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August 16, 2012


He stopped almost 4 years ago.

hired by a think tank seems the most probable.

You mean, "Did John Dolan die?"

He was gone for an even longer time before that, so...

He was up in Canada being a bum and engaging in petty theft. Then he got hired to teach at an Iraqi university but ragequit.

I'd imagine he is a low level drug courier at this point. Or dead.

I thought he was the alter ego of one of other eXile writers (Mark Ames or whoever) who probably got a job doing something else.

His columns were terrible.

His old column about the Danish cartoon riots and vikings was one of the best things ever.

Once he came out as Dolan he lost his ability to engage in his characteristic nihilistic starring into the abyss and his columns became too leftist-PC and wussy.

OT, some other blog topics you could bring up:

1) Jon Corzine will not be charged for crimes in the MF Global scandal. Time for another "value transference vs value creation" post, Sigma?

2) SWPLs are now going on crypto-low carb diets, such as the Mediterranean and Gluten free diets, that they pretend are not really low carb diets because the most stringent Atkins like diets are not socially acceptable.

P.S., Corzine is said to be looking for investments from wealthy clients to help him start a new hedge fund in order to rebuild his reputation. Maybe he's eying a 2016 or 2020 presidential run?

He ran out of wars. He did the contemporary conflicts. He did the historical conflicts. The world then left him high and dry-- Greek rioters who want more deficit spending aren't that interesting. Maybe he'll come back when there are fresh flames somewhere.

He was a nobody. You should also retire from future mil post, if only for claiming Iran hacked the RQ-170.

"P.S., Corzine is said to be looking for investments from wealthy clients to help him start a new hedge fund in order to rebuild his reputation. Maybe he's eying a 2016 or 2020 presidential run?"

I don't think he'd start a hedge fund if he wanted to be president or rebuild his reputation.

Since when does running a hedge fund help you become president?

Dolan can't seem to hold down a job, so most likely he got fired from something else.

Read this and tell me if you think this guy is long for this world. Or is likely to have trenchant opinions.


Fourth Checkraise, however is a real loss.

"Corzine is said to be looking for investments from wealthy clients to help him start a new hedge fund in order to rebuild his reputation."

Anyone who gives their money to Corzine has failed both a sanity and an IQ test. The guy has proven that (depending on your interpretation) he will either steal your money, or lose your money through "chaos and porous risk controls" -- and he'll get away with it! You might as well throw your money down the toilet as give it to him.

Does anyone know what happened to Dennis Mangan's blog? Blocked by google?

Judging from asides about doctors and tests in classic "Gary Brecher" columns, I would guess health problems.

"what happened to Dennis Mangan's blog?"

He just quit. Voluntary. Never explained the reasons.

@ 12:57 anon

and OneSTDV too. What happened?

Dolan was a mixed bag. Mostly, I thought that his writing was uninteresting; with some notable exceptions, admittedly.

On a related tangent:

No one who believes in HBD politics should be fetishizing over or earnestly reading any manifestation of The eXile.

At the risk of sounding like a cooler-than-you douche (not my intent-just establishing a timeline and familiarity): I was reading them a long time before they were on the (at first) indie radar, here, of websites such as Vice. I followed their writing as it came out of Russia, becoming aware of them through my desire to live abroad, and Ames'/Taibbi's book made them minor heroes in my eyes. It really is a great gonzo compendium with engaging writing, and their early readers were first exposed to their future potential through this book (especially Taibbi, who has actually made something of himself - although Mark's lack of mainstream success doesn't take away from his obvious writing talent). If anyone wants to be entertained, and hasn't read The eXile: Sex Drugs and Libel in the New Russia, then pick it up.

If you are ignorant of, or outright ignore, their deeper politics, then their writing ranges from entertaining to engaging. However, they were chased out of Putin's Russia for a very good reason.

Ames is a communist/Marxist agitator. His journalistic purpose has always been revolution (specifically cultural and class revolution), in Russia and then here when Putin's government would no longer let him operate within Russia's borders. His paper, as it existed in Russia was pure cultural Marxism, and his politics remain tangential from those that are openly and directly espoused through his writing.

I only became aware of his true politics when I bothered writing to him to ask him about a certain omission of context regarding his political writing, that most wouldn't notice lest they had been reading him for a few years. I received a completely unexpected answer that reflected a highly emotional and defensive state. The response was almost psychotic. It's what he doesn't write about that is the giveaway. Look for the contextual gaps in the story subjects and angles on which he focuses. I'd best characterize Ames as a neo-con, who instead of revealing his pro-war hawkish politics, focuses on class and cultural revolution. When hawkish politics, that coincide precisely with recent and future historical wartime action of the USA, and class/cultural revolution meet, a very interesting and specific political profile forms.

Of course, most self-professed communists don't fully understand the nature of their own politics, and would therefore be offended at Ames' political views if they were revealed in full. Hipsters, hippies, and socialists, while they are happy to read Ames' lambasting of the Bankers and the Koch brothers, wouldn't be so happy to read about the other side of Ames' support of the internationalist revolution (the necessity for constant, physical war). Of course, communism is dependent on constant war (revolution). That much is evident to those who understand it's deep philosophy and what is necessary to implement it continuously and successfully. Once all nationalist heads of state are deposed, the constant war is solely against the natural inclination of human beings to create culture and to unify.

He presents in a way that is palatable and even cathartic to hipsters, naive communist/socialist revolutionaries, and even smarter individuals who only casually read him on occasion. However, his politics are one-hundred percent pro-imperialist.

No one here should read him as a serious source of perspective on modern events, other than to observe how the conversation is being formed by an extreme communist propagandist, neo-con imperialist, and seasoned cultural Marxist.

I'm not denying that the financial events of the past decade aren't compelling reasons to consider an alternate system for most people, but it seems to me as if they took place precisely to get that result. Mark is part of the dialog on the extreme left, keeping the young communists focused on cultural and class revolution while the government worries about the military aspect of the same.

I now question Ames' story of his true ability to set up a successful newspaper in Moscow, from the ground up, as a supposedly poor young man from California, with no funding from the start. He and Taibbi claim to have raised the money from an investor, but I have my doubts. I think that he's been funded from more institutional sources from the beginning. I think that his up-and-coming California-boy-makes-good-in-Russia story is made-up.

It is unlikely that someone in his supposed economic/class position would get a newspaper off of the ground, for more than a decade without going bankrupt, and in Moscow of all places, despite all of the professed financial and mob related strains put on the paper supposedly operating purely from advertising revenue (fee paper), not to mention being uprooted and exiled by Putin. Despite all of this, the eXiled has has never gone under. Currently, despite no obvious source of income, it has not gone under. Even when operating as just a website, it would require a significant cash flow to stay operational to the level that it does, especially assuming that at least Ames takes his almost all of his living expenses from the publications revenues. I just don't believe it's consistency as a viable publication despite the paucity of cash-flow and the financial and political realities of operating in a place such as Moscow. The eXile wreaks of government funded (not sure which government) agitprop to me. Albeit, well run agitprop that, under Ames' direction, spins just enough of a consistently edgy story to keep it's leftist credibility.

I know many people love war-nerd, Ames, and the rest, but in my mind his publication doesn't add up.

What happened to onestdv?

That's what I wanna know.

- Artur


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