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September 03, 2012


It may not have been muscle so much as steroids. It is rare for anyone, even blacks, to get that muscular without some chemical help.

1. 54 is a young age now? Yes I'm aware of life expectancy averages nevertheless it's up there by historical standards.

2. Did we ever learn more about the nature of Andrew Brietbart's death? He was based in LA and was probably a coke junkie at various points in his life. It wouldn't surprise me if this actor had similar problems due to lifestyle.

3. Women live longer than men because men bust their ass to give them a good life often harming their health in the process. A verse in the Quran goes something like this; "When Muhammad saw the fires of hell he observed the majority of it's inhabitants were women who were ungrateful to their husbands".

4. Yes east Asians live long because they're the most beta race.

"This explains why women live longer than men"

I don't know about that. An older fellow once told me that men died before their wives so that they could finally get some peace and quiet.

"Yes east Asians live long because they're the most beta race".

Lower testosterone for men has its benefits. The effiminate ectormorphic Asian guys will out live most mesomorphic and endomorphic Black guys.

But can we also say NAMs have a poor diet? I hate to say McDonalds or Fried Chicken.

I would need to see some studies but I don't think there are any. I'm a strength and conditioning coach and I would agree empirically there is evidence that being so large muscular or fat is bad for the joints and your cardiovascular system. If you add in PE's(performance enhancing drugs)as well as a little or a lot of recreational drugs that is a bad news.

Mr. Duncan had a lot of things against him as far as his health. Trainers look at things known as Contraindications to Exercise they include, sex(Male), age, health history(do we know his?) of course race is not included but maybe it should be. Blacks are known to have more cardiovascular issues.

You're going to make a lot of enemies in the "alpha male" sphere with that post, Half ;)

I'm not sure if muscle can lower life expectancy, but I am pretty sure excessive physical exercise (such as running for more than 10 minutes) does.

I know a lot of runners and "sporty guys" who died young, typically of cardiac arrest.

100 years ago the leading causes of death were infectious diseases. Today, the leading causes of death are lifestyle diseases ie. stroke, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. As Asian countries adopt similar lifestyles their rates of these diseases has increased as well.

As per Conquistador, men drive themselves to an early grave working. Women who work stressful jobs have higher rates of lifestyle related diseases, too. That's not to say there aren't genetic factors. But generally speaking, an unhealthy lifestyle kills someone early while the right genetics gets someone to 100.

A verse in the Quran goes something like this; "When Muhammad saw the fires of hell he observed the majority of it's inhabitants were women who were ungrateful to their husbands".

That's interesting, because he's only mentioned in the Koran four (is that right?) times.

Or maybe, per Greg Cochran's theory, it has to do with higher genetic load. Black people develop health problems earlier than whites in general, whether they're muscular or fatty.

Does anyone care whether you get to spend five more years shiting yourself in a nursing home?

[HS: My grandfather lived to 89, and except for the last two or three months of his life, he was self-sufficient and not in a nursing home. I think it was much better than him dying at 54. Certainly his family cared.]

Hence I would argue that the BMI test is as valid for muscle as for fat. In other words a heavy set muscular body places as big as load on the heart as being equivalently fat. Not to mention it's hard to get very muscular without chemical help.

"lifestyle diseases ie. stroke, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc."

I don't like calling these lifestyle diseases, though are influenced by lifestyle (certainly smoking), but they are also influenced by genes to a significant degree.


Your grandfather is an exception. And the vast majority of people will not die at 54.

Duncan was in a PETA ad earlier this year in which he said he was so much healthier since becoming vegetarian.

Hulk Hogan, Arnold, Lou Ferango and Stallone are still going going strong and still on steroids and other chemicals. Arnold and Stallone are smaller than they used to be, but Hogan and Ferango are around their prime performance weight.

Louie Simmons, the owner of Westside Barbell, is still juicing and when he was 63 in 2009 he had a lift total of 1850.

"Does anyone care whether you get to spend five more years shiting yourself in a nursing home?"

I see this argument often in the debates about immortality or futurist medicine (along with "it'll get boring after a while"), and it is incredibly dumb.

Most illnesses and degenerations are due to senescence, which itself is mostly cell and DNA impairment. If scientists can give you a 200-year life span one day in the future, you can bet that they will also be able to provide you with a youthful body during that span, simply because keeping your body youthful is the NECESSARY STEP for lifespan extension.

[And by the way, I am not a transhumanist or a singularist as I don't believe I'll see that happening in my lifetime; I'm just tired by sorry arguments].

It's not muscle mass, take a look at Mark Sisson or Jack Lalane.

It's either testosterone explicitly or perhaps androgen receptors generally.

"It's not muscle mass, take a look at Mark Sisson or Jack Lalane."

I was thinking of LaLanne myself, who died last year at 96. It's worth noting, though, that LaLanne was also into aerobic exercise and eating lots of fruits & vegetables via a juicer. I have no idea what Duncan ate or how he exercised, and I suspect Siggie doesn't either.

Steroids + viagra = RIP

This seems below your usual level of analytical skill.

First, if muscularity is a prole trait, and proles tend to have more health problems due to diet/culture/smoking/social status/etc., muscular people will die younger not because they are unhealthy but because they are proles.

Second you're generalizing from one (particularly poor) example. Middle-aged black men die of heart disease pretty frequently; it's a real problem in that specific racial group due to diet/culture/genetics/environment/etc. Could I just say that my grandfather was a bodybuilder who lived into his late 90's, so muscle is clearly good for you? At least if you're under 6'5"? And maybe being Jewish helped? This is not scientific or rational, and I feel like you know that.

Political correctness not only stifles free speech but can lead to intellectual laziness.
Freedom from the constraints of political correctness however provides no guarantee one would be free from intellectual laziness and faulty logical reasoning. This post is a good example of that.

Actually HS, muscle (up to a point) is the best predictor of years remaining.

Women live longer than men, because women are smaller. Tall men are shorter lived than short men.

Your postings on health suggest you're weak and fat.

Never married women are the most overrepresented group among centenarians.

It is known that a higher BMI PLUS a smaller waist size predicts longevity. Ergo, muscular people probably live LONGER. You have it backwards.

NAMs like to eat a lot of junk food, even the more educated ones. The stereotype of Blacks going into McDonalds and chowing down on bad food is true.

Every McDonalds here in a non-residential area in NYC is NAM infested.

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