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November 07, 2012


It's this, and not RvW that should make conservatives very unhappy. There are going to be mandatory racial quotas before long at the university level and for many blue collar jobs.

Also, liberal justices all voted for property takings in the disastrous Kelo ruling. So expect property rights to take a beating.

And free speech. They'll chip away at that for anti muslim speech. Incitement or whatever is how they'll justify it.

WHAT conservative supreme court?

The one that gave us Kelo and rubber-stamped Obamacare?

Prepare for the UKization of America.

Ironic, isn't it? The more things change...

Half sigma,
Every single one of the regular posters here understands hbd and the genetically low iq of certain groups and the genetically high iq of other groups

Isnt it time to think about exiting the usa and moving to a place with rapidly rising national iq since of course the iq of the usa is plummetting due to dysgenics

Yorty: where the heck you gonna go? The European core countries, while still being overwhelmingly white, are terrible places to do business and have an aging disaster on their hands. Iceland is an exception, but it's a weird place to want to live. European countries are going full scale multi-culti anyway.

Australia sounds ok, but they've got a fairly leftist regime in place now. Canada only has a conservative government because the left is divided between the NDP and Liberals.

You've got places like Singapore, which are damned authoritarian. Japan is not a good place to live unless you are Japanese or are being sponsored by a corporation with deep pockets.

Seriously, where are you going to pack up and go?

Putting it another way,
It has been proven that nam fertility is deeply dysgenic.

High iq nams like our esteemed fellw hbd bloggers " truth" and " david alexander" have told us that they are not reproducing. That is par for the course. The nams w the lowest iq have many more children than the high iq nams

Wont the iq of the usa spiral downward?

Isnt it logical to build a legacy in a nation w growing iqs?

"Seriously, where are you going to pack up and go?"

There's plenty of space in Siberia. Putin willing, of course.

Many of the nams with the highest iq and the the most scientific and analytic mindset agree with the truth of hbd.

They see the exceptionally low iq of their own children

Only the genetic reversion to the mean can explain the fact that super high iq nams windnup with low iq children

Indeed the wealthy super high iq nams of shaker heights routinely see their children test as having low iqs

They hired john ogbu to write a book about this.

Just google " ogbu .. Rich black flunking

You people need to calm down with all the IQ and dysgenic stuff. It will take centuries for any such trends to have a wide effect. Neither we nor our children will see major effects. Britain is still Britain away from London, just like America is still white and mildly intelligent in the suburbs and small towns. I think the point is not to live in major cities, where the small Idiocracy effects (coupled with laws that force us to put up with said effects) will be the most unavoidable. So, just make sure you have a job that allows you to live in the suburbs or the country.

Well, one of those heart attacks just might be Ginsburg herself.


"Britain is still Britain away from London."

That's not true either. Leicester is majority Muslim or close to it, and the same exists in other cities across the country.

Someone just said britain is still britain away from london

Are you kidding me

Just google
Why musician gary newman has decided to leave drunken violent britain

Read the article

The fact that super high iq betas do not reproduce while super low iq types have massive numbers of kids certainly has an impact

Again, ask david alexander about this. Nam women who drop out of high school have four times as many babies as nam women with grad degrees.

Google it. Ideocracy is here

"There's plenty of space in Siberia. Putin willing, of course."

He's not willing. The Russians have been busy driving high IQ people (aka Jews, ethnic Germans, Armenians) out of the country for the last three decades. Russians don't like competition, and see the world as a winner-take-all kind of place.

Plus, based on current trends, the Chinese will probably get there before you, unless you hurry.

Maybe Chile?

This really was the tipping point, wasn't it? The party is over. The US existed as a daydream to the realities and history of the world. The daydream is over.

Now, we re-enter a tribal, violent, and demanding world.

The place to go is somewhere white where the economy (especially construction) isn't expected to boom any time within the next few decades. Boom times = hispanic immigrants. New Hampshire and Maine seem to be the only states that fit the bill, and they happen to be adjacent. As older, established states they aren't going to have books like the western states do. As a bonus the cold weather and absence of big cities keeps the blacks away. If I can get to NH or ME I will. In a couple of decades the US might start to break up. If that happens NH or ME will be the places to be. Montana, North Dakota, et al will be overrun by hispanics by then. Kentucky/West Virginia might be good also.

T, you are wrong about NH and ME. I lived in that area most of my life. It may be primarily white, but it is not race conscious white. It has been destroyed by the movement of Massachusetts and Vermont liberals. ME loves their Somali immigrants and protects them against all the accusations that they live on social welfare, increased crime, and ruined a perfectly nice city. NH is just waiting for that chance. I say this as someone who grew up in ME, and loves that land more than I can express. But, the ME (and NH) I knew is gone. It is gone.

You can't go home again.

jwbs is correct.

The liberals have moved in to Maine and New Hampshire.

But more importantly the liberals have converted the young of Maine and New Hampshire over to their belief system.

Same thing in Finland, Finns used to be the toughest whites in the world. Google the winter war for details.

However, the liberal meme has proven to be very persuasive and the young of Finland have gone full multicultural.

Google "club swagga finland"


Indeed, the multicultural liberal meme has conquered the white world.

Including Maine and New Hampshire.

Clarence Thomas is obese as well. I saw him in person and he is a bouncing ball.

I like the guy but he may not last another four years.

No matter - this is the "conservative" court that upholds affirmative action and Obamacare.

Scalia, Alito and Thomas are the only real conservatives.

At West Hunter, Gregory Cochran says that in a worst case scenario dysgenic fertility can cause a group's or nation's average I.Q. score to drop by no more than one-half point per generation. In other words, it is impossible to notice any significant effects in a human lifetime.

How is the current Supreme Court not bought and paid for?


Justices Scalia And Thomas's Attendance At Koch Event Sparks Judicial Ethics Debate

John Roberts DOES NOT deserve to be on that list.

I've never noticed any major de-whitening of Britain in my travels there. Or, I guess I should clarify, that the non-whites are very well assimilated. I'll be traveling to Winchester again this summer. Perhaps things have changed.

De-whitening of rural Britain, that is.

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