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October 11, 2012


Do lesbians, like Paglia, respond to alpha-maleness? Maybe the same way men do? I dunno.

So, she's voting for the great Cynthia McKinney?

I was going to post that link here, glad you saw it. What did you think about her comments about atheism toward the end of the Q&A?

LOL, what a dumb, self-righteous bitch. So she thinks Romney is the kind of well-qualified moderate she likes and that he'll be good for the economy so she.... votes Green Party? To send a message, as she claims. That's just fucking dumb.

Petty protest votes like this never work, especially when the recipient of the protest vote is even more staunchly opposed to the winning faction. Should enough morons follow her idiot's logic, they'll be "making a statement," by voting en masse for the far-left candidate, resulting in a center-right candidate getting elected. The Democratic Party is NOT going to respond to that by going left.

Paglia's still bitter about Hilary Clinton not winning in 2008. She'll be among the first to complain when a president Romney does something she doesn't like that Obama wouldn't have done, like nominate an anti-abortion SC justice.

Also, is she comparing John McCain to Gingrich and Santorum? That's the logical inference here, and again she's fucking stupid.

albert magnus,

What I got from Paglia is that she's a lesbian because she's really masculine. That means she needs a hyper masculine man in order to overwhelm her and let her be submissive. If she can't find that then she becomes the dom.

+1 Patrick, she does come off like a gigantic retard.


Romney is not an alpha male. He is the epitome of beta. Nothing says that betas cannot be very financially successful.


Value transference related article at Economist.

HS, did you write it? Or some one read your blog.

HS was right that Romney has the best chance among the Republican field to beat Obama.

Yes Romney's alphaness is helping win votes. I just saw on Fox that Romney's bounce is almost entirely b/c of a swing via female voters.

Paglia had one important insight in the early '90's. She said that boy-girl sex was the hottest sex, but that for women to experience orgasm, they have to allow themselves to "surrender," and that since feminism teaches women to be oppositional and adverarial, the more successful it is the fewer women would ever orgasm, and of course she was right.

"LOL, what a dumb, self-righteous bitch."

Agree or disagree with her positions, but there's no way she's dumb.

Siggie, a couple of other parts of that interiew you might want to comment on:

1) Paglia's objection to Obamacare (she made a great point about the disconnect between increasing coverage but not increasing supply).

2) Paglia's praise for the The Real Housewives.

"Did you forget that he rose to the top of his party in the first place?"

No, and neither did I forget that he lost the 2008 nomination to the shorter, older, balder McCain. But that's not what we were discussing above. We were discussing why Romney has pulled ahead in the polls now. I was disputing that being tall, rich, and handsome is why Romney is ahead in the polls now, since was also tall, rich, and handsome when he was behind in the polls last month. I think my explanation makes more sense.

Paglia's swipes at Naomi Klein were also fun to read.


No she is not comparing McCain to Gingrich/Santorum.

She voted for Obama the first time around because she believed in him. After his first term she does no longer see the difference between him or Romney. Which makes sense considering Obama has expanded every single thing Bush did wrong on.

She is now voting Green in response to that. If enough people vote Green, there can be a viable future for it. Instead of saying if wouldn't matter, which is self-defeating.

I think a Santorum win would've also pushed a number of libertarian-ish voters to vote for Obama. I saw Andy Levy (of Fox's Red Eye) say, on air, that he might actually vote for Obama over Santorum.


"Which makes sense considering Obama has expanded every single thing Bush did wrong on."

On its face, this is false, and the typical far-lefty's foolish simplification. Let's unpack the bullshit.

1. Bush's biggest mistake, the Iraq War, is over, thanks to Obama. John McCain would have kept us there fighting forever out of the same psychology of previous investment that prolonged the Vietnam War.

2. Bush's second biggest mistake, his failure to kill Osama bin Laden, was *reversed* by Obama.

3. Bush's third biggest mistake, huge tax cuts for the wealthy, Obama has kept in place, albeit temporarily, and he has not "expanded" them as you falsely claim. Of course we have divided government and he has no power to alter the tax code on his own.

So maybe you dislike the use of drones. Obama certainly has expanded this policy, and quite effectively so. Only the most whiny and myopic of progressives get bent out of shape over it when there's no fundamental difference between using drones and using other manned or unmanned weapons, like an F16 and a cruise missile, respectively. Obama has shown a strong foreign policy preference to carry out his primary mission of protecting national security through the liberal use of high reward, low-risk tactics such as unmanned drones, with the exception of the aforementioned bin Laden raid. Did Obama promise Paglia he'd stop targeting terrorists? No.

Ok so maybe you hate TARP, which certainly both presidents supported as did candidate McCain, but Obama didn't expand this policy either. And again, Paglia knew his position on it going into the 2008 election.

So what's her complaint? She doesn't say because she's full of shit -- as evinced by her idiotic and spiteful Romney's-great-so-I'm-voting-Green gambit.

And again, she'll be among the most shrill and insufferable whiners when Romney is strong-armed by conservatives in congress into doing something she finds abhorrent.

Patrick's calling Paglia stupid, idiotic and FOS because she doesn't support Obama in all matters foreign and domestic - as his post reveals he does. Only an apologist uses phrases like "he didn't expand it though." Obama's righted all the Bush wrongs, or at least not made them worse ?

I may disagree with 70% of what Paglia says, and agree that voting Green is beyond absurd, but she's anything but stupid, except to an Obama fanboi who can't deal with buyer's remorse.

Camille, if you want to change the left, moderate it, don't vote for more of the same progressive nonsense that's devolved the whole Democratic party into a bunch of shrill, union-toadying Kim Jong Ils singing hymns to the beloved Leader and the Toiling Masses.


"On its face, this is false, and the typical far-lefty's foolish simplification. Let's unpack the bullshit."

Actually, it's not. Obama has been Bush on steroids.

- Our involvement in the Iraq War didn't end "thanks to Obama". Obama tried to keep American troops there longer! But the Iraqis shot that down. Our military involvement in Iraq ended according to a timetable negotiated by Bush and the Iraqi PM.

- Obama tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan. 2/3s of the 2000+ casualties there have occurred on his watch.

- Obama rails against the Bush tax cuts being irresponsible -- Obama extended them! And added new ones.

- Obama added another war, Libya, which, like Iraq, attracted Al Qaeda as soon as we knocked off the secular dictator.

- Expanding unaffordable entitlements: Bush added Medicare Part D, Obama added Obamacare.

- Deficit spending: Bush posted one ~$500 billion deficit, which was the worst thing ever. Obama hasn't posted a deficit smaller than $1 trillion.

- Bush used federal policies to extend mortgage credit to marginal borrowers; Obama is still doing it.

And so on. That's what makes the Dems' bit about "going back to the failed policies of the past" such bullshit. You can't go back to policies you never stopped.


That's her hamster spinning. She's a lesbian because its easier for old, ugly women to bed other women than it is to get a man, much less an alpha.

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