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November 08, 2012


HS I think you're going to have to accept some personal responsibility for the colossal failure of conservatives in New England politics. While I agree with your views on race, intelligence and HBD, the fringe, unpolished nature of your blog posts has had the unintended effect of marginalizing you to the periphery of political discussion on the web. No one at the major political blogs, state, national or otherwise, would ever link to your site in fear of being labeled bigoted or worse. You yourself have acknowledged this stigma by discontinuing your use of the word "NAM". Again I find your political and social commentary outstanding, but I think you should consider re-styling your blog to make it fit for wider consumption.

[HS: No one is reading my blog, I don't influence anything. Steve Sailer is more polished (which he can do because he's a professional journalist and blogger), and no major blogs link to him either.]

A protest vote is not enough; you have to give money.


The Republican Party is no longer relevant in the U.S. The only question for the future is how will the U.S. function as a one party state. How high will taxes go, how big will the government get? How low will the white birthrate go to compensate for the changing demographics of the U.S.

Worrying about what Republicans say, do, or propose is a waste of time.

James McKeane,

This is silly. Nobody who talks about HBD at all will ever be allowed a major media set piece. We've got nobel prize winning geneticist get taken down for supporting HBD.

The purposes of HS's blog seems absolutely clear to me.

1) Be amusing to him.

2) Give high IQ young people with prole or ignorant parents the information to make better life decisions that HS never made.

"never nominating female Republicans because they don't win"

This is stupid talk. You have to play the diversity game because diversity is good in our world. Diversity is the best thing in the world in our modern value system and it is foolish not to play because you don't like the game.

Why the hell did all those Asians go for Obama?? They are generally upper middle class and victims of affirmative action.

I think the Romney side didn't look diverse enough. He should have picked Rubio.

The thing is, not only do minorities look for diversity, SWPLs and young people look for diversity as well. Why did all those whitebread states go for Obama? Because the Romney side had no diversity and therefore was not hip with the times.

Whites want diversity too, and if you aren't willing to salute you have no chance.

You go on and on about Romney and abortion without evidence. I dont think anyone really expected Romney to do anything with abortion and he even said he wouldn't touch it. On the other hand, the lack-of-diversity accusation is killer.

"Why the hell did all those Asians go for Obama?"

Asian Muslims: Obama's quasi-Muslim roots
Southeast Asians: typical underperforming minority support of socialism
Indians: Immigration
Northeast Asians: Resentment

Northeast Asians also seem a bit clueless about how badly they're getting screwed by the whole diversity racket. I mean, can you imagine the Jews standing for that?

To all those who say Romney should have chosen Rubio. I think Rubio had some weird skeletons: his parents came before Castro, not after, but Rubio had said before. There was really nothing you could attack Ryan personally for, but I'm betting Rubio had some things.

Why the hell did all those Asians go for Obama?? They are generally upper middle class and victims of affirmative action"".

Again, the Republicans don't care much for racial minorities or at least show sympathy for them. Proles never liked Asians or anyone else for that matter.

Lying liberals speak with a fork tongue and have the Asians sold to them.

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