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December 27, 2012


"Anyone have any ideas for blogging sites other than Blogger?"

Wordpress is more respected for freedom of speech than Google owned Blogspot.

"Does anyone have a better idea for a name?"

How about a name that reminds people of New York City. The name of you new website isn't memorable enough to generate much traffic, even from smarter people.

Wordpress' interface also seems more user friendly than Blogspot's and is much prettier than Typepad, although I like Typepad's visual simplicity.

It's ok, I will comment for him.

"We need to eliminate gen-ed requirements to defund the left"

Wordpress.com. Blogger is an antique.

For those of us who read XKCD regularly, we'll have to type 'xv' to get the browser to autofill the rest of the URL. But that's not too bad - I've got a number of regular sites I need three letters to get the right autofill.

I put x in my browser and get xxxporn.com. Does anybody else have that problem?

>Anyone have any ideas for blogging sites other than Blogger?

LiveJournal! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LiveJournal

I use WordPress, and it works fine. They don't censor speech. Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not work with WordPress.

Why don't you remain Half Sigma? You don't have to change blogs simply because you want to change the tone of your posts. Do you really care if people think you are racist? Everything and everybody can be considered "racist" in our hypersensitive society.

Are you going to delete the content on www.halfsigma.com?


One more question: What should we call you on X.Verum-i? Are you going to give yourself a symbol like Prince? If you want to divorce your blog from your old HBD posts, we should not call you "Siggie" or "Half Sigma" on your new blog.

I believe I've fixed the comment problem by setting my Firefox Browser to accept third party cookies.

And when you settle on a new blog could you make it more eye-pleasing? The new site you opened is an eyesore.

[I put x in my browser and get xxxporn.com. Does anybody else have that problem?]

That was my first thought too... lol.

"Xverumi" sounds like an NPC from warcraft. Half Sigma is catchy, endearing, and a little mysterious. Perhaps another twist on a greek letter.

Blogger is amateurish and plugs GOOG into you and your commenters' every step.

Grab another domain and install wordpress, no? Wordpress is free and also superior to Google's platform.

2. Rigdamna
3. SquareSpace

If commenting is an issue, you can install Disqus on most blogging platforms. Since you will be avoiding explicitly verboten topics on your new blog, commenters should feel comfortable using a Disqus login to comment: http://disqus.com/

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