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November 02, 2012


you sure it wasn't public outcry?

Are you just trolling your own blog?

I'm guessing this is tongue-and-cheek, but other such posts sound a lot like a rooster taking credit for the sun rise.

Tongue-in-cheek. Ack. I'm already durnk.


It's what's for dinner.

Gotham has once more been saved from disaster by Half Sigma.


Megan McArdle has a piece on this. She outlines the class conflict pretty strongly; either she reads some alt-right stuff or it's seeping into the mainstream somehow.


Besides the fact that it would divert sanitation workers and police from the recovery effort the marathon would have tied up the roads. Delivery trucks need to bring in food to replace all the food that has rotted and has been flooded. Construction workers and plumbers need to get to work.

It just shows how far removed Bloomberg is from what is actually going on in the storm damaged areas of the outer boroughs.

@ Thrasymachus:

I just read this from Megan McCardle:


She mentions marathons as SWPL. She does probably read alt-right sites; I mean, who else still cares about SWPL.com, it hasn't been updated regularly in over 4 years.

LOL. I'm sure he does.

All high-level liberal operatives secretly believe in HBD, don't they? ;)

"Gotham has once more been saved from disaster by Half Sigma".

Gotham is a tale of 2 cities. SWPLs vs NAMs & Proles. SWPLs were pretty much unscathed from the storm. Many left before it and those that stayed had fun. Money solves many problems.

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