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November 14, 2012


I'm beginning to think Captain Capitalism's idea of sitting back and enjoying the decline is the only method of retaining sanity. Because I've come to the point where I'll have to believe this country is done.

That's the point where the range begins where daughters who get knocked up have a real risk of dropping in class for at least a generation or three.

You can meet all of your needs at $75k. Everything above $75k is pure vanity unless you live in a hyper expensive (read: blue) city like New York.

@HS: "This may have gone in the opposite direction in the days of Reagan, but the Republican strategy is no longer working in presidential elections."

When Reagan was President, there was no real chance that Republicans could enact pro-life laws. Pro-choice voters could ignore the pro-life rhetoric and elect Republicans, safe in the knowledge that Roe v Wade was the law of the land. This is no longer the case.

Do 58.8% of the general public believe a woman shouldn't be able to get an abortion for any reason (give or take 5%)? I thought it was lower.

BTW, there was a time when Democrats competed for the pro-life vote.

My guess: $75,000 is the dividing line between neighbors of abortionists and non-neighbors.

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