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November 07, 2012


Let the end come...if the country collapses under the watch of a Liberal, maybe not all is lost.

"HaShem is punishing the people of NY and NJ for voting for Obama".

SWPLs will still have their cake.

NAMs will see him as their savior when federal assistance arrives.

Proles will rack up overtime from the blizzard

Did you watch the movie "A Serious Man"?

Liberals felt like you during the reign of Bush. I know, because I was one of those liberals, although I'm not one anymore. Despite all the crazy things Bush did, the world did not end, and life has gone on pretty much like it always has (except for the recipients of our military ministrations). The same will be true with Obama. Relax guys.

"life has gone on pretty much like it always has"

Yes, as did the music on the Titanic. The middle class is being looted and indentured, but hey look what's on YouTube.

There seems to be a self destructive element here.

My understanding is that in Denmark, the non white immigrants are more than 14 times as likely to commit violent crimes as native born Danes.

So Danes did the sensible thing and voted in a political party that promised to restrict non white immigration.

however in the most recent election Danes decided to vote back to power the party of the left that promises a massive increase in non white immigration.

Hard to explain this outcome in Denmark without some reference to boredom and enui.

The nearest parallel I can think of is Kristen Stewart. If you google "Kristen Stewart Craved Something 'Crazy' To Excite Her 'Boring' Life!" what you read is that she found being wealthy and safe to be too boring and bland, and deliberately threw a monkey wrench in to her life.

Same thing in Denmark, the Danes find life with sane safe fellow Danes to be boring and are spicing it up by adding violent foreigners.

Could you explain the whites in Vermont voting against Romney the same way?

"Could you explain the whites in Vermont voting against Romney the same way?"

homogeneity gives them the luxury of status whoring.

damn hs. you have a cute side

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