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September 30, 2012


I am guessing the average Guido IQ is around 92 and the average black IQ is around 85.

What a tacky entry. :\

That's actually also pretty true of lower class rural whites and urbanized whites in the rustbelt. Lots of fist fights and low class behavior, but gun crime and homicide/lethal violence is comparatively uncommon.

More young blacks are involved in selling drugs, so it probably has more to do with that than race. Also, it was one of their "crew" doing shooting, not attendees at the concert.

Rap = not much invested in the artistic side, much invested in the status mongering side, so let's live and die for that.

The guns may be new but the mentality isn't. My grandparents told me that back in the day a lot of blacks had scars around their necks. The reason is that blacks carried straight razors in their socks. The second they got into a disagreement they'd try to slit the other one's throat. Odd that "To Kill a Mockingbird" didn't feature any scenes of that.

Excellent way to boost the street cred of the rappers involved.

Meanwhile some HBD research by Richard Lynn makes it into the Daily Telegraph.


Lynn's full paper is here.


Guido's use knives too.

Prole whites and blacks are both people you wouldn't want to hang out with, but prole white behaivor is self contained while prole black behaivor has externalities.

Pretty much par for the course. Down here in Atlanta you have about 2-3 rappers arrested for weapons per year, and regular occurrences of disagreements escalating to running gunfights at rap recording studios.

In 2007 the rapper TI was busted trying to buy automatic weapons in a parking lot a few hours before a BET awards show.

1. I don't know if there's an acronym for it yet but the casual racism of most of the commenters is most definitely a defining trait of a sub-group of white pseudo-intellectual libertarians.

2. These idiot's do not represent hip-hop any more than Jersey Shore douches represent white america.

3. OT That penis size study apparently uses pretty unreliable sources for it's data but interesting to think about relationship between penis size and violence/criminality.

I don't think anyone should care when blacks, guidos, and other low IQ types kill each other. Good riddance to bad rubbish. In fact society would be better off if they did it more often.

"Shots fired at BET Awards"


@ Mad Classic,

Yes, Jelte Wicherts has tweeted that it shouldn't have been published because "anonymously gathered data that lack methodology are unscientific". Still, it rings true. In terms of violence/criminality I think that probably comes back to some groups undergoing greater domestication pressures. Or genetic pacification as Peter Frost discusses.


What do you make of NHL players who fight as "part of the game", but when NBA players have a fight they are viewed as thugs?

@SR: "What do you make of NHL players who fight as "part of the game", but when NBA players have a fight they are viewed as thugs?"

Hockey players that look for fights are called goons.

The difference between the guidos and the blacks is the that guidos only get into fistfights, while the blacks start shooting at each other

Which is why guidos are infinitely superior to blacks. I'd rather live in a neighborhood where young men regularly beat each other up and hurt no one but themselves than one where thugs regularly shoot guns that can kill anyone.

LOL @ ER - the fights were/are part of the game's self policing mechanism that largely was removed with the advent of the instigator penalty. There are still (unwritten) rules, though - and if you take liberties with an opposing team's star, you will have to answer the bell, using your fists to save yourself from a nice pummeling.

There's a relative lack of goonery in the NBA, but guys like Charles Oakley, Rick Mahorn and others could intimate smaller players from attacking the basket by aggressive fouling.

NBA fights are often useless slapfests (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jteK-DbAaUM), unless you're a.) Kermit Washington flattening Rudy T or b.) Ron Artest and some of the '04 Pacers attacking Detroit fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

There is probably a small amount of casual racism at play, but since most sports fans don't care about hockey and are loathe to understand the unwritten rules about the sport, it's pretty much an apples/oranges comparison.

Anyone considered that black proles are tough, and boys that copy jersey shore are not? I was in the Air Force with plenty of black proles and I am a blonde hair, blue eyed white boy who did not grow up with any black people in my area. So I am a white prole socioeconomically speaking, with great upward mobility potential. I also spent time with soldiers and marines. Those jersey shore guys would of been submitting like a bitch to the giant black drill instructor I had. Men that use bravado are overcompensating and America has a shortage of the clint eastwood types now. I give a jersey shore boy one look and he will be avoiding me like the plague. I also resent the notion that proles are suffering because they are dumb. I am one, and I would wipe the floor with anyone reading this in a debate. That's right, I can destroy anyone with my mind at will. Including those with large bank accounts, and the inability to satisfy a woman. If you got to wonder, maybe a real man should be laying the pipe on your behalf, Our gene pool would improve overall. No wonder I catch so many longing looks from women walking around with posers. The only measure of a man is his mental and physical strength. A fat bank account will land a woman, but even rich women get tired of pathetic sex. That is why some men have all the sex they can handle, and other men want to believe they are getting all they can handle. That should win some friends. lol.

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