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December 29, 2012


Yes. Sub-domains are prole.

> Unknown factors:
Also property/ownership: if you're posting using wordpress.com or tumblr (or indeed instagram), who owns that content? Those three companies seem to say that you do, kind of, unless, that is, they decide otherwise. So if you wanted to publish an essay-bundle down the road, that might play a role.

[HS: Wordpress doesn't own the intellectual property posted there.]

How about you cut the shit and concentrate on this blog. It sounds to me like you're being blackmailed. Stand up to the bastard(s) for god's sake.

[HS: The students in Les Miserables stood up to The Man, and they all got shot and killed. No thanks.]

I think a bigger problem is the long and hard to say URL of the new blog. Yes, autocomplete exists

Domains are pretty cheap so you might as well buy one and just have it redirect to the wordpress.

What I think you really need to do is archive all of the posts from this blog and find a place to save them online.

[HS: Yes, there's too much good stuff here to just throw out. I definitely need to preserve it somehow.]

I think you need to think long and hard about your new blog name. It's honestly just absolutely terrible. Lion of the Blogosphere sounds like something my four year old nephew would come up with.

You'll turn off readers just by having such a stupid name.

Why not just move your posts on here to your wordpress blog? http://help.typepad.com/typepad_to_wordpress.html

Lion is somewhat ambitious. Reminds me of Snoop Dogg.

My dear sir, do you really wish to encourage the sort of chap who eats Big Macs?

Longtime reader, first time commenter:
If you want to save your Typepad content, you can simply import your content from Tyepad to Wordress. Google it, or look in your Wordpress settings. It's easy and quick. I'd at least find out how to export/download your content from Typepad so you'll have a permanent copy of it.

As far as a domain, do this if you want control and true ownership: go the self-hosting route - purchase a hosting plan (I recommend Namecheap.com because they are, as the name says, cheap). With a coupon code (which you can find online) you can get a year's worth of hosting for less than $40 (depending on which hosting package). And I think they might even throw in the domain name for free (for the first year). From what I know about Typepad, going this route instead would mean a hellavolot less money out of your pocket. Self-hosting can be a little tricky, but there will be plenty of Q&A's and video tutorials available to use, plus a large user knowledge base forum(s). The one-lick Wordpress installtion is superb and you already know how to use from being on the free service right now.

Using Wordpress.com is a good option too, but as others have pointed out, there is less customization available and the question of who owns the content may be vague. Plus, your blog has ads on it (unless you pay for the ad-free option, but if you're going to do that, you might as well pay to self-host).

Bike Snob never got a custom domain and he's doing all right for himself.


@Sigma Male
Have to agree with H.S. I think his strategy is smart. It is critical to mainstream h-bd. And H.S. should use his Jewish heritage to the max. I mean, my love for East Asian women has allowed me to say all kinds of h-bd stuff, and completely get away with it.

Host your own blog if you want to be taken seriously. Relying on wordpress signals technical incompetence and immediately gives away your status as an amateur. What respectable news aggregation links to wordpress/blogspot sites?

"Lion of the Blogosphere" is a lousy name. I have no problem with the lion part, but the "of the Blogosphere" is lame. The word "blogosphere" exudes nerdy, non-alphaness. Potential better names: "lionhearted", "thelionheart", "thelionsrampant", "thelionsroar"

The number one reason for a custom domain is that it is much easier to move your blog and keep your readers if you decide to move away from wordpress in the future for some reason or if wordpress terminates your account.

I would not recommend self hosting. It is a pain to keep up with security fixes and patches. I do recommend keeping a copy of all your posts outside of wordpress.

For privacy, you do not have to give out true information for the registrant information, I have never heard of anyone losing their domain due to using a false name.

The only reason to write on wordpress.com is to preserve your anonymity.

But the absence of a whois trail guarantees zip-nada for privacy. Recall ol Roissy in DC.

I say buy a new domain.

Go get lionoftheblogosphere.com, since your heart's set on it, before I beat you to it and resign you to the .net ... hah

Oy vey, bad name. Ironic too in light of the impetus for the move.

Pony up and get your own domain.

Enjoy your work most of the time. Thanks.

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