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September 24, 2012


The important thing is to crack the whip just enough that the city stays within its happiness cap. Of course, granaries will help with regrowing the city's population. And if we can win the tech-race to nationalism, we'll be able to draft Riflemen.

Maybe a whole batch of iphones five went bad because of that?

"MacRumors posted an informal poll on its website that shows more than 36% of nearly 1,400 new iPhone 5 owners have scratches that were evident on their device as soon as they took it out of the box.

via http://www.informationweek.com/mobility/smart-phones/iphone-scuffgate-every-launch-must-have/240007807

Other slaves will profit from the example of all the crucified corpses lining the road leading to the factory...


China might not be as poor as most believe. At least their wages can buy them a lot of beer.

It's better to be feared than loved. I hope the Chinese police crack down good and hard - putting the rioters' heads on pikes would be a good move. i don't want my new I-Phone delayed.

The masters should watch out for dragon riding princelings who will crusify an equal number once they reach the factory.

so long as these guys show up voluntarily to work for a wage, they aren't slaves. this is a meme propagated by the intellectually lazy. you are above this.

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