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August 28, 2012


Will they actually provide enough self-service kiosks? What will they do about idiots who can't figure out the system holding up everybody behind them? I've seen that problem at grocery stores with self-service checkout.

How much incentive do the airlines really have to reduce check in lines? With many tickets being non-refundable or having high change fees, they actually have an incentive to make you miss the flight.

I generally prefer self-serve as well. Automation check-in at the airport takes less time and is far more convenient than having to deal with empolyees at check-in.

Same for the grocery store. If I have a few items, I prefer self-check out. If I have a shopping cart full of stuff, then I prefer the traditional check-out.

Oregon state also requires gas station employees pump the gas. I find this annoying because you often have to wait longer than if you can pump it yourself. That's why I try to fill-up on the Washington state side even though it costs a few cents more per gallon than in Oregon.

Fuck off. Pumping your own gas is for losers. I hope NJ never gets rid of this law.

I've never lived in a state where other people pump your gas. The idea seems old fashioned. I love any self-checkout option because I typically buy a bag or two of groceries at a time.

HS is totally correct in that rich people will never give up services provided by actual human beings. That is probably where all this surplus labor will go. In the automated future, no amount of public welfare assistance will be sufficient. The top 20% will live like patricians and hire the bottom 40% as domestic help or for any personalized service imaginable.

Love any technology that get rid of human service except sex.

With online ticketing, travel agency is doomed. With self-driving car, many automobile based service jobs would be over. Dream comes true for all introverts. When social skill no longer that important, geeks actually love this brave new world. When trading computerized, salesmen are doomed.

"HS is totally correct in that rich people will never give up services provided by actual human beings".

The debut of personal automatons will be reserved for a select few who have the money to buy them, which will perform efficient and immediate tasks. A press of the button and the robot gives you your thing. No need to get it yourself, or call out a person and wait incessantly for it.

Self check-in kiosks at airports tend to be faster than checking in with a human. They could transition to 100% self check-in and have two or so employees assist customers with issues with the kiosks.

A good example of a self service technology is ATM machines.
What now takes about 20 secounds to do at an ATM machine used to take up to 20 minutes back in the old days when the only way to make a withdraw was to stand in line at a bank to wait and talk to a human being.

If you have a good lobby you can get politicians to shelter you from change and automation - see: healthcare, new car dealers, real estate.

Even GM/Chrysler bankruptcies and the mortgage meltdown weren't enough to get politicians to streamline away the value transferees and rent seekers.

HS, having others pump your gas is great, particularly during winter, hot summer days, and if you drive a diesel. Why if you drive a diesel? Diesel tends to get on ones hands very easily, especially if there is residual diesel on the pump itself.

"You don’t have to tip machines" -- who gives tips at airports? There is nobody tipworthy there. Even curbside check-in is a service you have to pay for, and I'm damned if I'll tip for it (not that I use it anyway).

Unfortunately they cannot roboticize the longest, most annoying line - security. They ought to, since it is a farce anyway, but they won't. We will always be "served" by fat, stupid NAMs and proles in these lines.

Being raised in NJ, as a kid I had no idea self-pumping was legal. When the family went for a drive to some faraway state and we stopped for gas, Dad got out and picked up the pump; I'm thinking, "Is he STEALING GAS!?"

Even now it still looks weird to see someone (in a TV show set in a self-pump state, say) step out of their car and just start helping themselves to the gas pump.

I remember going to fill up a rental car on the way to LAX during a business trip once and sitting in front of the pump for a few minutes before I remembered you pump your own gas in most places other than NJ.

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