronger if you stopped trying to vilify the people who support the Martin family here and focus your attention on the case itself." - Scipio Africanus

You're just saying that because you're black and therefore identify with the family and maybe even with "the struggle". The broader issues raised in the case are important for discussion.

Half Sigma,
it is funny, the same liberal streeterville residents that are calling for Zimmerman to be convicted are lamenting and kvetching about the spate of violent attacks on beta males in Streeterville. Most recently an asian doctor was beat down. It just doesn't occur to them that if only there was concealed carry for doctors in streeterville the attacks would come to an end.

Agreed. My main reason for supporting Zimmerman is that I was disgusted by the way that Ben Crump et al. blew this up into some major race issue. I also believe that with the facts presented thus far, Zimmerman cannot be rightfully convicted of second degree murder or even negligent homicide.

However, Zimmerman is definitely not a person I respect. From looking at his Myspace page, I'm inclined to think that Zimmerman is about as much of a thug as Trayvon Martin. I could tell from Mrs. Zimmerman's testimony that she has no class. Rather than remaining eloquent and composed, she seemed to have an attitude problem, which comes across in her mugshot photo. I was taken aback by her snippy statement that anyone who threatens her husband is threatening her. I couldn't imagine any of the women in my life saying something so catty in a public forum.

I support the truth in this matter, but agree that Zimmerman is probably deserving of most of the misfortune that has fallen upon him.

WHY does this STILL surprise all of you enough to warrant posting?

DID YOU ALL FORGET about The Duke Rape Case?

Apparently so.
Guess what: if ya don't do anything about it.
IT GETS worse.

Why can the gov't subpoena people and demand to know how much money they have?

Just because her husband is accused of a crime, why does that mean she has to answer questions that really aren't relative to any events related to the shooting? Collecting that money occurred after the arrest which was long after the shooting. So how is it they can demand to know anything?

You-all really don't get it.


The ONLY REASON to indict Zimmerman's wife IS TO PRESSURE ZIMMERMAN TO TAKE A DEAL AND PLEAD GUILTY, in exchange for the prosecutor dropping the bogus perjury charge.

Proles or dumb people like to get pregancy young and continue their short life expectancy life style.

Some idiots on this blog are all about knocking up young women. They do not have ability for delayed gratification.

Now Rushton win another point with his idea.


Delayed fatherhood is true winner. Some idiots just do not get it.

"Unless you have proof that Zimmerman initiated the fight with Trayvon, then Zimmerman is only guilty of defending himself. And I'd hate to see that criminalized."

I don't "have" proof of anything because I'm not one of Angela Corey's prosecutors. And I acknowledged that the case against Zimmerman, as reported, is shaky and very well may not hold up, even though I think he's guilty, just based off of what I've received about the case through the media and using logic.

But that wasn't my point. My point was that Half Sigma should stick closely to discussing the case, not pulling in random points about Bill Clinton in the 90's. When he goes random, reasonable-minded people will tend to dismiss his words and opinions on this more and more.

"It’s ironic that the same liberals who are out to get Shellie Zimmerman for her perjury didn’t care that Bill Clinton committed perjury."

That isn't irony. The concept you're grasping for is *hypocrisy*. But you're again relying on straw men arguments of the phantom liberals of your imagination.

To indulge your nonsense for a moment, Clinton should have told the truth that he had a mistress and been done with it. But for the purpose of keeping his office, the Senate didn't think that his lying about his mistress under oath constituted a high crime. Many liberals thought he was stupid to commit perjury and few had a problem with him losing his law license or being suspending from the bar because of it. I don't expect Zimmerman's attorney to whine about a fictitious liberal double standard while defending his moron client's idiot wife, but thanks for the irrelevant political tangent.

Returning to the issue at hand, your argument is that because (some) prosecutors have been lax in perusing perjury charges in the past, they should therefore ignore the obvious perjury of Mrs. Zimmerman -- to maintain a bad status quo --because it will benefit a guy you support.

If you object to "deification," then perhaps it is more accurate to say you're making a martyr-saint of Zimmerman when he doesn't deserve it, particularly with your persistent and laughable Hitler comparison, again a product of the phantom liberals of your mind.

Zimmerman isn't likely to be convicted of second degree murder, but I'm fairly certain he will be found guilty of manslaughter, and that the current evidence supports that conviction.

Do you consider Republican Governor Rick Scott of Florida to be among the liberal elites out to get Zimmerman, because ordering a public review of a controversial law which Zimmerman may cite in his defense sure doesn't help his case.

Part of the reason perjury charges aren't often pursued is that to secure a conviction, at least two people have to testify against the accused. That shouldn't be hard to find in the case of Zimmerman's laughably transparent lie and too-clever-by-half transfers under the statutory reporting threshold, which could subject her to federal investigation as well.

You're staking your reputation on a couple of lowlifes on account that one of them killed another lowlife with whom you have a racial bone to pick. It's not going to end well for them or you.

OT Siggie, but if you want to donate to a fund for the treatment of your fellow Stuyvesant alumnus (the one who had his face bitten off), now you can: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/donate-miami-cannibal-victim-ronald-poppo-recovery-fund-200840260.html

This morning the Bay Area radio station that carries Limbaugh, the news reader said that Shellie had been charged with perjury because she said the Zimmermans "had limited funds with which to post bail." If that's what she said, that's a literal truth.

Again, the Conservative Tree House blog has been all over the case.

The hypocrisy of Corey is incredible, but after her ham-handed attempt to bully Dershowitz, of all people, it is not surprising.

While she is charging Shellie Z. for not stating the whole truth, she herself is two for two in leaving out the whole truth in the charging affidavits. First with George, now with Shellie. I sincerely hope the Zimmerman's are able to nail her for prosecutorial misconduct, and the State of Florida for 7 figures before this is all said and done.


That's the first I've heard anyone claim Zimmerman was being deified. On the other hand, I think St Trayvon is being held up as a martyr.

First Africanus in around about way trying to lead me to be believe he is black. I beleive he probably more along the lines of some white ACLU wannabe. Just read the subpeona if you want to hear lies and misleading statements. Oh by the way, ACLU is looking into the Texas man who beat to death an illigal mexican raping his little four year girl behind a barn. What we need is a NAAWP and Congressional White caucus to help get this country back on the right track. Oh how that sounds soooo racist when replacing the word black with white. Well I must get back to watching Al Sharlatan on MSNBC. I don't have a color TV, but it doesn't matter with all the old crap he is always showing about the civil rights struggle.

By the way, it's funny that you put my username in scare quotes, when you haven't done this for at least the last few dozen posts when you've quoted other commenters, including MachoManMadness, Peter, and Aviator.

Maybe it's just an oversight, but I think it shows your disdain and lack of objectivity.

Your support for Zimmerman is almost entirely based on spite at this point, because it sure as hell isn't based on the rule of law or even reason for that matter.

You are reflexively and spitefully sticking your neck out for a guy that shot a kid simply because you perceive liberals -- particularly the phantom liberals that inhabit your imagination -- to have reflexively condemned him. Pretty dumb, Half Sigma.

It just goes to show that raw intelligence is worth almost nothing when you have little emotional control and/or untreated psychological damage.

There only needs to be one question ever asked in the Trayvon/Zimmerman saga,"IS IT LEGAL?"

Following a kid, disobeying a dispatcher, and speaking to a kid is perfectly legal. Attacking someone who confronts you is NOT legal shooting said attacker is legal done, over, fuck you.

As for Cory going after Shellie it is a cheap political trick that will see her the way of Nifong(of Duke Lax Rape fame.) at least if there is any justice.

OT, but posted here again for emphasis:

You know what would be a good way to wreck the liberal social engineers and get the process started on reversing non-white immigration?

How about defunding the liberal arts departments by letting undergrads study under a British/Australian style curriculum that has no gened requirements and lets students get an undergrad degree with 60-80 credits.

Most liberal arts teachers teach gened classes rather than liberal arts majors because few students major in the liberal arts but nearly all freshmen and sophmore undergrads need to take gened classes. If those students could get a bachelor's in only 2-3 years with 60-80 credits (instead of the current 120 credits) they would save two to three years in tuition dollars and the liberal arts teachers would be out of their jobs.

Also government mandated price controls on college tuition will help cutoff the flow of $$$ going to less profitable liberal arts departments.

The other bureocratic institutions of liberalism, the news media and public sector unions are being driven out of business by tablets and the internet and by Scott Walker like public union reforms.

If American liberal arts departments were wiped out through budgetary measures, we could have an conservative renaissance in this country going.

Using the tuition crisis to sneak in anti-liberal arts legislation through the Trojan horse of "College affordability for the middle class" would be a great way to cripple the left, which benefits from having so many of their bureaucratic mechanisms hidden away in sectors of the governmental apparatus/Cathedral that can't be held accountable for their disastrous policy positions.

Getting on the "College Affordability" bandwagon would certainly be more productive than stalking "Out of Sight" Wealthy families at night, Sigma...

In a nutshell, GZ had no obligation to be beaten to death. Absolutely nothing he did prior to the beating requires him to be beaten to death by TM. He could not retreat since TM was on top of him and so took the only rational measure he could take.

TM's handle of "Whole Lotta N...", TM's THC levels, TM's suspension and fight club activities are peripheral issues.

It is amazing in arguing with people, how little they know of the case. I have a brother who was not aware of the Twitter name, or GZ's broken nose and scalp lacerations. After the original hoax went out in March, many people stopped listening to contradictory evidence and solidified the St. Trayvon myth. If the rule of law holds and GZ is properly vindicated of all charges there will be many confused people.

"You are reflexively and spitefully sticking your neck out for a guy that shot a kid"

I stopped reading right there. If you think a 17 year old that is 6'1 and played high school football is a kid then you are mistaken. He wasn't an angelic 13 year old like the pictures you see of him on CNN. Trayvon was able to mount a full grown man. George Zimmerman may be a prole but he is not a skinny nerd so mounting him would take considerable strength. This is why it has become impossible to discuss Trayvon Martin with liberals. They are so dedicated to the narrative that they willfully ignore any facts that contradict it.

Track 4 @8:22, clearly she knew exactly how much money they had. Listening to all of the audio you can see that they also actively involved in moving money so that is hidden ("move $10 (code for 10k) to your account and $10 to Suzi's twice a day").

We all know that $10k is the limit at which you have to start filing federal banking documents.


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