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December 15, 2012


HS, in all seriousness I'm surprised you haven't gone after the mother. You excoriated Silda Wall Spitzer for being a gold digger and having prole taste (and she was more or less a victim), yet here's a situation were a prole woman got knocked up and married a successful businessman, divorced him and snagged a $1.6mil home and $250,000/yr out of his feckless beta ass. She clearly neglected her son's obvious mental illness (although I'd bet behind closed doors she was crazier than her son ever was), and her prole firearm habit and affinity for Glenn Beck-style derangement more than likely help foster an atmosphere where an emotionally disturbed young man continued to deteriorate while she collected alimony and played house with her cats.

I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. Hyposensitivity is pretty common in autistic individuals. This is why they can bang their head against things & hit themselves. Repetitive behaviors ("stimming") are also linked to hyposensitivity...

I agree with James that the mom is probably to blame here. If for no other reason than that she had guns accessible to her wacko son. Surely she had warning signs.

If I were going to speculate wildly, based on the two pictures of Lanza I've seen, he looks like he could have fetal alcohol syndrome... his ears are abnormally lowset, small chin and head, thin upper lip. In some rare cases FAS can actually manifest with high intelligence though the norm is mental retardation. The NYtimes reports the mom was quite the beer drinker.

So he's basically like Renard from The World Is Not Enough?

An estimated 3 million people in the US have some form of autism spectrum disorder. It's beyond retarded to blame this incident on aspergers.

The fact is it requires exceptional circumstances to produce someone like Lanza. It wasn't just mental illness because most people with mental illnesses don't go on a shooting rampage. you can only point out the major contributing factors.

I personally blame his deformed face more than his aspergers.

It looks like Mom spent much of her time perched on barstools.

Here a mother of a troubled boy writes their story:


Read the comments. Many parents of autistic and Asperger kids tell of problems with violent meltdowns.

The dude had retard strength, was probably mentally retarded, was physically and socially retarded and had a mom who was basically a retard on steroids. His supposed high IQ probably kicked in late in life, like a lucid shard in a shattered punch bowl of a mind, and was able to deduce he was fucked for life with no stable coping outlet (there's a limit to what therapy can do).
Dude probably couldn't come to terms with the fact that he'd never fit in with the status quo thanks to permanent damage brought on by the person who was supposed to raise him right. Seems like a good mix of ingredients for mass destruction to me.

The important thing here is that the mom was a PREPPER. She was PREPARING. BAD BAD BAD. Goyim are supposed to simply roll over and die when jewish-engineered catastrophes strike. If you are a prepper, it's basically like YOU shot all those kids.

I doubt the congenital analgesia had much to do with it. The three key ingredients of this latest Sperg Spree are Aspergers, violent video game playing, and access to real weapons. Take away just one of these elements and the spree happens only it the kid's head, if at all.

People with Aspergers have little to no rage control. Years of playing Call of Duty-type video games anesthetizes to kid to the horrors of shooting and killing people. And obviously giving a kid like this access to actual firearms is a recipe for disaster when combined with the other two factors.

He probably got Aspergers from his mother's side who grew up on a farm. Aspy-type tenacity at repetitive tasks and obsessiveness with routines and regularity traded for a loss of social skills is a feature, not a bug for a farmer living on an isolated plot of land in a northern European climate. It is a disaster for jobs where fluidity of thought is required, such as a military strategist. And this is where his mother, a Zero Hedge-type survivalist made her fatal error. In conducting her threat analysis, she placed all emphasis on the enemy without and completely ignored the risk from within, her violent video game playing Spergy son who had easy access to her weapons.

Didn't Whiskey predict that the Chinese phenomenon of outcast males killing other people's children would soon manifest here?

This is what everyone is missing. For an omega male who feels conned out of his chance to continue his genetic line, killing the kids of reproductively successful males is the ultimate revenge. It also strikes a blow against the bitches who sexually rejected you.

On the same day, a man slashed about 22 children in China.

This isn't about autism, gothism or any ism, this is about sexual revenge.

"So if Adam Lanza had congenital analgesia, there was a lot more going on than a mere case of a kid with Asperger’s Syndrome."

What if the psychiatric drugs these borderline schizophrenic personality types are on are what are setting off these shootings? I know there's hesitancy for people on this blog to blame neurochemical imbalances for people's behavior because such excuses are often used by minorities to get lighter sentences. However, it is possible that if you splash the brain's receptors and synapses with enough chemicals that violent behavior can be induced from people who otherwise would not have become violent.

To paraphrase, you may not be interested in omegas, but omegas are certain interested in you (and your progeny).

The description of his behavior from Richard Novia is interesting like the description of his facial features that link to FAS.

Apparently he was behaving like a psychotic or schizophrenic. The strong anxiety is linked to FAS as the anafectivity (inability to feel emotions). Maybe also the analgesia. But many of these people simply have a very high threshold for pain and simply don't think before doing something. So, with time, they become accustomed to pain normal people would scream out their lungs.

I had a patient with the FAS traits described able to beat his head on a door to shrug off the effects of the drugs we gave him (so he feel pain). When we brought him to a surgeon, to sew his eye brown, he didn't blink for all the procedure without any type of anesthesia.

BTW, he was a violent SOB stupid like a hammer but from a high IQ father.

@James Keane, you took the words right out of my mouth. HS and gang are usually very nasty and hard on women - it's always THEIR fault - yet in this case, no one is looking at Nancy Lanza.

I engage in a little speculating myself. I think she was batshit crazy. What the hell was she doing with THREE high-powered guns in her house? Wasn't one enough for protection? I have read that the Sig Sauer is used by the Secret Service (although I'm sure that somebody here will tear me a new asshole in a nanosecond if I'm wrong.) A Glock? WTF?

Nancy Lanza had a gorgeous home and lots of alimoney, but she spent time in the local tavern hangin' out. She overheard two guys negotiating a loan and offered to write one a check.


WTF? What kind of a woman does that? A cheap slut whore, that's what.

Maybe she brought a parade of strange men into that home. Let's look into that.

Like mother, like son.

And I stick to my belief that Adam Lanza had a low IQ. He couldn't compete, he was a total oddball, he had a slut mother, he was a time bomb. With easy access to high-powered weapons.

[HS: There are a lot of gun hobbyists in the United States, I wouldn't call it abnormal. It may have been unwise to keep them in the house if you had a mentally ill kid prone to violence, but at this point we don't really know if Adam had violent episodes before this.]

I wonder if this condition also meant that his ability to feel sexual pleasure was significantly muted?

His ability to obtain sexual pleasure was definitely muted

"A Glock? WTF?"

About ten years ago I bought a handgun for home protection. I didn't know anything about them and wanted something my girlfriend could easily use. I ended up getting a Glock 19. It's a semi-compact (big enough for men, small enough for women)9mm that's widely used by law enforcement agencies in the US. It's a nice handgun that's about as reliable as a revolver. I don't know which Glock Nancy Lanza owned, but CNN keeps showing pictures of a Glock 23, which is a .40 caliber version of the Glock 19. Glocks have been given a bad name in America by rappers, but most criminal blacks can't afford them.

It's owning more than one gun and the M4 carbine that's weird. What was an upper class guy like Peter Lanza thinking when he married a prole gun enthusiast? The two pictures I've seen of Nancy don't make her look like she was ever a trophy wife. Could she hide her prolish tendencies and fake upper middle class? Did her facade slowly crumble? Did it start ten years ago when Peter first saw Nancy spit on the carpet like it was normal? Did he come home from work one day to find her making beef jerky in the basement that was increasingly getting stocked up with canned food and bottled water? Was the final straw in 2009 when she brought home an assault rifle and decided it was a good idea to teach her emotionally disturbed, violent video game playing sperg son now to use it?

"It's beyond retarded to blame this incident on aspergers."

I doubt HFA individuals are more likely than the rest of the population to commit crimes-- in fact they may be somewhat less likely because of their social avoidance. However, when they do commit a crime, it tends to be with great flourish, calculation, and strangeness. Remember the NASA lady Lisa Nowak who drove cross country wearing diapers to kidnap her BF's GF? And just recently there was an HFA girl in New Jersey who hopped into the family Lexus and took off (she had never driven before). She was found more than a week later in Texas. And (just to add to the list) the Unabomber is more than likely HFA.

Which is to say, these crimes tend to seize international media attention more than your average thug's haphazard criminal efforts. I'm sure gangbangers kill more people each year than high functioning autistics, but it doesn't make the news.

As far as Mrs. Lanza being prole, wasn't she a stockbroker in Boston?

"And I stick to my belief that Adam Lanza had a low IQ. He couldn't compete, he was a total oddball"

His father is a wealthy executive for General Electric, earning a million a year. Hardly a low IQ father. Also, he has been described as a "genius" by classmate. Who knows how high his IQ was, but low IQ? Doubt it.

Thought you might be interested in some first differences data as it relates to marital happiness. In a course I'm taking, one of the questions for a homework assignment examined the effects of marriage on happiness. Essentially, if somebody went from any other status (divorced, single, separated, etc) to married, it was associated with a .18 increase in happiness (on a 1 to 3 scale). This model also considered change in income (since when you get married you'll probably have two incomes), which was not shown to be statistically significant.

@ HS

Are you getting your next fix of Chinese food at Ruby Foo's this coming X'mas?

I'm surprised you didn't write about SantaCon in NYC. In my opinion, it is a prolish activity.

HS: the article in the Times said she "loved guns" and at the bar where she apparently spent a lot of time hanging out, she spoke about them. This to me is weird. First of all a mid-50s divorced mother with two sons hanging out at a bar is pathetic. Second if you are going to do that, talk about something other than your damn guns.

@Robert. Point conceded - I never pretended to know anything about guns but you seem to agree that two of the three weapons were excessive and indicate something other than mere self-protection was involved.

We don't know if Peter Lanza was upper class. He and Nancy met in New Hampshire. I read an article that indicated they are from the same sort of background. He appears also to come from working class New England stock.

"Even so, Novia[school security guard who kept eye out for accidents in tech club] said, his primary concern was that Adam might become a target for abuse by his fellow students, not that he might become a threat.

'Somewhere along in the last four years, there were significant changes that led to what has happened,' Novia said. 'I could never have foreseen him doing that.'"

When did the parents divorce? Why has no one mentioned how traumatic that would have been for the kid?

"What the hell was she doing with THREE high-powered guns in her house? Wasn't one enough for protection?"

MANY gun owners have 4 or 5 guns or more. That was not a huge arsenal by any means. In fact she was statistically normal for a gun owner.

This is from Gallup in 2005: "A majority of gun owners (62%) have more than one gun on their properties, including 29% who say they have five or more guns. Slightly less than a third (31%) of gun owners have just one gun. This is the highest percentage of single-gun ownership since 1993."

"His father is a wealthy executive for General Electric, earning a million a year. Hardly a low IQ father. Also, he has been described as a "genius" by classmate. Who knows how high his IQ was, but low IQ? Doubt it."

IQ is heavily X-linked, although of course, autosomals related. Boys get their one X from mom. Evidence seems to be that older sons smarter than younger. (Exceptions occur of course.)

Description of "genius" by classmate - worthless.

Mother in WaPo article quoted:

"“Guns were her hobby,” said Dan Holmes, the landscaper of Nancy Lanza’s sprawling yard here on the edge of town. “She told me she liked the single-mindedness of shooting.”

Way weird thing for a woman to say.

Also, pic of her looks as if she was probably a good looking young woman.

"IQ is heavily X-linked"

What is the evidence for this? I am aware of Fragile X syndrome, but that can be implicated in only a small percentage of cases of mental retardation. It is not clear from my reading that many candidate IQ-influencing genes have been identified on the X chromosome. Not that your claim can't be true, but really how strong is the evidence?

"IQ is heavily X-linked, although of course, autosomals related. Boys get their one X from mom. Evidence seems to be that older sons smarter than younger. (Exceptions occur of course.)"

Sounds bogus and easy to test. Link to paper?

"Glock, WTF?"

JayNE, you really should learn some handgun basics before you allow yourself to get outraged. The Glock's fame is due entirely to it's revolutinary fail-safe trigger system. Unless you're at least 50 you won't remember that in the 1970's and '80's the big problem with home gun ownership was people, often kids, shooting themselves accidentally. Virtually impossible with a Glock. And by the way, what's a "low powered" gun? Jeez.

"MANY gun owners have 4 or 5 guns or more. That was not a huge arsenal by any means. In fact she was statistically normal for a gun owner."

My brother in law has 22 guns in his house which sits on 80 wooded acres. He's a hunter with 2 sons. They're easy to collect kind of like used clothing. People give them to you as gifts or give you their old ones. If you're not a crazed killer having lots of guns in the house is no big deal, particularly in more rural parts of the country.

Yep, the brother works at E&Y and is a NYC professional. His family was something to leave in the past. 2010 is a big clue about that family. I also feel bad for the father.

@mel, I wasn't "outraged" by the Glock per se. Or the Sig Sauer or the M4. I was shocked by all three. Not necessary for self-defense. Her crazy son used these guns to kill 26 people, 20 of them kids, so yes, I am shocked. Like most of the guys who comment here, you are more upset by a woman who questions a few things, even one who agrees with you about a lot, than by a guy who murders. What a nasty world you guys live in. Why don't you all up sticks and move to New Guinea or Saudi Arabia?

IQ and X chromosome:


"And by the way, what's a "low powered" gun? Jeez."

It is a gun that will not accommodate high power cartridges. An M16 and a .22 are both about 22 caliber, but, the M16 has way more powder in its much larger casing. So, the M16 propels a 4 gr slug at 3000 ft/s vs. that little .22 shooting a 2 gr bullet at about 1200 ft/s. You cannot fit an M16 load into a .22 long rifle. Therefore, the .22 is a low power gun.

The whole "Goth" title thing has me confused. I must be confusing the later day usage of the term with the original goths from the 80s who had a rather ornate style not at all similar to the nerd look of the shooter.

I take it anyone who wears a heavy metal shirt or a trench coat (while having a pissed attitude, etc.)is one of these "goths" nowadays?

@ JayNE,

The Turner paper only lays out a case that some genes coding for intelligence are located on the X chromosome. It does not provide solid evidence that most of them are present there or that they necessarily have the largest effect overall. It should be noted that the paper is rather old (1996) and not based on state-of-the-art methods available at the current time. There is no support from recent large-scale GWAS studies for the claim that intelligence can mostly be attributed to the X chromosome.

Has it been noted that he did not appear to have a driver's license? If he did surely that picture would be in the media. It looks like he was carrying around his brother's license without his knowledge. So the question is did he fail his driver's test or never bother in the first place? He obviously knew how to drive since he made it to the school in one piece.

"And it's pretty unusual for someone not to visit his mother and little brother for two years, given that they don't live so far from each other."

At his age, I agree. With the money mom had, doubly agree. Red flag.

"I was shocked by all three. Not necessary for self-defense."

The idea that you should only have "enough" guns for self-defense (and how you would determine that is unclear) is asinine.

"Her crazy son used these guns to kill 26 people, 20 of them kids, so yes, I am shocked."

In fact he could have killed them all with ONE gun, so the ultimate logic of your argument is she should not have had any guns.

But the problem was not her guns, but the fact that her nutball son was not institutionalized.

Pain insensitivity is very common in schizophrenia. And now the NY Daily News says Adam's uncle thinks he was taking a drug called Fanapt -- an anti-psychotic used to treat schizophrenia.

Nancy Lanza had three guns for, presumably, self-defense. How'd that work out for her?

Yeah, the knowledge of his intelligence thus far is attributed to someone who knew him from school.
This very well could be bad information.

[HS: He took some college classes while he was in high school, he got an A in the computer class, so he's smarter than average.]

"He couldn't compete, he was a total oddball"

Compete for what exactly? We are going to die and be forgotten anyway, same with our species as a whole.

OK anybody, what was JayNE's point in citing to an academic study about the X chromosome? That women are smarter than men? JayNE, were you under the impression it was women who designed and manufactured your tampons? Any of the medical products or procedures you and your systyrs rely on?

I looked at the gunman and wondered if it was a chromosome problem or fetal alcohol syndrome. Upper-middle class or wealthy parents: society expects you use your money to take care of your problem children! Even if he was in public school he could have stayed in special ed until age 21. Waiting for conspiracy theory: Right-wingers link to Nancy Lanza. Self-fulfilling prophecies: troubled boy kills the innocent and the gov't responds with crackdown on weapons forcing a confrontation with the right-wing fringes. Hope people see they are being duped. Nobody needs military weapons that isn't planning on being part of a war. 2009 lapsed on the assault weapons. What was the gov't thinking?! And is it true all the gunmen were on Meds? Why is everybody defective and on meds? Could it be pharmacies make a lot of money? How about hormones in luncheon meat? Thank God we didn't have to grow up in these times!

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