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November 18, 2012


Yay. More competition means price drops.

Sure Apple's stuff is expensive and niche, but they deserve the praise they get. Rather than playing it safe, they accurately predict and even create new consumer trends. They are fearless in implementing new technology and repurposing old technology. Their products tend to be simple in function, elegant in form, and high quality. By contrast most computer companies and gadget-makers default to cheapness, caution, imitation and clunkiness.

The Google Nexus 10 has a 2560x1600 display. That's a silly reason to pick an Apple device anyway, as Apple makes no screens, they just source them. What they can buy and include in their products, other companies can buy. The software argument is a better one, but due to the widespread use of Android among many different makers, it makes sense for developers to use that platform. Getting your app published is also easier, as you don't have to jump through Apple's hoops. This will result in a much more robust software ecosystem over time. As of this year, any popular iPad/iPhone app you really want to use is available on Android. It's simply too big a market to be ignored.

[HS: Thanks for the info about the Nexis 10. I added that to the post. However, Eclipse is the crappiest IDE ever, and to have to use that to program for Android devices, yuck. I think we will see Indians take over Android dev and white people will do iOS dev.]

The Google Nexus 10 has a 2560x1600 screen.

I think that other companies have realized they need to do some design work to compete with Apple, so Google and Microsoft are involved in tablet device design now.

I agree things are confusing in the tablet world, and with Windows 8 entering the scene things will get more confusing before they get better.

The Nexus has a screen resolution of 300 pixels per inches, slightly better than the 264 ppi for the latest full-size iPad

Actually, the Nexus 10 has even higher resolution than the iPad 3. I have all the tablets, iPads 1, 3, Nexus, 7, 10 and my favorite is the Nexus 7.

I got one that uses Android for $40 that has a browser, media player, Kindle and Office document reader. It's nice not to have to be constantly vigilant about theft (since it's not worth much).

"I have to recommend the iPad based on the 2048 x 1536 Retina screen. Even though I still hate Apple, none of the zillion Android tablets has that kind of screen."

Google's variously-sized Nexus devices have a higher pixel density than the iPad's Retina screens.

You know, it's not just tablets. I too hate Apple with a passion. However, it was time to get a new phone, and I got an iPhone.

Why? Because, thanks to the SWPLs, there aren't any "regular" phones out there anymore, they're all smartphones. And there are too many choices, I had no idea where to start.

But I know that SWPLs like iPhones, so they must be good. So that's what I got.

It turns out that the iPhone is not a bad phone. Better reception than the Motorola V70 I got rid of.

My iPad 2 works just fine for me. I can't see reason to upgrade.

@HS: Xcode is the crappiest IDE ever. Compared to Xcode, Eclipse is heaven. Android dev is much nicer with IntelliJ IDEA.

"So thanks everyone for pointing out that the Nexus has a higher res screen. The crappy NY Times article didn't mention that."

More evidence the Times writers are the incompetent children of the elite who couldn't use their connections to get better jobs.

In a computer tablet article the writers for The Economist, which is as liberal as the New York Times, would not have failed to point out the Nexus 10 has a higher resolution than the iPad.

Btw, since you are into photography I recommend reading Monocle Magazine at Barnes & Noble or a local bookstore. Monocle has excellent photographs of travel hotspots and interesting articles.

You predicted the iPad would either be a big success or a flop. You didn't predict it would be a big success.

As far as I know, the whole point of Apple's Retina Display is to shrink pixels to the point they are no longer visible. I doubt there are any benefits gained by pushing the resolution even further. Isn't the Nexus 10 resolution a mere marketing move ("look, I have the highest res in the market")?

I won't be getting the iPad partially due to price and partially because I have entered the Googlesphere with my Android phone. I've found absolutely no shortage of interesting apps for my phone or my tablet.

To each their own, for sure. If Apple made a phone I wanted, I might have gotten their tablet, too.

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