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November 26, 2012



""with regards to Japan, IIRC Japan was pushed/goaded into war with the US and britain." Even if one accepts that, so what? The pragmatic, logical thing to do was to REFUSE to be goaded and NOT to declare war on vastly superior enemies."

-I think that the logical action that you are saying that should have taken has the benefit of hindsight being 20/20. The buildup to WW2 was pretty complex and some of it is still not completely clear. With so many factors being in play at the time, I think its rather haughty for you to flippantly prescribe what would have been the best course of action for them to take at the time without knowing their full situation at the time. In any case, I am not a WW2 scholar, but if I understand it correctly; at the time Japan knew that its empire was being slowly choked to death by britain and the US through an oil embargo, so the only (logical) choice it had at the time was a risky gambit which as we now know, didnt quite pay off. So yes, their action seems illogical to you now, knowing what you now know, but at the time, their course of action was probably the most appealing one to them at the time.

"As for north vietnam, I don't see anything illogical about them fighting the US for 10 years; whats illogical about not wanting to be pushed around by an international hegemon?"
Not liking the USA was logical. Fighting them....

-I feel like we are more or less discussing apples and oranges at this point. Perhaps it is my fault for not initially delineating what I meant by saying that asians are more pragmatic and logical. Afterall, my remark about asians being that way was off the cuff, i didnt actually expect people to fixate on it to this degree. That being said, I will clarify my stance; apparently you seem to think that I believe asians are some sort of superior vulcan race capable of astounding feats of logic and not bound my the emotionalism of petty mortals. If thats what you think that I believe, then you are mistaken. Asian people can be victims of folly as well, however...vis a vis against whites; I think in some ways, asians are more logical, pragmatic, and dispassionate; whites on the other hand seem to be more idealistic, emotional, creative. Is this a perfect description of each race? No. But I do think my characterizations hit upon valid racial personality traits present within asian and caucasian racial groups. Sorry if my casual, informal attempt to describe my real life observations didnt meet your exacting standards. And for the record, I think nationalism is very pragmatic, and very logical.

"The commanding heights of the economy are under the control of the CCP: heavy industry, defense, transportation, and finance. They are centrally managed by party leaders. Anyone who thinks China is not a Communist country is a fool."

-I guess i'm a fool for correctly noting that china is not a communist country, but rather an authoritarian one. The definition of communism according to wikipedia: "Communism (from Latin communis - common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production." None of those apply to china, in fact china is the exact opposite of all of those. Ok, now please go back to freerepublic where your cliched talking points regarding the 'chicoms' will be taken more seriously and at face value. If you are going to criticize china, at least do so properly.


-I do think that the younger cohort of AAM are decently politically aware, that we can agree on; however like I said before; AAM who dislike white males poaching their women are still going to align with the democrat party (regardless of there being numerous white male asian women poaching democrats), however they are going to make efforts to explicitly align with the more 'vibrant' wing of party. (The democrat party of course, has its own factions and is obviously not one monolithic political entity.) That being said, I do agree with the rest of your conclusions. I think you are under the impression that I believe that the only reason AAM vote democrat is to get back at white males, and as Ive stated before, I do not think this way. I think there are many reasons why AAM lean left, and the theory I have put out is but one of those reasons. (albeit IMO a major one, although extremely understated.)


-I think I probably hit a nerve with my last response. Anyhow, the concept I've laid out really isnt that hard to grasp; so that leaves me to believe that you are just being purposely dense. That along with the fact that you tipped your hand when you went on your spiel about neither you or your friends needing asian women yadda yadda yadda. Probably that's why you are unable to properly respond to my reply and instead have to resort to gross caricaturization.

"I don't agree that this is the right word because because Northeast Asian men are too emotionally flat to be called feminine since a major characteristic of femininity is emotionally instability and egocentrism. Again, I'd say the reason Asian men score so low on desirability is because they are too obedient and deferential".

Perhaps you are right when it comes to their internal workings. But outwardly speaking, most Asian men are less masculine than White and Black men, and aren't all that different from their female counterparts in looks. The same goes in reverse with Black women. Women in the Western world generally find Asian men less physically appealing and would never consider dating one of them. To be fair, Asian women wouldn't be in the same category with White women, and much of their desirablity is restricted to only a small segment of the non-Asian male population.

Another weakness of Asian men is their weak verbal ability. Attractive men can get a way for not speaking much, but the average guy needs to be a good communicator to be popular with any American woman.

Maybe Asians vote Democrat because they see the writing on the wall. And they've got enough experience to know that things from the past have a way of catching up with you in the future. Which is especially bad when Leftists are the ones looking into your "loyalties".

>>>Indians in the United States are right-wing Indians and left-wing Americans. They support the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party in Indian politics and the Democrat Party in the United States.

I wonder if other Asians are the same way: right-wing in the mother country and left-wing in the USA.

Yep. Same way with Latinos. When they dared to ask, liberals were dismayed at the support that El Salvador's Arena party (uber-right wing) had among migrants to the US in the 1980s. Everybody is right wing when it comes to their own home.

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