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December 27, 2012


The HBD cause would be greatly helped if someone took the lead in saying that its denial doesn't help those who suffer from it. It doesn't do any good to put them into educational tracks for which they're unprepared. Reducing competition for the lowest-skilled jobs is something that could help them.

No one benefits from the high non-marital birth rate of those who like the modern sexual morality, but lack the skills and motivation to prevent its downside from STDs and unintended conception. My biggest complaint about American Renaissance is that they never articulate any positive vision about what to do FOR minorities, based on their observations about them. I was hoping you could take the lead in this void.

"I will still blog about the same topics, I will just use more measured language and leave things for readers in the know to read between the lines."


I expect you to add a link to Jezebel to complete the illusion.

I still can't comment on your website when I put in a reply. Could you try adjusting the comment system? I'm using the Name/URL comment option but Blogger isn't letting the comment through. Or maybe try out Wordpress?

[HS: Try different browsers. It worked fine for me using firefox on a PC. Or maybe Google has banned you?]

Is anyone else having trouble commenting on the other site?

"It worked fine for me using firefox on a PC."

It's still not working.

"Or maybe Google has banned you?"

No, I can comment fine on Moldbug's website using this same screen name.

I'm entering my name in manually under the Name/URL profile because I don't have a LiveJournal ID or something similar. What are your Blogger comment settings set on?

Also commenting as Anonymous doesn't work for me.

But how can you find satisfaction in blogging when you're not able to censor, siggie? Won't your new blog get overwhelmed with people pointing out your flaws?

Although research that I've read about (twin and adoption studies, GWAS studies, compilations of test scores adjusted for income, etc) suggest the *possibility* of average behavioral or intelligence differences between populations, I don't think they're conclusive. Furthermore, these blogs are a bit embarrassing, in that the commenters tend to extrapolate way beyond the scope of the actual data and present it as fact. Most comments consist of people presenting their hackneyed observations and casual guesses as data, which makes it harder for others to take these blogs seriously.

If these ideas ever do attain mainstream acceptability, they will most likely be adopted by the center left, and they won't lead to the nationalist conclusions that some commenters believe. Germany has a center-leftist elite that believes in providing a baseline level of opportunity and comfort for all citizens, and yet they don't believe in human equality, as evidenced by the existence of educational tracking in Germany.


HS will never find satisfaction in any aspect of his life.

[HS: And with having to read comments like this, people wonder why I want to stop blogging about HBD?]

"Perhaps I was influenced by Les Miserables."

No, I think you were influenced by:


I really don't think HBD blogging is the problem HS.

HS has evolved into swpl or upper class. Naturally his opinion changed.

There is no point in pulling any punches. You can't skirt the subject, you either address it as directly and succinctly as you can or just give up.

"I am just trying to divorce my new posts from the legacy of HBD posts which are considered racist by the center-left elite,"

Wait, are you deleting your archive? If your new blog does happen to make an impact out of hbd circles/into mainstream/center-left circles, don't you think a member of said left will just very easily discover the link between this blog and your new one, point out the hbd subject matter in the former, and thus immediately discredit anything you have to say in the new one?

History buff here. The Bourbons were replaced by the "Citizen King" Louis Phillipe, who in turn was replaced by ... Louis Napoleon, who in turn became ... Emperor who in turn was replaced by ... the Third Republic (the First being the Directorate, the Second being Napoleon as President not Emperor) after losing the Franco-Prussian War.

So the students were not total failures. The Bourbons were replaced, they were the illegitimate figureheads placed their by the Allies after Waterloo.

I saw in the Financial Times today a shocked discussion of London being majority non-White and the whiff of fear as to what this means (the breakup of the UK, basically).

Time is on your side.


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