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November 30, 2012


I say Warren Buffet wins the Jackass of the Year award for:

1) making a large part of his fortune from tax avoidance and then turning around and calling for higher taxes on people who lack even a fraction wealth

2) providing cover for the Democrats to blow an additional $1 trillion of spending each year with nothing to show for it but looming bankruptcy

3) playing the old class warfare came where the rich pit the poor against the middle class

This class warfare stuff is toxic. The Republicans need to start fighting fire with fire by going after the easy-money rich who sanctimoniously call for higher taxes on the working people, secure in the knowledge that higher taxes on work won't affect them.

I say we craft a 95% tax on unrecognized capital gains that only hits Buffett and perhaps a few other envy-stoking billionaires, lopping a cool $20 billion or so off his net worth.


It's cool, Steve Sailer has been on a posting spree lately. All quality posts some of them just aren't interesting to me personally.

Also, I've thought of a few policies that the Republicans need to adopt to counter the hordes of Democrat parasites voting for free stuff and the hordes of fashion Democrats who vote against the Republican stereotypes they learn in the media.

1) Legalize marijuana and make the FDA regulations optional for those with life-threatening diseases.

2) Change from being anti-abortion and traditional marriage to "states rights" for all of the divisive social issues. That's already the case, but we need more Republicans willing to say "I'm pro-choice but anti-Roe v Wade".

3) Bash Hollywood by supporting file-sharing and copyright reform. Redo the DMCA so that it doesn't slant so strongly in favor of Hollywood. As it currently stands if you develop a drug that cures cancer, you have 17 years or less of IP protection, but if you WRITE A SONG about curing cancer, you'll get over a hundred years of IP protection.


unz article?

No problem.

I am happy when there is a new HS post but I dont expect you to be a monkey entertaining me.

Keep up the good work, HS. You're doing fine. You deserve some time off.

It's not like you work for us. You're supposed to be doing this for fun.

I realize I'm giving away how old I am, but back in the good old days business trips were a lot more fun. It was chance to get away from the office and from the old lady, and airline travel was actually tolerable, if not enjoyable. Thanks to technology, now people expect you to be available 24/7, even (or maybe especially) when you're on the road. As for the travel part of it, the only difference nowadays between airline travel and the Greyhound bus is that I think you get more legroom on the bus.

sailer's been on a tear lately to make up for it but looking forward to your post on the unz-ivy article.

When you're back, I'd be really interested to see your take on the Ron Unz article, especially about the collapse of younger Jews' academic achievement. Take your time, though - paying work comes first.

Pictures from the trip please?

Of note, Bigfoot's existence has been confirmed via DNA analysis, sort of.

A commenter on the Israeli Water Engineer's blog offers his take on the Unz article: http://h2oreuse.blogspot.com/2012/11/k-solves-unzs-paradox.html

@Mercy Vetsel:

I think those are some good policy prescriptions myself. Conservatives also need to do something to defund leftist propaganda centers (universities). How about student loan forgiveness paid from a school's endowment?

I've heard nuclear power mentioned as a good policy to pursue too. I like this idea because it's something that is a positive prescription for improving the country and opposing it would reveal the hypocrisy of the anti-scientific and environmentalist left.

My take on the Unz article is that it has some interesting points, but is poorly organized, rambling, and needlessly long.

The thesis is that Ivy League schools discriminate against Asians and to a lessor extent non Jewish whites, though he focuses much more on the Asians. Steve Hsu has made this point better and more concisely. They are both wrong in my opinion, and a number of people in the Hsu comment thread describe why they are wrong that Asians are discriminated against unfairly. But you are much better off reading Hsu and his comment threads than Unz if you are interested, like me, in this controversy.

Unz only spends the last 20% or so on the topic that is his only new and interesting insight in his otherwise long and poorly written article, which is that Jewish over performance in academic and science competitions has completely cratered. Maybe the extremely dysgenic nature of Jewish birth patterns is the cause. Maybe they have become more well rounded and assimilated into gentile norms. Probably both. I think there is good reason to think Ashkenazi born before 1970 have IQs of 115, but the current cohort born afterward sure don't seem that smart based on his statistics. Their performance on the PSAT in particular is alarmingly bad, showing the post 1990 born group is especially weak compared to earlier generations of Jews. And the PSAT isn't some nerdy arriviste spelling bee type competition, Jews doing badly on this indicates a very widespread decline in academic performance.

while you are on the trip and AFTK, and since you clearly care about your readers in general, could you give some thought to dating a nice Afro-Caribean (or similarly non-Asian minority)lady, and posting on the experience? I would really enjoy any posts you might write on general insights gained from such an experience, as, next to a change in your misguided views on "abortion", nothing would cause me to be more incentivized to read your stuff than if you approached minority issues in a more personalized way.

Please don't post this if you find it in the least insulting(and please feel free to omit this last sentence if you do post it, I apologize for asking you to edit a comment but it is really hard not to give a misleading impression when writing a comment on a keyboard!)


I love that idea! Rather than make blue-collar workers who didn't go to college pay for student loan forgiveness, require colleges to do so as part of the tax exempt status!


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