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July 03, 2012


I suppose cheap labor comes at a cost.

A commentator over at Marginal Revolution made a point that I've seen made before, but its a good point nonetheless.

If you are hiring a service type person, you want the compensation to be under the table and you don't want to be bothered with complying with all sorts of employment law regulations. If you hire someone who is in this country illegally, you can do that. If you hire an American citizen (or even a a legal resident), you can't, its too much of a risk even if they are willing to be paid under the table! So these jobs go exclusively to illegal immigrants, whites and also blacks can forget about even applying.

And areas which have lots of these sorts of service jobs steadily become more Hispanic or Latino.

Immigration is one area where the rich have really screwed everyone else over. Not only is mass unskilled immigration an obvious disaster, but even skilled immigration has been perverted (largely through the H1B system) into yet another way to bring in submissive, compliant workers.

On a somewhat related note, pretty much all the liberal initiatives to improve the workplace have made it worse. I think many on the left (at one time) hoped that more women and minorities in the workplace would make it a more open, friendly, laid back place. They also believed that making it easy to sue employers would protect workers. Naturally, the opposite has happened. Diversity-ism and feminism have made the workplace more closed. Easy lawsuits have resulted in all kinds of silly, and often paranoid rules to protect employers from lawsuits.

In any case, the American workplace sucks. The mixture of mass competition from submissive, compliant immigrants, poorly thought out liberal initiatives, and the still very socially conservative (vs. say, Canada or Europe) outlook of American employers have created quite the toxic mix.

these open borders, market uber alles libertardians need to be hammered on their willful stupidity as relentlessly as their biocreationist leftie brethren. don't let up on the verbal beatings until they're too ashamed to mouth their platitudes in public.

I was in East Hampton two weekends and our cab driver, a long time year round resident, was complaining about exactly this issue and all the hidden costs it imposes on the community.

It seems to me that massive immigration has put downward pressure on the wages of the unskilled. Gardening crews with a non-Hispanic member are unheard of in the NY area. However, I have friends who grew up in vacation communities and working for a landscaping company was a pretty common job for a white person. I think that is less and less the case.

If only the byline had been Catherine Rampell, HS would've had his Best Day Ever.

Another elite byline I saw in NYT lately is Karla Zabludovsky, who is likely heir in some way to the US educated, legendary Mexican anchorman Jacobo Zabludovsky.

She contributed to a really mediocre article a few weeks ago about Mexico's crime problem which only dwelled on the drug aspect of it and ignored its morphing into an extortion racket. But she has the right pedigree!

Good, the Hamptons is full of bourgeoise NIMBY white leftists, if there's one group of people I'd like to see terrorized by illegals, it's them.

The existence of rich people didn't hurt the middle class when middle class kids were trimming the rich people's hedges. The current set-up leads to the worst of both worlds: American teens who don't develop a work ethic and thus make lousy baristas when they graduate college, and children of those immigrant landscapers who eschew manual labor and don't have the skills for other jobs ( http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/19/us/19immig.html?_r=1 ).

Well, I just so happened to write an article about how NY folks pushed out the coloreds - and all poor people.

So, when they're done performing cleansing on Golden Toilets and outcalls for bored businessmen, you Big Applers can always replenish your stock of able-bodied Poor from Jersey and LI.

the only White Nationalist group I think is remotely interesting idea is the North West Front group. (get Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to secede together)

"So when libertarian types ask “how does it hurt you if someone else is rich,” well here’s more evidence that the existence of rich people hurts the middle class."

You're right Sig. We should probably take all their money and give it to the middle class. ha! But seriously, I'd say a crackdown on employers who hire illegals would solve the problem. But SCOTUS just dropped the ball on that one.

NYC is now the Ultimate Plantation.

The PC, Socialist Liberal Plantation that hacked-out the wilderness to plant Rich Seed Crops of Starbucks, DKNY and Gucci stores - all safe for the privileged Yuppies to harvest, while Grateful Slaves sing Old Spirituals, happily satisfied turning back the bed linens for Titans of Industry and Bloombergians.

It rather does makes Dutch Rubber Plantations seem an inferior money-making enterprise. Swift, himself would blush.

How much NAM immigration to low GINI countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway is there? Lots! I don't believe this can be blamed on rich people so much as equalists like HS, many who are rich. The average Tea Partier is more pro Capitalist and anti immigration than HS's people. I wonder what Occupy Wall Street thinks about restricting immigration.

I did quite a bit of work in the Springs and elsewhere in the Hamptons during my ill-fated excursion into life insurance sales. It was my impression that the Hispanic workers living in the area were not a troublesome group by any means, hard-working and not inclined toward crime. There is a ghetto of much older vintage in Bridgehampton, toward Sag Harbor, and its residents do seem more problematic.

@ DavidHackensack

You said: "The current set-up leads to the worst of both worlds: American teens who don't develop a work ethic and thus make lousy baristas when they graduate college, and children of those immigrant landscapers who eschew manual labor and don't have the skills for other jobs"

And also don't forget about the failed polices of NAM affirmative action and public welfare. Then to have Blacks being put into obsoleteness by Hispanics who will work for less than anyone else.

USA = United Sewage of America!

"On a somewhat related note, pretty much all the liberal initiatives to improve the workplace have made it worse."

Everything the left does either makes a situation worse (adding non-white immigration on top of a violent black underclass, blocking oil drilling) or creates an entirely new problem to solve a fictional problem (global warming and low-fat diets) because the more the left screws up the more government programs are created to "solve" the mess the left creates. After all, what job could be more secure than a job dedicated to solving an unsolvable problem and where your employer enjoys monopoly power over his customer?

"So when libertarian types ask “how does it hurt you if someone else is rich,” well here’s more evidence that the existence of rich people hurts the middle class."

It shows non-white immigrants and their government sector enablers are the hurting the middle class, not private sector upper class businessmen.

And not even the upper class in the Hamptons can fully escape the effects of non-white immigration with NAMs causing crime and lowering property values and Asians driving upper class white students out of private schools to the fewer and fewer remaining white private schools.

The best way to counter non-white immigration is for conservatives to defund the leftist government (not private!) sector agencies that make money by importing non-white immigrants such as colleges, public sector unions, the news media, think tanks, etc, and which can't be held accountable for their actions by either elected politicians or the public no matter how badly they screw up.

Again, the colleges are vulnerable to defunding.

Conservatives need to use the tuition crisis to pull the funding for the liberal arts professors who are among the biggest promoters of non-whites - but without mentioning a partisan political motivation for defunding the LA.

1) Lobby your state legislators and argue on LAWSchool scam blogs to impose tuition price controls on colleges like Florida Gov Rick Scott.

2) Lobby state legislators and argue on LAWSchool scam blogs for 60 credit bachelor degrees that have no gened requirements and greater class specialization.

3) Lobby to make student debt dischargeable after four years.

4) Lobby to make Law degrees available to undergraduates. There's no reason why an easy field like Law with it's 80% bar pass rate can't be taught at the 4-year undergrad level.

5) Lobby for more online class options.

6) Lobby to cap the amount of financial aid students majoring in the liberal arts can borrow.

Governor Rick Scott of Florida is leading the opposition to the liberal arts using the figleaf of economic growth to wreck a viper's nest of liberalism:


Future anthropology majors be warned, Gov. Rick Scott does not believe such programs contribute much to Florida’s economy and wants them on the losing end of university funding decisions.


Leading Scott’s list of changes: Shifting funding to degrees that have the best job prospects, weeding out unproductive professors and rethinking the system that offers faculty job security.


Scott said Monday that he hopes to shift more funding to science, technology, engineering and math departments, the so-called “STEM” disciplines. The big losers: Programs like psychology and anthropology and potentially schools like New College in Sarasota that emphasize a liberal arts curriculum.

“If I’m going to take money from a citizen to put into education then I’m going to take that money to create jobs,” Scott said. “So I want that money to go to degrees where people can get jobs in this state.”

“Is it a vital interest of the state to have more anthropologists? I don’t think so.”


But the proposals are being met with skepticism from college and university leaders who worry that the reputation of Florida schools will suffer and that the state will have a hard time attracting top faculty and students if certain programs are being slashed and professors feel under attack.

“It’s sheer and utter nonsense,” said former University of Florida President Charles E. Young. “They have a total lack of understanding about what a university is and what universities do.”


Scott wants universities to provide students with information on average salaries for each degree program.

The median income nationwide for someone with a bachelor’s degree in psychology was $30,000 in 2006, according to the white paper.

The governor also said he hopes to come up with other ways to incentivize STEM programs and discourage liberal arts majors. But increasing overall college and university funding seems unlikely with economists predicting another budget deficit of up to $2 billion this year.

Any increased STEM funding would likely have to come from other programs, something university leaders oppose. “We do not want to, and don’t intend to, rob Peter to pay Paul,” Board of Governors spokeswoman Kelly Layman said Monday.

"The existence of rich people didn't hurt the middle class when middle class kids were trimming the rich people's hedges."

The interest groups that make the most off of non-white immigration are the electorally unaccountable liberal public sector employees, i.e., public sector unions, federal government employees, universities, government regulators, trial lawyers, think tanks, etc.

Although there are plenty of rich liberals in the private sector, most of the liberal mischief making is originating from the government sector/Cathedral.

Let's see what the crazy capitalists of the Tea Party think of unrestricted immigration. Search terms: tea party immigration.

Holy crap! These guys are the largest pro capitalist movement in the country and they want a big Israel-style wall up now!

How about Occupy equalists?

Egalite! Fraternite! Liberte! Solidaridad!

What are they saying at the Jewish organs?

Oh. I guess only evil morons want to restrict immigration.

"White rich people require the presence of NAMs to clean their houses,"

I disagree.

This is more a function of white rich people (at least in the Northeast, but not necessarily other parts of the country like Colorado Springs) live in areas where the white middle class can't afford the cost to keep NAMs from living in their neighborhood because there are fewer and fewer areas of America where middle and upper middle class whites can live.

Since wealthy areas of the Northeast were already the most expensive for the middle class, the Northeast priced out their white middle class earlier than other wealthy areas of the country.

"I don't believe this can be blamed on rich people so much as equalists like HS, many who are rich."

The public sector institutions gain the most from liberal policies because the more liberal policies screw things up the more the public sector lobbies for more public sector regulations and jobs.

Whenever you see a liberal promote a policy, always ask how many Cathedral jobs this policy will create or lose.

How many federal sector liberals will gain regulatory jobs administering Obamacare?

How many liberal diversity regulators would lose their jobs if Affirmative Action were abolished?

How many liberal obesity regulators would lose their jobs if low carb diets became the American dietary norm and the obesity epidemic crashed?

How many feminist authors, professors, and think tank cranks would lose their jobs if feminism became unpopular?

My guess is that this will be handled the old-fashioned way.

Taxpayers will scream "do something" to the cops and a lot of La Rasans will be quietly beaten and harassed until they move away. No taxpayers have to specify brutal actions. No libs have to feel bad. The problem just quietly disappears.

I love how libs find it terrible that someone pays someone else to mow the lawn or clean the house. "Menial work is for losers, so paying someone to do it makes the employer into a subjugator! All people should clean their own toilets!"

OT. Article with loads of pics on the daughter of Bob Diamond - recently resigned CEO of Barclay's bank. Check out the outfits going to the swanky Unicef balls! Also an interesting tweet she made about the UK politicians - obviously feels a bit untouchable.


Where are the middle-class low-crime utopias? I don't care about living among NAMs, I just want to live somewhere where most people are socially middle class skewing toward upper middle class with very few working class and below and very few upper class and above.

[HS: Vermont.]


The cleanest Wal-Mart I was ever in was in Montana. It was amazing to be in a store where blue collar whites can actually make things work. The opposite is being in a Wal-Mart in a majority black neighborhood.

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